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By Jim Kirwan
Today The US Secretary of State announced that the world must accept the US Proposal of $100 billion from the developed nations, by 2010, within the next 48 hours or face the catastrophic outcome of no help at all. This puts a gun to the heads of all the people of the world; in order to legitimize the private-takeover of the resources of the world, which will cost the lives of millions of the poor, and would end the lives of many in the small island nations that will consequently disappear. For Africathis crude last-minute effort to BLACKMAIL the world would end all chance of any real change in prospects for that massive continent to obtain enough clean water, food or indeed any real standard of living. This ultimatum from the rich nations clarifies, for any that might still be in doubt, the true costs to the world of the New World Order.
For those who have lived through the tyranny that began with secret-initiatives that were created 'for the world' during the first meeting of the Trilateral Commission that was held in 1973, by private citizens of Europe, Japan and North America; to decide for all the rest of us just exactly how the global world would proceed, financially and socially in the last half of the twentieth century. It was decided then that 'people had too much free time on their hands and that wages, across the board, would need to fall so that all people would have to work at least two jobs just to survive. Wages for ordinary people in the US have been going backwards ever since that secret-meeting in 1973. (1)
But for millions of people the current crisis is just the natural outgrowth of what so many individuals have had to deal with all their lives. To understand this personal perspective, here's what columnist Anita Sands said about this:
"We grew up in the 1950's. Families then supported themselves with one worker one job working 40 hours a week. Bought homes easily. Our generation can't do that nor will our children do that. They have to have two wage earners, one has to have 2 jobs and they're still trying to squeak by. If ordinary working stiffs got the same percentage of the wealth that they created (like we got in the 50's) we could support our families with one worker, one job working 2 days a week. Translated to Dad earning 170$ an hour.
That's how good it was in the fifties. WE ARE LIKE hamsters today in a spinning treadmill. Frazzled trying to keep up, immune systems tweaked, dying like flies at a true fly lifespan, a very short brutal life.
WHY are our workers paid so little compared to their true worth? We have lost our Republic. Legislators don't represent their constituents but the lobbyists with campaign donations, perks and all of which comes from transnational's. Does it suit the big corps to have humanity so flattened? I don't think so. Their strategy is skewed and doesn't even serve THEM!"
Since 1973 to this day, the obscenity of this blackmail has been inching along, getting ever-closer to this black day with every job that was outsourced or downsized; every rain forest that was burned to the ground; every mountain top that was wiped out, not-to-mention the pollution of virtually every stream, the contamination of the oceans and the very air we breathe along with the poisoning of the food supply and the corruption of virtually everything that makes living possible.
It is ludicrous to have allowed the corporations to destroy the rain forests of the world; because it was those forests that, in the ecology of the earth were responsible for consuming the carbon dioxide that is generated worldwide which those forests then gave back to the planet as fresh oxygen for a dying world. And now AFTER we murdered nature's clearly efficient control over excessive amounts of Carbon Dioxide, from all sources: Only now are we demanding that people attempt to do what nature is no longer capable of doing, because we clear-cut or burned those forests that once covered the planet with the protective wonder of not just the forest's ability to control carbon dioxide; but with the global-death of that resource we destroyed millions of unknown new sources for medicine and for life-and this was done by the same people that now have placed guns to the heads of all of us-in these final moments of the failure known as The Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change.
One of the things that has become crystal-clear, beyond the hype and propaganda in the international orgasms in Copenhagen, is that what has to change in the world has everything to do with undoing what we allowed to be born with the extensions of Raw Capitalism through the creation of the Trilateral Commission in 1973. The world needs a new Commission; one that originates from those that have been most directly threatened for the last 36 years by this globalism that demands the death of billions as their price for the continued existence of their "system of Capitalism".
