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Project Camelot Morphs Overnight
Into 'Project Camelot' ;-)
By Seasoned Observers of the Scene
Well, well. We simply had no idea.
After posting our Project Camelot story yesterday, within mere hours -- yes, mere hours! -- the Project Camelot entry at Wikipedia morphed before our very eyes from this (please see the Wikipedia cache here:
u.s.+army&d=FreSaxlMTV7o&icp=1&.intl=us )
into this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Camelot 
It's now a two-fer, with a project bearing the very same name pancaked on top of the U.S. Army Project Camelot entry!
Who knew? Someone very quickly changed the Wikipedia Project Camelot page virtually overnight! Isn't that way cool how Wikipedia can alter articles during the night while you're sleeping? To think that Wikipedia might, well, it's... how can we put it? -- "unexpected," yes, that's the word.
In any event, we note that the "new" Project Camelot is very comfortably piggy-backed above the original U.S. Army "Project Camelot" entry. And we are puzzled -- if the "new" Project Camelot" is not the U.S. Army Project Camelot (as it maintains that it is not) -- then why, pray tell, has it so conspicuously and insistently pitched its tent on the U.S. Army's "Project Camelot" Wiki page? Why doesn't it make its own, dedicated page instead of installing itself on the U.S. Army's Project Camelot page?
Is it so that when people go looking for the original U.S. Army Project Camelot they find the "new" Project Camelot instead? Curiouser and curiouser.
Last, but certainly not least, we can't help but notice that the "new" Project Camelot concludes it's perfunctory remarks with these words:
"Camelot does not provide proof...they rather share information for the individual to discern, the preservation of free will is of utmost importance and to provide indisputable evidence would undermine the project."
Got that? -- "to provide indisputable evidence would undermine the project."
Oh, and why not mirror the cached U.S. Army "Project Camelot" Wiki page (see cached URL above), as well as the "updated" Project Camelot entry while both are available? Evidently things change literally overnight in Wiki-world.
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