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NC Hero Exposes Lying
Rep With CAFR Truths
 Ed from NC turns up the heat
with a few CAFR questions.

I came across a short seven minute Youtube video put up today that was made by an Ed Jacobs from NC.
Ed went to a town hall meeting where a congressman, David Price was pushing the stimulus package and the new health care program. Now Ed is the average guy who asked a few important questions per the CAFR and made a few statements per the CAFR. He has that southern accent and southern demeanor in his questions.
Want to see a politician take the defensive? The CAFR is for local governments, do you want to see a politician sidestep by trying to redirect the conversation to Federal government?
This short video shows that the average guy can put our local politicians on the spot by asking questions that would hit home runs if answered per collective totals of wealth held by government.
As Ed brings forward, only silence comes back in return to his direct questions.
He also notes how the politician steps back on many questions presented and answers given which is a tell tale sign of deception. I hope you enjoy Ed's casual presentation and share it with a few friends.
See Ed's Video Here
So it appears that one person from NC today decided to turn the heat up per the CAFR issue on youtube!
What are the collective totals of investment funds held from your state and all local governments from within the state? If Ed can ask, so can you. Who knows, eventually someone may even get an answer and then with a little more pushing, effort, and time applied maybe even a truthful answer.
Sent FYI from,
Walter Burien - CAFR1.com
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