President Morales of Bolivia, on Democracy Now this morning:
"We cannot end Global Warming without ending capitalism. Capitalism is the worst enemy of anyone. Capitalism; and I'm speaking about irrational capitalism; policies of unlimited industrialization are what destroys the environment-and that irrational-industrialization is capitalism. So as long as we don't review or revise those policies; it's impossible to attend to humanity and life. [We must] change economic policies, ending luxury, and consumerism: It's ending this struggle for "living better." Living better is to exploit human beings, its plundering natural resources; its egoism and individualism; therefore in those policies in capitalism there is no solidarity or 'complimentarity'. There is no reciprocity. So that's why we're trying to think of other ways of living well and not living better. "Living Better" is always at someone else's expense. Living Better is at the expense of the destruction of the environment. [We are calling for] the defense of the rights of Mother Earth, because the earth is our life. Nature is our home, our house.
Happily the United Nations has declared a Mother Earth Day. If the earth is recognized as a mother-earth, it's something that cannot be sold and it can't be violated: something sacred. This is nature, this is planet earth. And that's why I've come here, to defend the rights of Mother Earth to life: To defend humanity and [to save] Mother Earth.
After this destruction of mother earth, it's important to recognize the rights of mother earth and the best way to recognize this is by paying a climate tax. Second, it's important to recognize the damage that's been done and attend to the government method [of] climate change. People who would lose their island homes. People who will remain without water.
DM: Hillary Clinton said today that "we can't look back, we must look forward."
MORALES: Looking forward means that we have to review everything that capitalism has done. These are things that cannot just be solved with money, we have to resolve problems of life and humanity; and that's the problem that the planet faces today. And this means ending Capitalism.
[In response to the offer Clinton made today] It would be best that all war-spending be directed towards peace instead of spending on troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Close the military bases in Latin America. This money would be better directed to attending to the damage that was created by the United States; and of course this isn't just a hundred billion dollars; this is probably trillions and trillions of dollars. How are we going to spend money to kill and not to save lives? We have to spend money to save lives not to kill. These are our differences with capitalism.
DM: "You called the war in Afghanistan "Terrorist" are you saying president Obama is a terrorist?"
MORALES: People who send their troops to kill outside their country-that's terror. There are not only civil-terrorists dressed as civilians; they can also be dressed in uniforms. Worst still if they are financed with the money from people's taxes. Of course every country has the right to defend itself. Every country has the right to defend itself, but invading another country with uniformed people that's state terrorism. Moreover to establish military bases in Latin America, with the objective of political control and where there are military bases there's an empire. That's not respect for democracy. There is no peace, social peace. There's no development for those countries nor integration in those regions. This is what we've lived in SouthAmerica and Latin America."
DM: "You've called for Climate Tribunal-what do you mean?"
Morales: Those who do damage to planet earth need to be judged. Those who do not fulfill the terms of the Kyoto Protocol should also be judged and for those things we have to organize a Tribunal for Climate Justice in the United Nations.[Morales is proposing a limit of one degree Celsius as a global benchmark] That's our proposal..
DM: Do you think it could be achieved?
MORALES: Yes, otherwise it would be a lack of commitment to humanity
DM: Do you think there will be a deal that comes out of Copenhagen?
MORALES: I doubt it. We're developing other proposals for interventions.
DM: Do you think it's catastrophic that's there's no deal?
MORALES: No it's a waste of time. And if the leaders of countries cannot arrive at an agreement why then cannot the peoples then decide together?
This has been a very long road that we have traveled from having a society that functioned, to this scrapheap created from the rubble of our former selves. These 'battles' for control are seemingly only about the conditions for our deaths rather than containing anything about where we might go from here ­ unless we bite the bullet and change Capitalism forever.
There is no longer any road by which the people of the world can get to accommodation. Tyranny has replaced our individualized cultures, just as violent brutality has replaced law-enforcement and LIES for the foreseeable future; what will be the permanent basis for everything that is so shoddily thrown together to pacify our privatized-usurpers; while we are left to stumble through the darkness of a global-existence without a life. There have always been consequences; no matter how often we have tried to deny them: and now they've come for the beginning of our down-payment on what we've done to the universe-whether we're ready or not and that's what this BLACKMAIL threat is really all about!
1) Trilateralism ­ an Overview
2) Bolivian President Evo Morales - video
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