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We Have Always Known The Answers
im Kirwan
The goal of recent decades has been to bring together all the various parts of this criminal-enterprise that has been forming for the last few centuries; in order to steal what has never before been even possible; before this age of the electronic grid.
This has been a global plot and yes it has been a conspiracy, on a scale so large, that it is simply impossible for most people to even remotely grasp. The goal has been nothing-less than to get each of us to hold ourselves HOSTAGE to the goals of a global empire. Yet the freedom of our RELEASE from the artificiality of our self-imposed exile here and now, has always been within each of us-and is just waiting to be recognized.
In everyday life we often find ourselves held hostage by our own choices; or by the failure to make the right choices; which is what creates this ironic form of personal helplessness. The answer to this lies in simply recognizing this situation for what it is and in accepting what we have always known is true by remembering who and what we are, as individuals, so that we can free ourselves to continue with our own lives. This upside down view of 'the hanged-man' from the fifteenth century symbolizes this very basic problem that lies at the heart of our political and moral dilemma today.
One of the most damaging paradigms that has been used and abused to keep so many of us prisoner has been the corporate and governmental use of the word "TEAM."
They say "there is no "I" in TEAM." What they mean by this statement is that 'There is no "EYE" in TEAM: because this concept of 'teamwork' has been used as a device to avoid responsibility at all levels for whatever has been selected for 'the greater good' ­ even if that 'greater good' means the murder of four to five billion people.
The New World Order uses 'teamwork' as a virtue, but when they speak of this they are using double-speak, because real teamwork does not eliminate the individual, in fact, real teamwork depends upon the individuality of each person to make the most of every effort toward a common goal. While the New World Order version of "teamwork" only allows for bodies to be pledged without mind or judgment, to blindly carry out their faceless orders from above.
This is being used very effectively in everything from military and business practices to social engineering: and now of course it's being introduced to ever-younger groups of civilians in child-armies, (the boy and girl scouts among others) to spy upon the adult world and to give the controllers absolute control over the population to this ancient and thoroughly criminal-enterprise that is rolling over this nation and the world today. Here again their promise of 'one-world-unity' will bring us the exactly opposite result: Because that result of this can only end in DISSOLUTION, unless we begin to act to stop it.
"TEAM" was and is part of the self-censorship key that is being used to lockdown societies and to destroy resistance to their methods and their edicts, even before such a resistance can be formulated. One of their most effective weapons in this unnoticed battle for the hearts and minds of those of us that will be conquered, unless we awaken to this threat, has always been the use of money to maintain the kind of 'silence that we see everywhere today. This often distant yet ever-tempting shadow of "money" keeps people quiet in the face of almost everything that we have done to ourselves and to the world. But the unseen aspect in all is that when the 'SELF' is finally absorbed into the herd-mind: Then society itself becomes the one true victim.
Even as the last few steps are now being taken to shut down this Republic, individuals from all walks of life must begin to ask the hard questions and to demand the public-accounting of the those facts that have become ever-more-obscure since 911-which opened the doors to this living-hell-on-earth that we are about to enter. In Dante's Inferno there was an inscription above the Gates of Hell that read: "Lay Down All Hope, All Ye That Go In by Me." And that statement has never been more relevant than the situation that this world is facing in these fading days of October, in the year 2009.
Only by asking the right questions and by demanding real answers can we ever free ourselves from this stranglehold that we have allowed the New World Order to have over the majority of our people and our lives. So it really is up to us to stop this nightmare by freeing ourselves from this self-imposed collusion with those that have come to kill so many of us-just to be able to realize their twisted vision of a 'new world order' where they are absolute rulers over everything and everyone on this war-torn planet that used to be our home.
The Global Agenda: http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2009/art131.htm
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