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Why Global Currency Is VERY Unlikely
Ted Twietmeyer
Rumors have been circulating for some time about a coming "bank holiday." During this holiday rumors state that banks will close for a few days while a switch is made to a new currency. First it was to be the middle of September, now everyone talks about "sometime in the next few weeks." I would sure love to know who started this rumor so I could go slap them upside the head and tell them to wake up to reality.
Now we'll take a closer look into our fact-based crystal ball and see why this is very, very unlikely.
First, consider that EVERYTHING in this world is driven by greed and profit. It doesn't matter what it is, even charities. I know of an advanced health group that could reverse Michael J. Fox's Parkinson. But they were told by the very organization Fox founded that this would not be allowed. Of course it wouldn't ­ their cozy, do-nothing jobs would be gone overnight.
However, there is a powerful way that millions of people around the globe quietly make money, day and night, without lifting a finger with a simple but powerful concept. I do it too, and it DOES work.
It has nothing to do with the fickle, insider-trader, rumor driven stock market. When the talking heads tell you, "the stock market volume is up x shares today" what does it mean? Do the heads tell you when people are bailing out of the stock market like the proverbial rats on a sinking ship by selling and not buying? Of course they don't. This money machine has nothing to do with real estate either. And it has little to do with the price of gold and silver.
However, it has EVERYTHING to do with foreign currency. The stock market, which plummets when some important CEO in Duluth becomes constipated, has no real tangible effect on the value of currency.
Currency trading for many decades was the sole realm of only the global elite and bankers. Experts have told me the stock market is worth about $100bn. However, foreign currency exchange trading is in excess of 3 TRILLION DOLLARS.
Here is some data on exchanges provided to me by my broker whose name I won't give here:
* Tokyo currency exchange daily volume: $150bn.
* London currency exchange daily volume: $570bn
(this currency exchange is also considered the most powerful on the planet)
* New York currency exchange daily volume: $330bn
Money is made from just a few minutes to day or two using high leverage ratios with fixed pairs of currency. The US dollar figures prominently in several such pairs. We won't get into the details here.
By now you're probably beginning to get the picture. If the world suddenly shifts to a global currency, the entire foreign currency market would vanish overnight. The entire premise of making money from leveraging blocks of currency pairs would be utterly useless.
The final question must be asked with all this considered: Will the world's elite would allow such an easy, super-highly profitable, no-inventory means of making trillions of dollars go away without a whimper?
I think not.
Ted Twietmeyer
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