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In Memoriam - Don Harkins
February 18, 1963 - September 19, 2009

From Don Nicoloff
Don Harkins, co-publisher and editor of The Idaho Observer, passed away after a brief illness at 4:44 a.m., PDT, September 19, 2009. His wife, Ingri Cassel-Harkins was at his side.
I first met Don in late 2006. By January, 2007, he published my first article about massive, international financial corruption. Don Harkins was the epitome of a truth seeker and had more integrity in his little toe than all of mainstream media's editors combined. He was a relentless pursuer of fact and evidence, demanding only the best from his contributors, while gently guiding them with encouragement, passion, and courage.
Don spent countless hours fielding phone calls, writing letters, and engaging in political activism. One only needed to read an edition of The Idaho Observer - any edition - to realize that its editor was not interested in sensationalism or fear mongering, just the truth. And Don Harkins often wrote and spoke about many solutions to the world's problems, being the humanitarian that he was. He loved his country, and his fight to restore the basic tenets of the Constitution were unshakable.
Don and Ingri co-hosted a weekly 2-hour radio show, "The American Activist," on Republic Broadcasting Network, and Don first interviewed me on the show a few days before my first article went to publication in January, 2007. He also invited me, as a repeat guest, on his American Voice Network show which was first broadcast on October 8, 2004..
Though investigative journalists routinely receive credit for their research, Don Harkins was an equal participant in the process and should be heralded for his many contributions to my work. Don often described my journalism as a "new model of research," based on my unique ability to combine intuition with unorthodox research methods. On many occasions, I was able to convince him that the traditional informational repositories were created in order to misdirect the serious researcher. He would check and re-check my factual findings, often discovering further evidence which supported my original conclusions. He never demanded, nor took credit for his contributions to my work, though I always expressed my gratitude and appreciation for his willingness to think "outside the box." After all, we were often in the process of debunking history, while revealing the truth.
Don taught me much about the tools of the investigative journalism. I have made many new friends and acquaintances from the readership of Don's publications, relationships that will continue throughout my life. Don's warmth, sense of humor, honesty, and integrity were infectious, and he, along with Ingri, had endeared himself with many of his subscribers.
Don Harkins was also a man grounded in spiritual truth. His love for humanity and his relentless pursuit in righting the wrongs of society are a testament to his role in life. I recall a recent guest appearance on my "Evident Footprints" radio show when he recommended reading "Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars" (Vladimir Mégré) series of books. I had heard of those books, but had not yet read them. The teachings therein are a reflection of Don Harkins, the man, and Don Harkins, the spirit.
I was not afforded the opportunity to meet Don Harkins in person, so his untimely passing has only contributed to my deep sense of grief at this time. I trust that Don's many contributions to humanity will continue to be dignified with the passing of time.
Don, know that we will miss you terribly in the coming hours, days, weeks, months, and years ahead. We know and trust that you have earned your rightful place in Heaven, having already seen God, the Creator of all things. May the torch - the light of Truth - you have carried throughout your life forever burn within the hearts of all Americans. May your love for humanity and your light continue to shine upon us all. Though your departure from the physical world has come too soon, you will remain in our hearts - forever.
~ Don Nicoloff
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