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Reality And The Takeover
Jim Kirwan
Cheney-Bush declared that 'the United States is in an unending war, a total war for survival that appears to have no end in sight.' At the time this was announced, the public believed that they were talking about the Wars on the Middle East, and against the Muslims; as part of the assignment given to us by the Zionists and their unfinished state of Israel. That was then; but the 'reality' here has to do with the War on America, that is being sponsored by the same people that launched 911, and the Wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.
The implosion of the United States is speeding up as our financial world continues to melt, and as credit is being vaporized; new concerns about a far more militant stance against the public continues to grow-basically to keep the terror and fear of real-attacks upon us all, alive and growing. As the sand in the shattered hourglass continues to fall, time itself will determine many of the outcomes that will soon be upon us-however when the prospect of a military takedown of the USA is ostensibly considered-that is an entirely different situation, and must be looked at very closely. Here is part of one such 'example'.
"1. The new Interoperability of Communications system which has linked City, County, and State Police communications to the Federal Agencies and Northcom including all foreign troops and mercenaries will be used to.........Impede and Shutdown local Police comms so that effective containment of civil unrest due to upcoming Flu Pandemic/Dollar Collapse will nearly impossible. The U.S. Mil/Federal LEO Agencies/Intel Agencies Luciferian faction wants the local Police to fail so that EXTERNAL FORCES WILL BE BROUGHT IN HARD AGAINST THE U.S. POPULACE AND AGAINST THE POLICE AS WELL.
2. If necessary Police vehicles will be taken out by force to ensure that response to riots, uprisings, and civil disobedience will fail and allow a Mad Max scenario to run full measure, hence giving pretext for usage of Northcom Troops, Foreign Troops, and Mercenaries against Americans.
3. Medical personnel including Doctors, Nurses, EMT's, and other and Hospital personnel will be precluded from offering effective medical response to the Flu Pandemic and treatment of injuries due to the civil uprising and military style attack upon the populace.......ostensibly this will be initially done by LOCKING DOWN HOSPITALS , CLINICS, AND DR. OFFICES UNDER GUISE OF PROTECTING THEM.....BUT REALLY TO ENSURE MAX KILL FROM PANDEMIC BIOLOGICALS AND SHOOT TO KILL ORDERS OF TROOPS INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL.
Note that exact date or timing was not available but it is expected very soon. The local, county, and state Police should immediately obtain for their own usage .....PRIVATE RADIO COMMUNCIATIONS GEAR so that they will be able communicate with each other in the event that the FEDS and Military come up with a SNAFU scenario in the new Interoperability Net perhaps from real or false flag cyber problems or just system glitches they will say have taken place. For aware Americans the heads up here is self explanatory for actions needed to protect their families, property, and themselves. BE VIGILANT AND READY." (1)
The first thing to remember here is our track-history as a colonial empire. America has not had much success when fighting even small nations; beginning with Vietnam (15 years), followed by several successful quick strike invasions that succeeded in places like Chile, Panama, Haiti (four years of black-ops mixed with open US military-support) and going all the way to Afghanistan, where we are approaching the eight year anniversary and we're clearly losing there too. Then there's Iraq (19 years and counting), where again no clear victory is yet in sight. None of those places have anything like the land area or the population numbers of the USA, much less the kind and number of armaments and weapons which America's citizens own and may well use if anything remotely resembling the above warning, appears to be taking place in this country.
The second thing to remember is that Rummy is probably designing this from a desk somewhere in the bowels of the Pentagon, no doubt in collusion with his other half, Dick Cheney-and we KNOW how ineffective and delusional both of these war criminals are. They are one of the reasons we failed so completely in Iraq, because they began with an idea of what they wanted to achieve; then steadfastly refused to look at the facts of nature or politics, or even at the military-requirements needed to succeed. The result of their failures is written in the sands of Iraq for all to see.
Of course their real purpose was to profit directly from the secret no-bid contracts that were awarded 'to fight this never-ending war' and in that aspect alone they have profited beyond all boundaries. They successfully eliminated any part of international or domestic law that might have interfered with their privatizing raids upon countries and resources in many places; yet their stated purpose of winning the war in Iraq has always been nothing but a hollow and vengeful exercise.
Iraq had a population of 27 million, in 2003 when we launched Shock & Awe, and it is about the size of California. The United States, by contrast, has a population closer to 320 million, and is a vast and open country that once attacked-will fight whoever comes to kill us, until the invaders (and the traitors) are defeated.
