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'Moral Authority' Is Dead!
By Jim Kirwan
The concept of 'Moral Authority' that supposedly underlies so much in this life, also had a part to play in the life of nation-states as well. When I first began to write about these topics in the New Millennium; I thought I had some knowledge about the Constitution and the history of the US but as it has turned out, thanks in large part to the internet, nothing could have been further from the truth.
The US began to slash civics classes back in the 1950's and yet prior to that, much of our real history had already been unofficially classified-as almost nothing of the truth was ever part of our official history; except in small corners of the publishing world, where very few tended to investigate beyond the bland words the government has always used to hide what really happened.
As the New Millennium progressed more and more of the truth of what this nation and indeed the world went through-throughout the centuries-began to emerge. And as each new fact emerged; the evidence became daggers that everyone could see had been sunk into the dying corpse of the image that had been created to keep this farce of 'Moral Authority' alive.
As the evidence mounts up, it has become clear that this 'nation' has never been what it has continually claimed to be. A nation has by definition a clear set of laws and order, by which it supposedly governs those who are part of it. The US began to lose the basic premise when we incorporated the rights of Corporations, to be the same as citizens but without any of the same responsibilities that ordinary people had to accept for their actions (1886). This became the foundation for a two-tiered class-system that transferred the power of government from serving the people to serving the privatized needs of power. While this by itself was pivotal, it was only the beginning.
The "Act of 1871" had, it turns out, provided a separate Government over the District of Columbia by congressional decree, with no constitutional authority for their actions, expanded upon this separation of the public from their government. This legislation created the current Corporate State that actually controls the United States, and governs the Constitutional version of our formerly Democratic Republic. So by 1913, the Corporation (USA Inc.) did formally give away the power to print our money to a set of privatized foreign family interests that both own and control not just our Federal Reserve but eleven other World Central Banks as well-the web of this net in which we have been captured had already been clearly defined.
That's the backdrop against which all current and coming events must be seen. But there is an unspoken something ­ a "Moral Authority' that has quietly accompanied every crime, every theft, every masquerade of 'power' that has subtlety suggested that because we are Americans, it is "our right" to act as we do, regardless of what we do or how we might choose to do the things we do, as a nation. 'Morality' implies proper and humane conduct. And 'Authority' when linked to that 'morality' then supposedly adds impact and gravitas to the actions of whatever country then claims to possess that 'Moral Authority.'
But the actual record of our behavior in the world is finally flooding out of the darkness as piece by piece our crimes become public knowledge to a world that was blinded by slogans and promises, and by flags and threats.
The latest piece of this god-forsaken puzzle comes in the history, which continues, at the link below this excerpt.
"During and following their brutal Inquisition, the Knights Templar migrated to, or infiltrated the other religious orders, which they could easily control with their great wealth and large numbers. (Remember, the Knights Templar were the largest of all the other orders.) I believe that our modern Illuminati came from the banished and disgraced religious order of the Knight's Templar:
Flag of the Knights Hospitallers
The Swiss Flag:
1. Switzerland: Where they established the Swiss Banking system and integrated into the order of the Knights Hospitallers. Thus we can trace the missing wealth of the Templars to the secret vaults of the banks of Switzerland. This makes Switzerland the world capital of Templar power. The same Templar power that is now organizing our New World order; created Communism; created Fascism and now seeks to merge the two systems into one. It's no wonder that the Swiss have enjoyed neutrality in the past World Wars! No servant, not even Adolf Hitler, would turn against his Masters! Thus, the small State of Switzerland has never been invaded by a foreign power in recent history. Another interesting tidbit is that the Pope is "protected" by the "Swiss Guard". Calvinism had its start in Switzerland.
The Knights of Malta Flag
The infamous Iron Cross. The Nazis sign of loyalty to their Swiss Masters?
The Knights Hospitallers became the "Knights of Malta".
2. England: Although they infiltrated/joined the Hospitallers in Switzerland, they destroyed them and their buildings (once Templar sanctuaries) in England 100 years after the order was disbanded. This proves the existence of a multi-generational conspiracy. The leader of this Templar revolution was nicknamed "The Tyler" (Masonic origins) and it disappeared as quickly as it rose. The Templars, with their vast wealth, became the Monarchy and Aristocracy of England. They were behind King Henry's rebellion against Rome and the founding of the Anglican Church (anti-Catholic). It is no wonder that Queen Elizabeth called on the Templar Pirates (flying the "skull and bones" to "pick off" Spanish vessels from the New World laden with gold. Simple research into the family crests of England's Monarchy and Aristocracy should show Templar lineage.
East German flag (Communist) Note the same eagle in the center that is on the Teutonic Knight's seal.
