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Rabies In Worldwide Upsurge
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello Jeff - The situation with Rabies is worldwide. The US is having unprecedented outbreaks across the country.
Sadly, I have felt for a long time that we would see a major return of Rabies in the US and the world. I also feel that we will eventually see a new type of Rabies and, when it happens, I may not be in this world...but remember it was Patty Doyle who warned about it.
The way this virus is spreading it will continue to challenge new territory as happened in Arizona with the new strain of Rabies there.  new type A new strain is highly possible as Rabies continues to spread and challenges species barrier.
Scientists just aren't that interested in the Rabies virus. All eyes are on Avian and Swine Flu, and so they should be. However, scientists need to monitor for Rabies and other wildlife diseases. Once a new Rabies virus enters the world it will be impossible to eradicate it.
I have an article for tonight about the need to monitor for zoonotic diseases. Scientists are calling for a worldwide system to monitor for zoontic diseases worldwide. They discuss the need to import meat from "developing" countries. Maybe if people stop eating meat that would help immensely. However, that won't happen. Even with the fact made known that people contract mad cow from eating BSE infected meat, people in the UK and elsewhere around the globe continue to eat meat. 
(BTW I put developing in "" marks as I hate that expression. The countries that are always referred to as "developing" have been reported as developing but I haven't seen
signs of development for decades. I suppose it is a polite term rather than using third world or some other phrase.
Just a few thoughts and my 2 cents worth.
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics Univ of West Indies Please visit my "Emerging Diseases" message board at: http://www.emergingdisease.org/phpbb/index.php Also my new website: http://drpdoyle.tripod.com/ Zhan le Devlesa tai sastimasa Go with God and in Good Health 

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