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By Jim Kirwan
Article One
The Constitution of the United States
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
Forty five words that grant the public their rights under the Constitution, to speak freely or to peaceably assemble to protest the illegal excesses of this government. Yet to do this we are "REQUIRED" to ask "PERMISSION" from the same people that we are protesting against? NO, we don't need their permission, because the permission in question is inherent in Article One of the US Constitution: Which overrides any and all city, county or state requirements to the contrary!
The 'officers of the law' are the ones that are breaking the laws of the United States by illegally interfering with the public's right to; "to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Under the terms of the Constitution, Free Speech Zones and all forms of restrictions upon free and peaceable assemblies that block or impede free speech are illegal and each infringement upon our rights should not only be disallowed, but should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law-beginning with the US Attorney General and all his State Attorney Generals, all the way down to and including the Governors and the mayors or the City Councils that have joined forces to stop all public-protests wherever these events are planned or carried out.
"Maintaining public order" is the justification for the issuance of permits, but that job is the job of law enforcement. The public has an legal obligation to let the government know when they are displeased, and the only part that armed thugs in police uniforms need to play in this is to insure that the traffic flow continues (around the demonstrations), and that property is not destroyed. That's what they get paid to do. It is not the job of "police" to censor or to silence whatever the public has come out to say-to the so-called powers-that-be. Using the US military to kidnap people off the streets, during public demonstrations is a specific part of this new fascist policy that is reflective and reflexive of the Police-State that we are now attempting to live in. This illegal policy of "permitting demonstrations" must be ended now! (1a) (1b)
One of the many reasons for these protests is that we have been in a DEPRESSION not a Recession, for years now. This false picture of this economy has only been made possible because the propaganda arm of this same government has not covered these demonstrations or the crimes that routinely occur when those committing crimes are wearing uniforms of the powers that be. The militarized-police, immigration officers, border-patrol agents, security forces of all types along with city, county and state official enforcement bodies have openly been waging war upon ordinary American citizens now for the last four years with no one being found guilty of the crimes that only a handful of perpetrators have been charged with.
There have been hundreds of thousands of such instances yet whenever they happen outside the view from a camera or a tape-recorder, most are not even reported. Hundreds of deaths have occurred in police custody from the abuse of the use of Tasers, from unwarranted beatings even of people confined to wheel chairs and the elderly-yet none of these people have been found guilty of anything except "being near a thug in uniform"? Excessive and unwarranted force by uniformed agents ought to be criminalized: Instead it has become 'Standard Operating Procedure.'
If the cops and 'enforcement personnel at all levels', do not have to abide by the laws of the United States, then neither does the public! In fact in these cases it becomes the job of ordinary citizens to arrest these criminals operating under color of the law-to disarm them and confine them pending a court hearing that could fairly speak to this problem of constitutionality and unnecessary brute force; as these are being practiced on the streets of cities and counties in virtually every state all over the US. There can only be one law for all the people of this nation-and brain-dead mercenary enforcement officials should never be exempt from the rule of law, especially not now, when the nation itself is about to be closed down.
The public needs to print copies of the First Amendment and show them to the officers whenever and wherever they choose to demonstrate; because that is all the permission that is needed for citizens of this country-nothing more is required!
Those checkpoints that are beginning to appear everywhere now are also patently illegal. This country has not yet embraced the idea that we are indeed living in a police-state-a fascist police state. However if we continue to comply with the demands of these illegal "CHECKPOINTS" that have no basis in law or reason to exist-then the day is not far off when we shall indeed live in a fully functional fascist police state, just because we refused to reject their excesses and end these illegal practices outright.
Democracy is a messy affair but it's far better than the fascist-police-state that has been chosen to replace it here in this country. Cheney-Bush declared a state of war when they attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq; yet both of those attacks have been proven to be totally without foundation and completely beyond the Geneva Conventions and the Rules of international Warfare. The so-called "TERRORISM" scare that was created around these wars-for-profit and power, have been nothing but a charade to cover up massive income streams that have gone straight into the pockets of the elite.
Consequently this trumped-up war upon Americans is not just a fraud it's treason against the public whose money and property and rights have all been put at risk, to justify a whole series of mega-lies. Here's some of what really going on now, and this has nothing to do with the illegal actions of the mercenaries on our streets and highways that are attempting to prosecute people using prior restraint as their major weapon of choice!
"There's only one predator nation that is responsible for all of the Mid-East chaos and that is Israel. They casually murder Palestinian women and children in front of the world; you are not allowed to believe your lying eyes. The Palestinians are squeezed into ever smaller areas while being denied medical treatment, food, well anything they need they are denied. They are harvesting the organs of these captive people as if they were livestock and there was a demand for sweetbreads. It could be a culinary thing. It doesn't have to be transplants. You have to analyze what would be the most evil thing and then you pretty much have it.
Anyone who can drop a million cluster bombs on the people of Lebanon AFTER peace had been agreed on is capable of anything; Bombing UN outposts? No problem. Driving large extended families out of their residences and machine-gunning them down in the streets? All in a days work. Strapping children to the hoods of their vehicles, while they look for people with white flags to assault with white phosphorus and DIME weapons, it's a piece of cake.
This is the time of unveiling so we are seeing it all. The psychopaths are exposing themselves by their behavior each and every day. The whole world is coming to see what's happening. An arrogant moron who was not legally elected once is replaced by a Mr. Slick who was going to put an end to the warmongering and he expanded the operations.
