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Alleged Ft. Hood Killer Smiling On Store Cam
Does That Look Like A Killer About To Deploy?
From George Freund
Ed Note: The image may be of his brother, as it has been stated that he
dressed in traditional Muslim garb, whereas the shooter was not known
for doing so. They are apparently very close in age and similar in look.
Dr. Hasan is shown here with a broad beamed smile from ear to ear. He doesn't look like a deranged foaming at the mouth killer to me. He was affiliated to Virginia Tech where the CIA has a mind control program. Killeen, Texas was the location of another mass shooting drama. Personally I feel these mini 9/11's are black ops. I must concur with the opinion this was created to instill a mass hate on for muslims to get the killing going again. With Americans troops training with Israel in a massive drill, there can be little doubt the war will expand.
A frame grab from a security video provided by CNN shows Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan in a convience store in Killeen, Texas, early Thursday morning. Hasan was identified by authorities as the man who shot and killed people at Ft. Hood, Texas, in the worst mass shooting at a military base in the United States. (CNN via Associated Press)
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