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Cutting A Deal With Nature
By Jim Kirwan
When someone fails repeatedly in business; then prudent fiscal policies require that 'results' must determine who can get another chance or a loan to continue in business: this is not what is happening around the Countdown to Copenhagen. Those few that have driven this planet and its people into a suicide pact over conditions for development and the emissions controls through which "The Few" have made their fortunes by the willful trashing of every possible regulation, and by destroying all impediments to outright theft of the valuable resources possessed by populations that could not fight back against this global crime. This practice must cease or the world itself will collapse.
We need to get all of those agreements that Cheney sanctioned back in 2001, and overturn everything he approved of in 2001 if we are to be seen as being serious about changing the way business is done on the global stage. This would eliminate the use of filthy-coal and would override the excessive and illegal licenses that were granted to energy corporations; to destroy the forests and to literally destroy our mountains to provide huge profits at an artificially low cost which have never taken the survival of the environment into consideration. Cheney's arrangements for oil and gas exploration and development must also be reversed ­ immediately.
Over 80 percent of the planet (134 nations in the Group of 77) are opposed to everything that is being agreed to in-secret, inside Copenhagen's summit, where they have silenced, and locked out, all the voices of all those that disagree with them.
Agribusiness is not farming ­ it is a huge and totally voracious machine that eats the earth, the water and the air to produce their contaminated and poisoned crops that are harmful to anyone or to any animal that consumes what they produce. Agribusiness serves the needs of fascist-slave-state monopolies that are slated to replace the world as it was in 1999. Traditional subsistence farming needs to be reconstituted; along with a renewed-respect and adherence to the national laws of countries around the world.
The excuse being used this time is the 'Climate Crisis' to justify steamrolling the development and the survival of the remaining developing nations that have clearly been cut off from any profits from the development of their own resources. The people that have come to Copenhagen to be heard, but who have been locked out of the meetings being held today, ought to put up CRIME SCENE tape and should keep the hundred plus leaders of the criminal-world inside the building until they allow everyone that wants to be heard to confront these traitors to their own people that are acting as delegates in Copenhagen.
The US led the way in crushing hundreds of counties and economies in order to guarantee costs so low as to amount to less than a slave-wage for those that made their massive profits a reality, in the global economic scheme that overbalances their global participation, in irrational development for the corporations and that bought the support of nearly all of those who were supposed to protect the people and the planet from the greed and specifically from the massive-criminal-enterprises which have dominated all these malevolent crimes against the peoples of the world.
Under the New World Order, the first casualty was the artificial-national borders around the world. The second casualty will be the belief systems of the peoples of the world, in order to lock-in every person, regardless of their belief-systems into something that has surrendered or will soon surrender to global fascism. The unseen and unspoken point behind all the slavery and domination unfortunately does not stop with slavery: because their goal is to murder most of the current population so as to have the whole planet, or what's left of it, pretty much to themselves!
The "fault lines" which Obama mentioned today ­ have indeed "been in place for years" but what he fails to mention is that those fault lines made this massive crime against the world more than just possible: This provided the privatized world with the excuse they needed to run unchecked over all human and social constrictions, as well as most of the financial and military restrictions that would normally have blocked this global takeover of the world. 'Reality' must finally be faced in this showdown between the vast majority of the poor and developing peoples of the world; and those that have blocked all access to any change in this imbalance, since the so-called Dawn of the Industrial Age began.
The farce of this whole conference can be summed up in this simple paragraph: Carbon trading... what insanity! It's another Zionist invention of something from nothing a kind of cabalistic alchemy... It's the next trendy media hype that nature herself will utterly destroy when the fact of global destruction is finally felt by those that actually think they can "cut a deal" with nature herself. By that time it will be too late to stop the carnage and the worldwide-deaths of so many millions of those that never shared in any of the obscene profits that were stolen from them by this international act of piracy committed by the privatized monsters of irrational-industrial-over-development.
We have to chose sides as individuals and begin to demand real changes here in the way corporations are allowed to do business, We must also begin to force government back into their rightful place-which is on their knees and in-service 'to the people' that are their owners and their masters.
But most of all we must first WAKE UP! Once all the natural elements of the planet have been destroyed then this world will DIE a very final death as far as humanity goes. The planet will come back, but only after thousands of years and a total makeover of the chemical and biological composition of what shall be able to live in that rejuvenated world, without us to screw it all up - again!
Imagine if you can the arrogance of the kind of creatures that actually believe that they can cut-deals with nature which would actually allow them to triumph over the incontrovertible laws of nature herself ­ INCREDIBLE!
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