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Reject Any Attack On Iran By Any Nation
By Karl Schwarz
It was recently reported in the British media that Iran has made it clear in no uncertain terms that it will strike Israel if that nation attacks Iran. That was not a threat to the existence of 'poor little Zionist thug Israel'. It was a promise that any attack by Israel would be responded to in force and dealt with in the severest of terms.
Iran actually does have that right of self-defense and they also have the absolute right to process and use their own uranium resources for electrical energy as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty ("NNPT"). It is the US, UK and Israel that attempt to twist this into something it is not, for their greedy agenda. Their method includes media manipulation, falsification of intelligence, fear-mongering, and political lies.
Iran recently announced that they intend to build 10 new nuclear power plants to generate electricity, and out comes the US, UK and Israel manipulating the media, threatening attacks, sanctions, etc against a nation doing what it lawfully has the right to do.
We may well see whether these arrogant 'spit on Christians' Zionist Jews in Tel Aviv understand any language other than sleaze or greed. This world is not 'all about Israel'.
I have also read these recent articles about how these Zionist thugs spit on Christians. I am an Ecumenical Christian but if one of them were to spit on me they can be assured that I will put them on their ass with one punch to their face. I am a peaceful man but I have zero-tolerance for liars and assholes. I do not care what religion a person is, they spit on me they are going to the ground flat on their back.
I have written on this Caspian Basin fiasco many times, and specifically about Iran and why they are not the problem. Iran did not start this mess, the US and UK did decades ago and then nuclear-terrorist, NNPT-scofflaw Israel chimed in.
US Acts Of War Against Iran
By Karl Schwarz
The Middle East Policy Problem: US, UK and Israel
By Karl Schwarz
Iran Is Still NOT the Problem
By Karl Schwarz
Americans need to wake up and realize that Iran is truly not the problem. Iran is no threat to the US, UK, Europe or anyone else. It is the US, UK, Israel and greedy, war criminal minded elements and Zionist banksters that are salivating on taking over the Iranian oil and natural gas, just like they tried to do in the Caspian Basin / CIS regions, and Iraq.
The Iranians have shown an incredible amount of restraint thus far, but that can change in a split second and one telephone call. Iran is not provoking, they are being provoked.
Did you know that several months before Desert Storm (1991), George H W Bush had US Special Forces attacking both Iraq and Iran to stir up that war? I personally know some of the US soldiers that were involved in those operations and they are not happy about being sent to start a war based on nothing but LIES.
I know many Iranians and they are very nice, well-educated and honorable people. I know a young Iranian opera soprano and she is one of the most endearing people I have ever met. Her father was and her brother is a surgeon, not international terrorists. They are not the sort of people that buy off on political lies and underhanded threats from the US, UK or Israel. No one can piss on the feet of an Iranian and convince them that it is just raining.
As I wrote that it occurred to me that only in America does the media, Wall Street and DC piss on the feet of the citizens, they are reassured it is just raining, and idiot Americans blink and buy off on the lie. Your feet are being pissed on, folks, wake the Hell up!
They are actually predominately Persians, an ancient and honorable race of people. They are not warlike unless provoked and the US, UK and Israel have done nothing but provoke since 1979, and even before that back to 1953 with a CIA-led coup to oust their leader and install the US-puppet monster Shah Pahlavi. Why? Simply, to control their vast oil and natural gas resources.
There is a dynamic to this attempt for 'resource theft' that our idiot leaders in the White House, CIA, State Department and Department of Defense do not want you to know about. That being, any attack on Iran by the US will turn that entire region into the biggest shit-storm since World War II, the North Korean ­ Chinese incursion across the 38th Parallel and the Tet Offensive in Vietnam.
If you think the US is having problems now in Afghanistan and Pakistan, just watch what happens if the US attacks Iran and is suddenly faced with the reality of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran shredding the US and NATO presence in Afghanistan. Any chance of peace of cessation of hostilities will evaporate if either the US or Israel attacks Iran on bogus reasons.
Americans will be horrified that such idiots could not foresee the backlash of their actions and their greed.
So, consider these very real possibilities.
