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Sodomite Indoctrination

From Devvy Kidd
I just watched a segment on FOX with Tucker Carlson. I knew this was coming. I called my family and gave them the bills in the California State Legislature: get on the phone and hammer your assemblyman and state senator. I sent emails to people I know in California: organize parents and put the pressure on the state capitol.
This is the night mare passed by the commies in the Califoria State Legislture a while back and signed into law by Schwarzenegger.
It is now mandatory with NO options for parents: your child - as young as kindergarten - WILL be taught that the queer life style is acceptable.
Your child WILL be forced to read the "gay" penguin book and other publications as well as verbal teaching that sodomy is normal, natural and healthy. That it's okay to have three daddies. 
If you're child attends one of those schools in California cranked up, your child will be taught that lesbians are great mommies and the rest of the putrid, toxic propaganda we warned about.
The "teaching" will also include sexual content so these innocent little children will begin to get their daily dose of sex. These little children in California will learn about "tolerance" gradually as they are "eased" into learning about sodomy and lesbian sex.
Where were the churches in California when these bills were sitting in the state legislature? A few stood up. Locally.
Save California - Campaign for Families and Children-- a hard working, dedicated organization tried everything in their power to get the people in that state off their lazy backsides and swarm the state house to defeat the bills. Drown Arnie in protest so he wouldn't sign those queer bills.
Apparently, the majority of Californians were too busy getting buffed at the gym, riding their $500 bikes on the weekend or heading to Tahoe for fun. Gosh, we must all be "tolerant." Don't rock the boat. Why, the former Vice President's daughter is a lesbian with a child, so it's okay.
Just wait until their son comes home with "Mommy, the teacher said it was okay for me to put my pee pee in Juan's, you know, where he goes number two, but I have to wait until I'm older." Or, their daughter comes home and talks about oral sex with another girl at school because she "discovered" she's "gay."
Where were the grand parents who should have been screaming down the captiol? On the golf course? Sitting all day long in an Indian casino gambling out of sheer boredom?
Well, now it's law and a parent cannot pull their child out of that class if their school is one of those who have now started this communist indoctrination.
There should be a huge sucking sound out in California as millions of parents pull their children from the govmint indoctrination centers. There should be tens of thousands of parents surrounding the State Capitol in Sacramento. There won't.
But, be warned: This IS going to come to your state, your county and your school unless parents unite and beat down these perverts in the state houses all across this country.
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