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Why Won't The Media Report
Black On White Rape?
Politically-Correct Media Silent On These Hate Crimes

From CM
Facts are Facts.  News is News.  Here is the Proof that black males rape more than 30,000 white women annually.
Why is this so?  And why isn't the problem addressed in the American media?  Shouldn't there be an effort made to work with the black community to help resolve this egregious crime statistic?
Furthermore - how many Black females are raped by White males? None, apparently. Why is that so?
Go to table 42 which clearly presents US Department of Justice statistics showing African American males committed 36,000 rapes of White women in one year.  As a nation, as a society, we cannot afford to sweep 'uncomfortable' topics and facts under the carpet.  These kinds of grievous problems and genuine hate crimes must be addressed, openly and directly if we are to survive as a society.
Above is the actual table from the Department of Justice's website, go ahead, please check it for yourself. I've highlighted the victim/offender column for rape. You'll note that it clearly reveals that ZERO black women were raped by White males, but that 36% of the 111,000 white women that year were raped by black males. Thirty-six percent of 111,000 is MORE than 36,000.
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