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The Invisble Unifying Factor
Jim Kirwan
From the very beginning of our national-international nightmare, there has always been one fact that has always connected everything we say or do or even think about.
This is the unchallenged fact that everything which this government has said or done from the day that George Bush was appointed by the USSupreme Court, has been nothing but a LIE!
With this duplicity as prologue; then it cannot be surprising that we have not been able to make any headway against this onslaught, in which the public has lost every battle, with the formal and covert powers that have taken over virtually every aspect of our lives. However it was not always that way. Forty years ago Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers to the world, which began the end of the Vietnam War. He was able to succeed only because there was still some shred of 'the appearance of Justice' within the US court system; which allowed the release of the Top Secret Pentagon Papers to the unsuspecting American public, that until that time, was unaware of what this government had been doing from JFK through Nixon with regard to the stalemate that was Vietnam War. (1)
All governments' lie; but ours has made government lies into its most valued cornerstone. We need to convert that cornerstone into the headstone for the individual graves that wait for each and every one of those that have designed and executed these policies, against people everywhere.
Many believe that there is zero chance for us to even begin to do this now, against the fascist police state, in which we have allowed them to take nearly total control over what remains of the United States. But the example contained in the release of the Pentagon Papers proves that individuals, have in the recent past and can sometimes still, make a real difference in the huge world of national and international affairs when they act with courage and determination in the face of outright tyranny and public lies.
These uncommon acts of bravery can still exist and are perhaps the only way that this web of lies can ever be destroyed on any front. Yet on-balance it must be said that the kinds of people that participated in the events of four-decades ago, were far less contaminated by their world then; than are we who have succeeded them in this twenty-first century of lies, lies and more LIES;
twenty-four-seven and 365 days a year!
It's the most challenging of concepts; but if the public could ever truly begin to understand that EVERYTHING THIS GOVERNMENT SAYS IS A LIE:
Then finally we might be able to oppose these outlaws that claim to be leading not just this country but the world. This single factor is at the root of every twisted deceit, every criminal new-law that seeks to deny people their god-given rights-war or no war-in this first decade of the twenty-first century. Such an effort could begin by scraping Dual-Citizenships. "The country you were either born into or choose to live in is where your allegiance should lie. Those who now hold dual citizenship should be forced to choose one and that being the one to which their allegiance lies." (2)
As Gary Wills writes in the upcoming New York Review of Books:
"The momentum of accumulating powers in the executive is not easily reversed, checked, or even slowed. It was not created by the Bush administration. The whole history of America since World War II caused an inertial transfer of power toward the executive branch. The monopoly on use of nuclear weaponry, the cult of the commander in chief, the worldwide network of military bases to maintain nuclear alert and supremacy, the secret intelligence agencies, the entire national security state, the classification and clearance systems, the expansion of state secrets, the withholding of evidence and information, the permanent emergency that has melded World War II with the cold war and the cold war with the "war on terror"-all these make a vast and intricate structure that may not yield to effort at dismantling it. Sixty-eight straight years of war emergency powers (1941­2009) have made the abnormal normal, and constitutional diminishment the settled order."
This is now our problem-and if we fail to confront these facts, then we will have failed ourselves, as well as our children and the world upon which we have allowed this Hell to be unleashed! The public must begin to respond instantaneously to every government proclamation, edict or article with this simple statement: "PROVE IT," against a background chant of "Lies, Lies and More Lies" which together might finally break the trance which the public has too often embraced until now. This could begin with the forced public-investigation of their version of events surrounding 911-an investigation of the crimes involved in the public Murder of thousands on that day which has never been openly and clearly pursued. (3)
When the Pentagon Papers were released and published, the entire edifice of LIES surrounding the War in Vietnam came crashing down. The release of the full story surrounding the callous murders on 911 could do for us what the Pentagon Papers did for people of that day and time-forty years ago. There is also a film called the Pentagon Papers that was released in 2003; and has much of the same information as the one that is being released today; in case you want to familiarize yourself with this phenomenon now, instead of waiting for the newly released film, because time is short and we need to use every minute wisely.
1) The Most Dangerous Man in America http://www.democracynow.org/2009/9/16/the_most_dangerous_man_in_america
2) Dual Citizenship must be scrapped and people should live where their allegiance lies
3) The Story That Will Not Go Away
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