First, if Israel thinks they can take on a nation of 85 million Iranians, they need to get off the drugs, booze, arrogance and punch-drunk Zionist-moron power trip. Israel cannot defeat Iran with conventional weapons. Iran is very close politically and economically to Russia and China, with each having huge financial interests at stake. The Bushear Nuclear Reactor was built by Russia, there are many Russian technicians there and have been all along. Any attack on that facility will kill Russians as well as Iranians. China has $400 billion in oil and gas business with Iran and has even built a new port at Gwadar.
Secondly, any attack by the US, possibly even if they are aiding and abetting an Israeli attack, could see a massive Iranian army cross the borders into Afghanistan, Baluchistan province of Pakistan and into Iraq. It could well make the US concept of 'troop surge' look impotent as our US troops are suddenly swarmed by millions of really angry, justifiably angry Iranians. They may well be joined by Russian, Indian and Chinese forces that already know that the US Global War on Terror lie is all about resource theft and control. That, ladies and gentlemen is what Iraq and Afghanistan, and even the new hostilities with Pakistan are really about.
If Americans have been displeased with the lies and deceit thus far emanating from the US and UK, and the dead and maimed number of US soldiers, they have not seen anything yet like the carnage that would come just from attacking Iran.
Third, these policy wonks are pushing a sure to lose hand. These greedy idiots will not stop until the American public wakes up to the reality and the gravity of the threat and then demands that the morons in DC sit down, shut up, cease and desist.
China has recently built and opened a port in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan and it is only 72 km from Iran. The intent is to get the Iranian oil to China through that port. It is also planned to run a pipeline from that port to China, a distance of only 2500 kilometers.
If you are map challenged, that pipeline is across Pakistan, the port is in the western part of Pakistan. Afghanistan is to the north, India to the right side of the graphic and Iran is on the left side of the graphic.
Look at that graphic real close: The US aims to bring a pipeline from north of Afghanistan, through Afghanistan and then through that part of Pakistan to the ocean. Get it?
If not, damn, learn to read a map! Your existence relies on it.
Americans need to really think and start asking why China can get such deals done with a pen, contracts and money, and the US military strategy is a complete failure. Really think on that because the answer is not that hard to understand. Russia and India are getting such deals done too, while the USA Titanic continues to sink.
<Start Insert>
"In Pakistan's ethnically turbulent Baluchistan province, the Chinese-built port at Gwadar became fully operational this year, turning an isolated sandy peninsula on the Arabian Sea into what could become the country's principal commercial port. Run by the Singapore Government's Port Authority (a favoured Chinese partner), Gwadar has opened up new sea-borne trade routes to Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, along with China's partners in the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) and its own, land-locked, north-western provinces.
But with a total investment of around $1.2 billion, China's interests are more than commercial. Gwadar comes complete with a new naval facility that both the Pentagon and India's Ministry of Defence expect to house Chinese warships?"
<End Insert>
China is taking very clear steps that signal it will control its energy future for their own economy, rather than being controlled and manipulated from London, DC or Wall Street. Again, that is their lawful right to do so.
Of course, India is alarmed because they have built a port in the Sistan-Baluchistan of Iran (just west of that Pakistan area) province to get Iranian oil to their nation, and now have to face China for competition over the Iranian oil supplies.
<Start Insert>
"India has built Chabahar port in Sistan-Balochistan province of Iran"
<End Insert>
The strategic reason for putting these ports in is because of the stupendous military and geopolitical stupidity of the US and UK. The Iran ­ Pakistan ­ India Pipeline, or IPI, is in doubt because it is clear that the US intends to take over Afghanistan and the Baluchistan region of Pakistan. Brace yourself America, the US game plan of military domination to get oil domination will fail.
That is what the pissing match is all about and the US and UK are losing, checkmate, the damned game and lies are over.
Pens and contracts are burying the US and UK. Due to the lies the morons concocted to launch their greedy plan, the rest of the world is laughing while the Empire Masters sink in the pile of shit they alone created. The rest of the world has moved on, won, and did not fire one single shot.
This insanity will only stop America when you wake up, grow a set of balls and make it stop. DC is way out of control. Anyone that thinks otherwise is an idiot that does not understand anything but where they live and probably not even that.
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