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Military Project Related To Radio Show?
From Rense.com
Among the over 350,000 news stories, essays, commentaries, analyses and so forth on the site, we have posted material from observers countless times over the years... many of whom raise interesting issues and prefer not to give their names.  Learning  about the US Army's Project Camelot of the 1960s is essential news.  We have no knowledge whatsoever  of that Army mind control program being tied in any way to the internet radio program  and site of the same name.  None.  There *are* still coincidences...as much as many hate to admit such.   We do not read the story as anything other than an important historical and contemporary note about a taxpayer-funded military psy op in the past which few know about.  
The simple issue, which this commentary successful addresses, is that there are many, many talk radio shows which are clearly intel-spawned and influenced and that  should not surprise the intelligent mind.  Rense.com is a news service and always prints many sides  and aspects of countless controversial subjects.  Therefore, to state the obvious for those  who don't get it, we do not, did not, and will not view this story as aimed at ANY  particular radio show.  If you choose to do so, that is most certainly your decision. 
The US Army's (and many other agencies) past (and present) psy-ops are enough  to boggle any logical person.  For those who think this story is an attack on the program  that is coincidentally named the same as the Army's mind control project, we suggest you take ten steps back and read - don't read INTO - the text carefully.  Perhaps a small  lightbulb will flicker on. - rense.com
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