To "INVADE this country" with foreign and or criminalized law-enforcement officers, is a fantasy. By the standards Cheney & Rumsfeld used in Iraq, which history has clearly concluded, included far too few people to be effective. An invasion of the United States would require at least two million troops and supply-lines that could keep them going in a very hostile environment for years. However that's not the real problem with this whole idea. Thanks to our tyrannical and savage foreign polices, for decades now, we have few if any real friends in the wider-world; and we have a great many very angry "other nation-states" that are just waiting for something like this to occur and if it did, they would each and all probably take full advantage of our weakened position to attack us where they live.
Many countries would begin to act to even the score, should the US be seen to be entangled in a war-within at home. Global chaos would be inevitable, should such an idiotic attack upon the entire American population, by elements of rogue American military units, with or without Zionist support, would be destined to fail; despite any interior help from some perverted law-enforcement agencies, from sabotage, or from any other configuration of power-seeking barbarians. Even the thought of this 'pending invasion' smacks of Cheney-Rumsfeld and their still uncharged war-criminal friends and associates. It's madness!
These "warnings", like the potential military-scenarios above are the stuff of comic books or futuristic movies; but when seen in the reality of everyday life they have little chance of being anything other that 'more of the same effort to terrify and paralyze the public' with the public's own inherent fear of the unknown playing the all the major parts!
Coming as all of this does, during this time of the potential for Martial Law to be declared, surrounding the next phony threat of the Swine Flue Pandemic, because of government and World Health Organization threats to Immunize everyone in 194 countries with an untested series of potentially poisonous toxins; against a threat that does not yet even exist. This scare, this very real threat, has been created without recognizing the overt invasion into the lives of every person, by injecting the vaccines at gunpoint, without any options or exceptions and most of all without any proof whatsoever that there is any real threat of a Pandemic-even though it is known and has been proven that the deadly virus of 1918 has been recreated by government laboratories for purposes that have been classified.
Add to this the pending bank-holiday, the deteriorating value of the dollar every week as prices rise, and the layoffs that have subsided only because they've run out of people to fire-then couple all of that with all the damage to this nation that has already been accomplished by the criminals that now run this government, as not only just an extension of Cheney-Bush, but as an amplification of that criminal regime. And through it all state after state is beginning to approach failure in a million different ways.
The terms of the new 'health-care' bill which will split the nation between those who will survive and those that will officially be terminated for lack of qualification, to be officially treated, is now also finally beginning to be seen for what it is; an official reduction of the population that will soon be followed by food shortages that will finish off more of Kissinger and the Zionist's "useless eaters." Looked at in this way the United States is reaching the breaking-point on many fronts at the same time; and scenarios like the one quoted above, will proliferate given the frustrations and the lack of options for anything like real solutions, which unfortunately are in very short supply right now. (2)
There's one more piece of this puzzle that was outed on democracy now today. It comes in an interview with Jeff Sharlet on "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power." A secretive group known as The Fellowship, or "The Family," is one of the most powerful Christian fundamentalist movements in the United States. The Family's devoted membership includes congressmen, corporate leaders, generals and foreign heads of state. Author Jeff Sharlet profiles the group in his book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power. [includes rush transcript­partial]" (2)
Apparently the Illuminati and the New World Order have another smaller but very deadly pyramid beneath their umbrella of the larger evils in this world-and this one, "The Family" is as cynical and violent in the extreme, as it is international and powerful in its self-created mandates. 'The Family' dates back to the 1930's, but it's members have been playing god for a very long time now around the world, as members in good standing of "the Hidden-Hand" that has brought us all so much more blood and death, in the name of those perverted religious masks, that claim one thing but deliver something entirely "other," that we must also deal now!
Reality can be very hard to understand, especially when the bulk of this population knows nothing of privation or poverty, much less about death or criminal corruption-first hand. However, if they are to survive, a lot of people are going to need to begin to take crash courses in survival in the 21st Century; because this world is entirely different than anything that happened way back in the now totally outdated twentieth century. . ..
1) Air Assets Will Be Used Against Populous and Police in CONUS
2) Pro-Obamacare Thugs Threaten Father After Confrontation - 7 min. video
2) Jeff Sharlet on "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power ­ video & partial transcript
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