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Challenging The Inevitability
Of The Apocalypse
By Kirwan
A massive-missing link in everything that's happened now has to do with the near-total failure of the public to comprehend what can only be termed the parallax-view: parallax (pâr`?l?ks), any alteration in the relative apparent positions of objects produced by a shift in the position of the observer. This is the most pertinent way to begin to grasp both the dangers and the truths about what is transpiring as we speak.
This little understood perspective, is far too complex for the general public to even begin to understand - much less to begin to use in order to change the status quo - but nothing short of this will work if RESOLUTION is to be achieved over "THE REVOLUTION" (that can only end in the literal meltdown of not just society but of everything that's been constructed over the last several thousand years).
The true impending FAILURE of the New World Order lies in the fact that to "win" their way, would mean the inevitable obliteration of everything they say they plan to own. What value is there in owning nothing but smoking ruins that will be contaminated for the next four and half billion years? That's not victory, it's just a deluded suicide committed in the name of a "self-justifying-criminality" that has no basis either in fact or in hypothetical profit!
Part of the reason that the global public has had so much trouble grasping the depths of the real problems, that we all face now has to do with religion. Religious belief systems, aside from the formalized 'religions,' shall always be with us. However the existing structures that have developed around the formalized (the literal business-of-religions), is what remains now, at the very core of what is killing the world, as a global community.
The reasons for this outrageous-component of everything today, has to do with the fact that all religions have more than one face, and those different faces are frequently used on several different sides of every issue. An excellent case in point is "The Family" (the third footnote in Reality & the Takedown).  It turns out that for The Family, religious beliefs are just an excuse that has nothing to do with either their purposes or their beliefs; but is only a catch-all hook to justify yet another power grab, at the expense of millions of people around the world. And all-of-this has also been used by the other major religions in various ways as well.
Here's a graphic description of what happened via old-testament philosophy, in what most still think of as a real part of the 'Christian' view; of both man and god - when the truth is that these symbols were contrived by people, under various cloaks of "religion," to create real opportunities for power and influence to flourish unchallenged here; in the everyday world of life & death and everything in-between: There are two parts to this, the original can be reached from the link at the bottom of this article: http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2008/art19.htm
IF 'we' are ever going to untangle this Gordian-knot that our religions have become, then we must be willing to stand on our own in the aftermath of all our denials - and to rediscover what most of us knew to be the truth before we were sucked-into the Conn, that too many religions still are to this day. That's far too great a leap to ask of a public that has become accustomed to passing responsibility for every major disaster on to someone else, or to some belief in a higher authority - rather than doing the hard thing that is required of us as individuals, whenever we finally choose to deal with whatever it is, ourselves. . .
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