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The Tower Of Babel, Revisited
By Jim Kirwan
Brueghel's version of the Tower of Babel has continued to grow in the minds and hearts of people everywhere, despite the fact that this mythical place is still felt by almost everyone: Today's announcement that the Nobel Prize for Peace has been awarded to Barak Hussein Obama was a slap-in-the-face of everyone, and should prove that the world has finally achieved the triumph of propaganda over substance; so that 'BABEL' not REASON reins supreme over everything else that ought to matter, to anyone that cares. (1)
Progress in the world has always been measured by growth and development for the creation of a better and more sustainable world. Yet with the obscenity of the growth in the global influence of The New World Order-this theory has been turned upside down. The NWO now brings only death and destruction to every corner of this planet where it has continued to crush the status quo and replace local and international laws with their tyranny & lies that in the end will end the world as we know it. They are rolling-back the human race to the time of the Dark Ages, despite the desires and needs of the global population that will be exterminated in this madness they have created for everyone that is not included in their private club!
Here among these writhing figures lies the abstract idea of torture as the normal but necessary component in how power chooses to use abuse and discard the population, that has apparently accepted the idea of dominance over everyone and anything that resists the madness, or indeed challenges these anti-human powers over every aspect of life or consequence under the terms of the new paradigm, symbolized by the ancient idea inherent in the theories behind the ancient Tower of Babel. (2)
These images do not compare with the current day pictures, that we are not allowed to see from inside Gaza, or from inside the military prisons like Abu Ghraib, or Gitmo or any of the hundreds of US SECRET prisons scattered over the globe today. Unspeakable maiming and deprivations, followed by Inquisition-like tortures and the violent murders of hundreds of disappeared targets of these international and privatized-outlaw-forces that have seized control over so much of what used to be called the world. This contrived-hell has been spread around the planet by the corruption of human ideals and the distortion of language that has combined to destroy creativity and to outlaw critical thought. Replacing the idea of building anything while specializing in the total destruction of everything that might speak of real growth or human understanding; such as was done to the 8,000 years of history in the Baghdad Museum, that the world only watched, while this treasure-trove-of-history was totally destroyed-thereby eliminating all ties to our collective past, as humans, and as real beings that once made a real difference to growth and understanding in a struggling world!
Where once there were people of different races and nationalities, different religions and different understandings of life and purpose that contributed to the growth of humanity as a species-now the only thing being done is the intensification and the near-total destruction of everything that life requires of those who share the earth, with everything that continues to live upon it.
This was done by eliminating everything that was not directly related to what passes for personal gain; and where private-conscience is always the first casualty, followed closely by personal truth and any law that might come between the seeker and his or her personal desires. This is how people were conned into abandoning their own lives in order to become the hive-minded herd which they are today. See the four part video "Century of the Self" (3)
If any more proof was needed, at 4:40 am this morning the American-military bombed the Moon. This colossal folly was done in temperatures on the Moon of 200 degrees below zero; which begs the question that if we went to the moon earlier, then why not just go back and collect the samples?
"The US space agency steered two parts of a spacecraft, called LCROSS, into the moon at more than 9,000 kilometers per hour, in the final act of a mission designed to look for signs of water.
NASA scientists anticipated the impact would knock enough dust and rock out of the lunar surface to form a 10km-high cloud of debris that could be scanned for evidence of frozen water.
But when the collision occurred at 12.31pm today, no signs of the plume were spotted, even from the nearby second stage, which crashed into the moon four minutes later.
The disappointment came a day after staff at NASA's headquarters in Washington DC faced a flood of calls from people who objected to the agency "bombing" the moon, some of whom feared the damage would disrupt tides on Earth and even their menstrual cycles.
At a NASA press conference, Anthony Colaprete, principal investigator on the LCROSS mission, said of the missing plume: "We haven't been able to see it clearly in our data yet." He added that scientists were working "feverishly" on information sent back from LCROSS.
The spacecraft ploughed into an existing 100km-wide moon crater called Cabeus which is permanently in shade at the lunar south pole. Scientists believe the crater may contain frozen water that would be kicked up by the impact. One theory is that the impact site was unexpectedly hard and that rock and soil gouged out by the impact failed to rise high enough to be lit up by sunlight.
"If it turns out to be as dull as it looked, I'd imagine the soil just didn't respond as was hoped to being hit," said Vincent Eke, an astronomer at the University of Durham who helped NASA choose the impact site. "It might mean we don't get sufficient data, which would be a shame," he added." (4)
Where is our OUTRAGE, where is our own intelligence that we have stood by and let this cadre of insane and self-destructive creatures take the human race back to the beyond of recorded history-without so much as a whisper of complaint? Is nothing sacred anymore except secret no-bid-contracts and privatized mercenary armies of thugs that have outlawed every aspect of public dissent? If Life has any meaning to most people then "most people" must begin to fight for their own lives, if for nothing else . . . (5)
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