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By Jim Kirwan
"Tomorrow" is the promise that so many live for, because 'Today' is too often is filled with quiet desperation for the vast majority of people everywhere. Yet most people fail to see that "Tomorrow" has been packaged and 'branded' by the owners since before recorded time. The concept has been used and abused like a child prostitute being held in bondage who reaches thirty-five before her thirteenth birthday-because we have too often failed to live in the now of "TODAY."
There are many types of "changes." So we must be specific when we ask for "CHANGE" so that what we get is something more akin to a solar-eclipse rather than the 'cataclysm' which the destruction of an entire universe can bring. Both images represent real changes; but one has a far greater effect than the other.
Perhaps our greatest mistake was to allow our religious leaders and our political-liars-and-thieves to take complete possession of the concept of 'Tomorrow' ­ because 'Tomorrow' is that future-time that is never quite here; and therefore can always be brighter than the drab reality of semi-slavery that is the lot of far too many on this earthly plane. This is why the Corporatocracy is selling "The ________ of the Future!" or "The Future is Now!" when nothing could be further from the truth!
Minute by minute we each create our own worlds, every day and every night. Once people begin to understand this fact in order that they can begin to look at their lives in this way: then and only then can "Tomorrow" actually begin to be that 'much brighter day' that so many continually promise to us all.
Part of the baggage that our 'leaders' lay upon each of us, with their bogus promise of "the Future," is that in the here and now we find ourselves too often wandering through the darkness of Solitude or waiting interminably inside a very personal hell of 'Disquiet' where time almost stands still while we absorb the full-blast of our interior fears regarding what that new and tarnished 'future' might actually bring-instead of what we thought we were promised.
The Hermit is guided by the star of the six directions; which includes the above and the below as well as the four cardinal points of the compass, in order to gain a better idea of where in the universe he might actually be at any one time. His cowl is made from the stones upon which Disquiet sits while she waits for the hands of the stopwatch to complete their inexorable journey that will end this silent torture of our inner-thoughts. What connects these two are nine stars that represent the nine muses that can lend depth and joy to the life that everyone seeks amid the darkness of this pitiful rat-race that too often ends in our own demise.
We must take back the promise of tomorrow, from the con-artists and the liars that have handled this false-promise as if it were their own-exclusively. Tomorrow can only belong to those that try to live every minute of their lives today. It can be painful, but it's the only way to get to that potentially brighter tomorrow or to a real future that was both earned and can be enjoyed,because it will be real.
Thanks to the excesses of the criminal-enterprises to whom we have unconsciously given so much of our everyday lives; we can all see now the absolute nightmares that the Hermit's lantern does not illuminate, because that's not what he's looking for. Once we can begin to see beyond the darkness, that has recently become our personal House of Horrors, then and only then can we begin to take back our country and our lives. It's not easy, but it is far less painful than will be the alternative which amounts to having ceded our entire "Future" to those that want to kill us all.
Knowing what we must do for ourselves, because it's what we want from this life we so often misunderstand, is one thing, actually acting upon what we believe to be true is entirely something else again. But given the lack of choices that thanks to the savage-bestiality of our newly-aggressive masters;
Actions are required from each of us if anything about this nightmare is ever to be changed for the better!
We cannot allow our self-appointed 'masters' to beat us to death with their false-promises of a 'future' which they will totally control, while we cower in submission to their ever-increasing totalitarian demands!
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