Emblem of the Teutonic Knights. A Phoenix rising?" (1)
The facts now are these: We do not keep any of our promises, we do not care about human beings be they other people or American citizens, We have over the years acquired a worshipful attitude to "loyalty,' but not loyalty to law, or to justice, or to the constitution-because the only loyalty in this nation is to whichever representative of our criminal-enterprise signs our paychecks or satisfies our inmost desires. Nothing else matters, to far too many Americans.
Just look at how much has been lost here since George W. Bush first stole the Oval Office and 'our' hypothetical nation with it. We have lost our right to habeas Corpus, and to be secure in the 'ownership' of our lands as the Supreme Court dissolved the right of citizens to immanent domain over their own property. We have lost the right to be protected from our government, and from religious demands connected to the government - so much so that we are now prisoners of a Department of Injustice that runs rampant over the lives and property of anyone from the smallest of infants to the aged and disabled along with the able-bodied that are to intimidated at every turn by a fascist police-state run amuck.
We not only have no health plan to insure health-care for all our people, but we are about to be forced to become causalities in a potential and totally manufactured pandemic created by the same people that want to see the population of the planet reduced by two-thirds of those of us who live here now.
"BAXTER LABs recently supplied All Europe with VACCINE for the forced vaccination program. THOUGH user countries were FORBIDDEN by contract to analyze or test the vaccine, one Czech lab tech DID and found it killed lab animals. When that fact got out, "Oops" said Baxter Labs, 'somehow that batch of 158 pounds of vaccine got contaminated.' Yep. LIVE AVIAN VIRUSES were in the stuff which perhaps was intended to reduce crowding in EUROPE. GENOCIDE. Click on that URL JUST ABOVE and see how that worked out! YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE your eyes. But here's what weird. They are still at it! Summer 2009, all children vaccinated for POLIO in AFRICA caught POLIO from the vaccine itself, in an attempt to infect all of AFRICA with a mortal disease! So the WORLD HEALTH ORG is still trying to empty entire continents of live renters in order to seize the vacant apartment building."! (2)
This while we have been quietly enlisted into something that began by calling itself the North American Union, which seeks to merge Canada, and Mexico with the US into a single trading block, that will dissolve the national integrity of all three nations in favor of this New World Order fiction; for the convenience of The New World Order at the expense of everyone that lives in the lands that begin at Mexico's southern boundary and go all the way to the Northern borders of Canada. None of the public bodies associated with these three nations have debated any of this illegal scheme; and yet it continues to move forward without interruption.
We have also lost the right to our retirement funds, to control over the money that is spent through congress or the FED on themselves and their own private interests that are bankrupting us, while they finish destroying whatever might be left of this dying country. Our "lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor no longer have anything to do with who we really are; because we sold all that to get a better shot at sharing in the ill-gotten gains of Empire through our policies of torture, through genocide and through Crimes Against Humanity the world over-there is no longer any pretense left of anything like a high-ground of 'Moral Authority' ­ especially in the United States.
Here's a snapshot of what just the financial picture is like today: "The U.S. debt of $57 trillion in unfunded liabilities, according to common sense, is compelling reason for federal governors conspiring with special interests to murder 100 million Americans this fall using poisonous vaccinations. poisonous
According to federal deficit calculators at USDebtClock.org, more than $57 trillion is currently owed, including $39 trillion(T) in medicaid/medicare debt, $10T in social security payables, plus $8T in prescription drug liabilities, levying$189,210.00 in servitude upon every American citizen.
The mafia kills people for a lot less. Do you really think your debt collection is proceeding differently? Consider current White House science czar John Holdren's published affection for population reduction, nuclear industry promotion, biological weapons distribution, and vaccination sterilization through intoxication advancing under the guises of "national security," "biopreparedness," "flu prevention, and "health care reform.
The fact is, you are worth more dead than alive to Obama's ilk, because in reality, there is a WARRANT FOR YOUR DEATH THAT CARRIES A REWARD OF $189K, and rising." There's much more in the link (2)
In just the last few years we've learned some very deadly things about the creators of our current quagmire, and those facts make it clear that this game has been part of everything for many-thousands of years; and is not about to change now. The only way to rid ourselves of these barbaric power-craving maniacs is to identify them and remove them from every institution where they have become instituted, all the way down through even the minor bureaucracies. Nothing short of this will even begin to make the kind of change that's needed if we are to survive the first ten years of this Millennium! This awareness begins with understanding that there is nothing that even approximates a "Moral Authority" and probably never has been!
(1) Musings of a Dead Man
(2) The MATRIX a good metaphor for the endless, Bloodless Suck
(3) 57 Trillion Reasons to Murder One Hundred Million
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