High ranking members of the CIA went on record and said there was no Al Qaeda. It was a creation of the neo-cons that acted as a straw man for a public with straw in their heads. Members of intelligence services around the world; in Italy,Japan and other locations have all said that 9/11 was an Inside Job. Moving right along
Like I said, this is a time of unveiling. This 'is' The Apocalypse and time is getting short for the long time miscreants who have visited so much suffering and terror upon people around the world. They've got thirty balls in the air as well as some chainsaws and flaming bowling pins and they're coming down the street talking about Swine Flu; Al Qaeda, Pakistani insurgents, Iranian nuclear weapons programs and anything they can think of in a desperate attempt to get you to believe that they are not the responsible parties behind just about every bad thing going on anywhere at any time.
It seems to me that you have to be honest to see the truth. If you are not honest then your perspective is skewered by your dishonesty and denial. This is why they can't tell the truth and why a certain portion of the public can't believe the truth. Every day the magnitude of the lies and the dreadful behavior of the few are being seen more widely and more deeply into.
Given all of the things I've pointed out here it seems pretty certain that any day now any day now they are going to launch a series of violent actions that can be blamed on the people they want to destroy because because that is what they do. They kill and maim. They bankrupt and release diseases and toxins. They're made differently than you or I. They aren't human. They wear the mask but a beast is behind the mask. It's an ancient thing that has moved through the human herd for centuries and centuries. It's coming out now and they don't know what to make of it. They managed well over the years as they set traps and practiced treachery, accusing whomever they pleased of the actions they committed themselves. Things aren't going according to plan though." (2)
"On Wednesday, President Barack Obama used his first address to the United Nations General Assembly to defend US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and reiterate the American right to act unilaterally. At the same time, Obama implicitly appealed to foreign capitals to subordinate themselves to US geostrategic objectives.
In a generally vacuous and hypocritical speech, Obama also threatened Iran, and declared Israel to be a "Jewish state."
The speech, like the Obama presidency itself, sought to present a changed image to the world. If the assembled heads-of-state and foreign ministers had expected Obama to repudiate the policies of the Bush administration, however, they were quickly disappointed. In the opening moments of his speech, Obama blamed the rest of the world for the "anti-Americanism" that emerged in the Bush years, and implied that world leaders had manipulated this sentiment to avoid doing US bidding." (3)
"Let's be perfectly clear about what is actually gong on here.
There will never ever be a Palestinian state while the US and the Zionists of Israel have anything to do with it. This latest move is as much a waste of time as all the other talks have ever been.
Apart from anything else, Abbas is not the representative voice of the Palestinian people and has no mandate whatsoever to negotiate on behalf of the Palestinian people. Furthermore, it is Likud party policy to create a Greater Israel that includes theWest Bank and to never allow any kind of Palestinian state to exist.
In the latest moves, Netanyahu has successfully played Obama as a Zionist puppet on the world stage of the UN General Assembly. There'll be no peace and there'll be no Palestinian state while Netanyahu is pulling the strings. All Netanyahu wants is time while he finds a casus belli to attack Iran thus leaving him free to do as he wishes with West Bank, the Gaza Strip and south Lebanon up to the Latani River." (4)
"That effort must begin with an unshakeable determination that the murder of innocent men, women and children will never be tolerated. (President Obama, speech at the UN)
A top White House official told Jewish organizational leaders in an off-the-record phone call Wednesday that the U.S. strategy was to "quickly" bring the report -- commissioned by the U.N. Human Rights Council and carried out by former South African Judge Richard Goldstone -- to its "natural conclusion" within the Human Rights Council and not to allow it to go further, Jewish participants in the call told JTA.
The report said the U.N. fact-finding mission investigating Israel's conduct during the January 2009 war found evidence of Israeli war crimes. Israel has denied the allegations and said the report's mandate was biased -- an opinion echoed by U.S.officials.
The Obama administration is ready to use the U.S. veto at the U.N. Security Council to deal with any other "difficulties" arising out of the report, the White House official said Wednesday. The administration also has made clear to the Palestinian Authority that Washington is not pleased with a P.A. petition to bring the report's allegations against Israel to the International Criminal Court.( JTA )
Yes. This is becoming the Obama doctrine, talk like a lion, walk like a rat. What is shocking about the latest U.S. president is not that he lies. U.S. Presidents lie. It's their job. Bush lied. He lied about nuclear weapons in Iraq as well as about sundry other small and large matters. But in another sense he was as honest as a straight arrow. He was a nasty and mean right-wing fanatic, and this is exactly how he came across. Obama is not a nasty and mean right-wing fanatic. He is merely the diligent and responsible steward of the empire, its upper class and their interests. For sure, this is a big improvement. The world might not have survived another Republican administration. But on the other hand, with Obama, it seems as if the distance between presentation and content has never been greater." (5)
So we have a stand-in for the presidency that is a slave to the interests of a foreign power; and when the public begins to demand answers from this imposter, all they get is abuse and arrests in response to questions which they do not get to even ask of the government which they have paid for fifty times over ­ for decades!
If all peaceful avenues for protest continue to remain blocked then there will be a rebellion. The public outnumbers these thugs by 5,000 to one in bodies, and the public owns roughly 800 million weapons which definitely ought to be considered, if any of those thugs in service to the fascist regime are planning to survive the backlash which they are creating by their actions, each and every hour of every day, in these remaining hours of this Republic.
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1b) Confronted by LRAD Acoustic Weapons
2) Any Day now as the saying goes
3) At UN General Assembly Obama urges international support for US Wars
4) Netanyahu Pulling Obama's Strings in UN General Assembly
5) I am against the murder of innocents but for immunity for the murders
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