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Happy Anniversary Amerika!
By Jim Kirwan
Today is the Ninth Anniversary of the Death of this Nation, and no doubt it shall go unnoticed just like this Anniversary did on the eight previous Anniversaries of this day.
What I'm talking about happened on December 12, 2000 when the US Supreme Court stopped the presidential vote-count and appointed Bush Junior to the office of president. That was a day that should have 'Lived in Infamy' but has instead been banished to the trash-heap of the history that was written by those that are still in stolen-power and denial.
This will ever be investigated because it would involve stopping the clock and reversing everything that has happened during the last nine years. This would include lifting the order to spy upon all Americans that was issued seven full months before 911. Had there been no Cheney-Bush, there might still have been an attack on 911, with Israel as a co-conspirator, but the end result from the false-flag attacks of that day would still have been the same.*
The presidency of the country was very publicly stolen because the job of overseeing presidential-election disputes comes under the constitutional function of the Congress, and the Supreme Court is constitutionally forbidden to interfere in US presidential elections; whether they are asked to intercede or not. This outright theft of the presidency was an act of TREASON, committed by the US Supreme Court that has not been challenged, by any officer of the courts or the law, to this day. Every lawyer is an officer of the court: and if he or she becomes aware of a crime committed by the courts or the government they must act upon what they understand to be the law. We have more lawyers per person in this nation than anyone could possibly ever use-yet not one of them came forward to challenge this crime against the nation-because no one wanted to place themselves in the crosshairs of those powers of the elite who had engineered this particular bit of treason.
Is there a 'Statute of Limitations' on Treason?
Technically Bush & Cheney and all their cabinet members along with the leaders of the congress, from both the Senate and the House, all the Attorney Generals that served throughout the eight years in question-together with the surviving Supreme Court Justices and the head of the FBI that made so much more possible on 911, along with then commander of NORAD who failed to protect the nation-all these criminals should have all been arrested and charged with Treason in a time of War. But it can't happen now because we cannot turn back the clock. We could however insure that it never happens again: if we just had the guts to actually look at what really happened nine years ago today!
There is however something else that we could begin to do. The people of this nation have granted corporate-charters to the corporations behind most of these crimes, as well as the global-conspiracy which they created to further their secret no-bid contracts along with the theft of first and second selections of the presidency. The theft of the country was the first casualty and then the treasury, and now it is our lives which they want to have complete control over, forever.
Corporate charters can be revoked or modified to end their so-called right to perpetuity without responsibility for their actions. Anything that can be granted by the courts can be taken back: Too many people forget that tiny truth that lives between-the-cracks in "finalities of Justice." All that is required is that each state find a few honest people to lead a fight to "rescind the current corporate charters."
Corporations are a left-over evil from the Dark Ages of the past. The future, if we are to have one must be free from these troglodytes of greed and terror that have had no limits placed upon their unholy quest for ever-greater profits. Ironically the people of today are represented by those protestors at the summit in Copenhagen who know that "WE ARE THE FUTURE" at least as certainly as: The evils of the Corporatocracy should have by-now become a thing from the long dead past. Corporations ought to be forever prohibited from working for any government; and they need to be responsible for whatever they do, just as every little-person is under law. Their legal connections must also be subject to public review, and their officers must be held directly responsible for every crime committed by Corporate outlaws. These few additions to "the right" to have a corporate charter would break the iron triangle between the government, the military-industrial complex and the corporations: Worldwide.
The best part is that this could be done state by state, (Each state must approve the Corporation's Charters) and if that permission is denied then eventually through growing public support, this resistance could become part of national domestic policy. Whereas: If we continue to allow these quasi-legal Outlaws to do whatever they please, including theft torture and murder, as well as designing and profiting from our war polices around the planet ­ then we shall have to formerly surrender to their twisted fantasies that have ruled their corporate practices and millions upon millions of our lives for hundreds of years.
After Korea, privatized-military interests began taking over our military polices and began directing the whole series of endless wars that seemingly have no end, because of the money being made on all those secret-no-bid-contracts. Meanwhile back inVietnam as that war raged on, a phrase was coined that indicated some of the frustration felt within the general staff.
'We Had to Destroy the Village in Order to Save It!'
This frustration was however also felt among the rank and file troops who were constantly being given conflicting orders. A popular t-shirt appeared stateside that attempted to justify US policy as practiced in Vietnam.
"Kill 'Em All - Let God Sort It Out"
In the current environment on the streets and highways of this nine-year old Amerika: that last cynical motto seems to have become the new motto for our recently-militarized cops that has replaced "To Protect & Serve."
Like it or not Amerika, these trends that began with the theft of this country are not slowing down; in fact they are increasingly intensifying; and only concerted efforts by Oath Keepers and others of like mind that want to reign in these criminals, will have much of an effect upon the malevolent barbarians that have taken charge of what was once the Republic of the United States: Because nothing that is ever acquired by illegal-power, by whatever means, will ever be relinquished without a fight.
"There is a price for everything in life; and we have allowed those that work for the enemy's way of life to set false prices on everything, including human life! This imbalance has been blatantly accelerating for the last hundred and fifty years, so that now it is almost too late to demand the changes that should never have had to be made. The global-battle in Copenhagen is approaching farce because on one side are the corporations, the money, all the false power and the language, as well as the world stage, and the microphones that can so easily be silenced where and when they are most needed. And on the other there are only people and the need for justice and balance in a threatened world.
Raw Capitalism is the enemy of everything that lives upon this earth ­ yet there has never been any debate about the viability of this globally criminal-philosophy which has been unleashed against the world. If nothing else comes out of Copenhagen at the very least the world should have a "Most Wanted List" of those corporations that are blatantly malevolent in their open opposition to everyone and everything that stands between them and their stolen resources, along with the brutalized and murdered populations that lie in their plunder-driven wake around the world.
This is the real war between rich and poor and the so-called third world economies we have allowed to be created. We who are not powerful must begin to be heard from on a global scale; if any of this is going to be seriously challenged. It is possible but given our non-responsiveness to greed and power in the past; things do not look good for the underdogs." (1)
How can any nation live with so many daggers of treachery in its body politic by the hidden hands of so many more than the few Senators, from the Ancient Roman Senate that did Julius Caesar? This is only 'our country' if we are willing to take it back!
1) Money & the Global Stage http://rense.com/general88/monglo.htm
* ADDENDUM: There is and was far too much evidence of years of pre-planning going back decades for anyone to believe that this act (in some form) would be formally plotted and carried out, in order to destabilize and destroy this country, from within. The blatant-formal-capture of the presidency was but one more piece in that effort which was necessary in order to avoid any real problems with this theft of the nation because the excuse for all that was to come needed: "a new Pearl Harbor," to even have any remote chance of pulling it all off.
It virtually had to be Bush that would be Dictator on 911, because of Rehnquist (the Chief Justice) and Scalia in tandem with Thomas as they are clearly traitors first and judges second. Gore is and was wishy-washy: and his part in the grand-scheme was to provide the excuse for what was to come later - the "inconvenient truth" that he had already developed over his years in the purgatory of the Clinton White House: And that he was finally able to add to the publics'-fear with "GLOBAL WARMING" that is now in play as well.
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