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ENDA Moves Forward In Senate
By Rev. Ted Pike  
The Anti-Defamation League's workplace hate crimes bill, The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, S. 1584, will have its first Senate hearing on Thursday, November 5 at 10 am EST in the Health, Education, and Labor Committee.
ENDA makes it a hate crime for any business owner with 15 or more employees to refuse to hire a qualified homosexual or fire him or her because they are homosexual or exhibit homosexual behaviors at work. It may also force churches to hire homosexuals in non-spiritual positions such as church administration, education, maintenance, etc. (For more on ENDA, read my 2-part article "How ENDA Ends Workplace Freedom" <http://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/howendaendsfreedom.htm>Part 1, Sep. 15, 09 and <http://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/howendaendsfreedompt2.htm>Part 2, Sep. 17, 09. Available at <http://www.truthtellers.org/alertarchives.html>Truthtellers.org/alertarchives.html)
Six weeks ago, the House held its first ENDA hearing. It was a triumph for homosexuals such as Reps. Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin because the Republicans were un-alerted and unprepared. Only one Republican out of eighteen in the Education and Labor Committee presented significant opposition.
Let's not let that happen in the Senate!
Call your members of Congress, as well as the pivotal members of the Senate Health, Education, and Labor Committee with the following message (Names available on the <http://www.truthtellers.org/actionplan.html>Action Page <http://www.truthtellers.org/actionplan.html>at www.truthtellers.org ) Call toll-free 1-877-851-6437.
"Please oppose the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) S. 1584 in its Senate hearing this Thursday.
· ENDA discriminates against business owners, forcing them to give homosexuals hiring privileges ­ and protection from being fired, above most Americans.
· ENDA discriminates against most American workers, making them second class citizens."
Don't be discouraged from militant activism because of recent passage of the federal hate crimes bill. Six weeks ago, rebounding from homosexual triumph in ENDA's first House hearing, the National Prayer Network energized heavy calling to House Judiciary Republicans warning of the upcoming hearing on ADL's very dangerous Cyber-bullying and AWARE bills. Result: Republicans, forewarned and encouraged, effectively defeated them.
President Obama has said that passage of ENDA will be "a heavy lift." Make it much heavier through a deluge of calls this week, starting first thing Monday morning.
Let the Anti-Defamation League teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians, and spearhead attempts to pass the federal hate crimes bill: <http://www.adl.org/99hatecrime/intro.asp>http://www.adl.org/99hatecrime/intro.asp.
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