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The Holidays & All That Jazz
By Jim Kirwan
In forty-eight hours we'll arrive at the one year anniversary of the last major Israeli attack on Gaza that has still not been resolved. 12-28-08 was the day that Israel decided to end the resistance to their tyranny in Gaza last year; but they failed!
"Israel is claiming that its citizens alone, in Palestine, are the only ones with a "Right to Live.' That is an arrogant lie that belittles the rest of the world as well as the Palestinians, but it goes to the whole issue behind this massive war crime. Israel says it wants peace, yet it refuses to cease its heavy-handed seizure of Palestinian lands, the starvation and privation of the Palestinian people by land by sea and by total control over the air space above Gaza. The Israeli army pulled out but their absolute control over every facet of Palestinian life amid the 1.5 million people of Gaza has intensified, to the point of constituting one of the most horrific holocausts in modern times. Now with this new and more brazen attack upon a captive and defenseless people Israelhas lost all rights to anything like 'a legitimate state' within the world community. If, in fact, Israel did not have the unrestrained support of the criminal-enterprise that is the current government of the USA-none of this could be taking place!" (1)
In the last few days Israeli planes have been dropping leaflets again; warning the population that another attack is coming. Apparently the wider world has chosen not to pay much attention to this latest round of new belligerent-barbarity from the unfinished but still savage state of Israel.
It's been one-hell of a year for Americans and the world this year. Some might remember that this was the to have been the first year of major changes that Obamanation, the hope of the free world, was going to bring to the world and of course to America. But just like Israel's last attack on Gaza, he too failed in every aspect of his plans for us: except for the-killing-of-the-innocents part of it.
Most recently there was the long promised global pandemic that was supposedly going to kill billions of people, unless big-pharma was able to force every person on the planet to get their vaccinations. This just evaporated without any in-depth investigation. One day the world was about to be annihilated; and the next there was suddenly only silence? The PANDEMIC is gone!
More recently there was the massive Climate Change Conference that was held in Copenhagen which was suppose to see a whole new agenda for the environment and the world; and all that actually happened was more of the same. Eighty-percent of the planet were opposed to the polices of the elite; this was encapsulated in the Group of 77 that actually involved 134 nations.Those people and virtually everyone else that went to Copenhagen to oppose what the major polluters wanted to do were unceremoniously locked out of the pivotal meeting of the top 100 world leaders on the last day of the conference. Almost immediately after the Climate-Conference began to wrap up its failures; the web sites and global reports that had been so very visible during the conference began to disappear. The Global-concern over Climate Change has been SILENCED.
What was agreed to by the insiders was a new framework for global governance and taxes that will be paid by citizens of individual nations directly to the World Bank; which pretty much ended any national identity or sovereignty that once existed among the nation-states. After that outrageous-story became controversial, most of the coverage of 'what happened' also began to disappear. The old-fashioned nation states of the twentieth century are now GONE! (2)
Finally there is the financial disaster that has caused this Depression in the US and in many parts of the world. This was created by the private banks and the FED to drain the economy and to kill competitive enterprise in the states while eliminating every remaining job that they can still send off shore. This got going big-time in September of 2008 when congress was threatened by the then head of the FED with financial collapse if we did not immediately give him $760 billion. Congress then began to rollover time after time, in bailout after bailout and now we no longer have an automotive industry; banking and finance no longer provide credit or funding for American businesses; and this year the BONUSES for those executives that have overseen this colossal failure on every front shall receive the largest "bonus-payouts" in history; even after so many of their companies have gone bankrupt. Meanwhile the National Debt that used to deal in billions, just reached $12.4 Trillion (officially) but in reality it is closer to the real figure of $1.2 Quadrillion that no one wants to claim. So the money and the economy are also GONE! (3)
Obama still hasn't finished his first year in office; which should be his last. It's against this backdrop that your last Holiday just happened, and sometime before the New Year dawns the world will probably once more be given another ring-side seat to yet another bloodbath in Palestine. In forty-eight hours you'll have the answer to that one at least. Here's the scorecard that was being completed while most were celebrating the latest football victories and the wonderful feasting that the holidays can bring to some.
We've already surrendered our rights, not just some of them-all of them! And that "terror" that so many are 'afraid of' is still coming from the same people that wrote the USA PATRIOT Act several decades before 911.
Yeah I know you were just too busy to keep track; too much information and all that Jazz. But hey; Israel is just getting started AGAIN, and within the next two weeks something will have to be done about the banking problems so whatever you choose to do ­ PLEASE STAY SILENT AMERIKA, because no doubt you'd hate to spoil your perfect record for total surrender to the lawless state that will soon be all that you must answer to!
1) The Bush-Plan for Peace in Palestine
2) When Does Tyranny Become Treason
3) informationliberation - Poll: 99% Of Americans Against Raising Debt Ceiling
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