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One, Two, Three
By Jim Kirwan
EROSION was Step One. The first step, eroded pre-existing laws that could have prevented what is about to happen. This became obvious when Cheney-Bush federalized the National Guard that was created to be the sole province of the individual states. National Guard troops were composed of the people in each state and were to be the first line of defense and assistance in any emergency that any state might find itself facing-be that a natural disaster or an illegal action of the federal government against the individual states. That's why the National Guards' had planes and tanks as well as trucks and troops-all of which were instead sent overseas to be ground-up and eviscerated in illegal and unilaterally declared wars of conquest and occupation.
The government eliminated Habeas Corpus (the right to challenge any accusation by the police, or the government) and since 2001 they have been eviscerating the Bill of Rights; in the name of The U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Acts; to "keep the people safe from terrorism," while simultaneously this same government began to spy on all US Citizens (not just terror suspects) seven months BEFORE the events of 911. Government also eliminated the federal prohibition against using US military forces against US citizens on US soil. Taken together this illustrates complicity to the conspiracy that this government was thoroughly immersed in, regarding what took place on 9-11-2001-eight years ago yesterday.
DECEPTION was Step Two. Millions of articles have been written by tens of thousands of people, since 2000, about the specifics of the tens of hundreds of these deceptions: Here's the latest in that long gray line of as yet unanswered challenges, from ordinary citizens to organizations and even from some of those now totally corrupted members of the government.
"US Citizens Revolt: IT IS ALREADY VIRAL!
"You are evil thieving bastards, you have reaped ungodly profits in your behemoth casino scams, then lost, only to turn around and usurp the wealth of this great nation by the outright rape and pillage of middle class Americans' whose sweat and toil built it. The biggest rip-off in the history of the world is padding your bonus checks with the Federal Government as your co-conspirators. Every last one of you should be rotting in prison." - American Middle Class Representative
The __Wall Street - Main Street__ confrontation has been inevitable ever since the banksters decided to do anything and everything to perpetuate the game of Heads We Win, Tails You Lose, this time openly at the middle class' dime. It appears it has now emerged fully into the open. (1)
From Jobs to Health, from disappearing retirement funds to Social Security, from the end of Newspapers, to the rise of Nazi-talk radio to the dissolution of the right of the public to travel, to think or to communicate: In all of this the public has had no voice in shaping the policies or creating the solutions necessary for anything like the total turn-around that is required if the nation is to survive the Outlaws that have been in charge since 12-12-2000. That is when the US Supreme Court broke with its constitution prohibition from interfering in a Presidential Election.
This resulted in the first 'unconstitutionally created American Dictator' George W. Bush. In all of this the dark forces of the Hidden-Hand behind everything in US politics has been hard at work enforcing the motto of the Israeli Mossad: "By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War"!
CAPTURE is Step Three. Yesterday on the eighth anniversary of 911, the physical capture of the nation began to take its first timid steps toward the conclusion of this final act to conquer the entire country through deception, intimidation and illegal-force under color of "laws" that are every bit as unconstitutional as they are numerous.
First there was a simulated terrorist attack on the Potomac.
"WASHINGTON (AP) - A morning of remembrance turned into one of flashbacks, fear and media missteps Friday when a Coast Guard exercise _ unfolding near Pentagon ceremonies marking the Sept. 11, 2001, anniversary _ was mistaken as an attack. The false reports of gunfire on the river briefly spooked the capital, sending FBI agents to the scene and grounding flights.
The episode left the Coast Guard promising to "take a good hard look at what we did here today" and military families sore that officials would simulate a confrontation on the Potomac River on a day of raw emotions and high security.
But the exercise, involving speeding boats and at least one helicopter, probably would have passed unnoticed except that two TV networks confused simulated chatter over a Coast Guard radio for actual events and reported that the Coast Guard had opened fire on a suspicious vessel near ceremonies attended by President Barack Obama." (2)
Followed by an announcement in Rochester NY, that "Your Town is Not Under Attack"
"We have a warning for everyone in Greece: don't be alarmed by what you might have seen this morning! Your town was not under attack. We're not sure there's a lot of people that know about this, but soldiers have landed in the town today.
It's a military exercise by the 401st civil affairs battalion -- the army reserve unit based in Webster. Chinook and Black Hawk helicopters flew over the city and into Greece to drop the soldiers at the town hall grounds.
After that the soldiers drove around the town in their army humvees. The point is to train. The 401st is a unit that tries to help war torn communities build back up both physically and emotionally.
The soldiers will have one on one meetings with Greece police, public works people, fire fighters and teachers. Those are the same people they meet overseas. The one main concern now is not frightening people." (3)
These two events might seem harmless enough if you buy the governments answers as to why they need to happen in the first place. However, everything about these two events is deeply rooted in lies and in government DECEPTIONS. The number and types of these 'events' will increase around the nation; mostly with an explanation of sorts that will always leave out the specific purposes involved. This will continue until the public begins to accept the idea that US military exercises, on the streets ofAmerica are just part of being alive inside America in the Twenty-First Century.
Once the public comes to accept these military-training exercises, as just a normal part of "being prepared for the next false-flag attack upon people here" ­ then they will be able to spring the trap from which they believe 'there will be no escape'. Because once the public stops demanding to know why these things are not done on the military bases (that exist in part in order to practice these things) ­ then suddenly what would have been thought to be "just another military exercise and really no big deal" will become the beginning of very real invasions from the skies and from American soil by troops that are not part of anything like an "exercise." This is how CAPTURE will be accomplished, but only after the public gets desensitized to military training exercises and to seeing military vehicles of all types on city streets everywhere in this nation.
This could have been prevented if the states still had their own National Guard troops and equipment; because the governors and or the Mayors of the cities targeted could have blocked these illegal and unwarranted military exercises, based on states rights, and thus could have deprived the government of this backdoor way to put the public to sleep before they come to kill us. But there is no Guard to call now, no way to formally and successfully resist this further invasion into daily life by the feral USgovernment and the US War Department.
At this stage there is however one thing that many could do if they have the determination to see it through. Citizen committees could formally and seriously confront their own city governments, as citizens, and demand that the city, county, or state officials from the Governors and the Mayors to the City Councils and the local Police be used to stand between the public and the troops in denying permission for these bogus military-exercises to take place. If those elected or appointed officials refuse to act ­ for any reason ­ then their public can remove them from their offices (because that is part of representing the public).
The public cannot directly reach the federal government in Washington, but they can certainly contact their local officials and demand of these public servants, face to face, that they protect their city or town from the illegally used federal forces and their totally unnecessary public displays of terror drills. Here's an example of exactly how this was accomplished in Egypt, by George Galloway when he brought a caravan five miles long through Egypt, bearing relief supplies to the victims of Israel's slaughter of the Palestinians in Gaza. (4)
"Face to face" works, especially when the ones making that confrontation actually believe strongly in what they are doing. Of course if we are too busy or too uninterested in these things to bother with them ­ then we should be prepared for the invasion which is coming to our towns and cities, sooner than most might imagine! If you're serious and want to avoid this centuries old scheme of Erosion, Deception & Capture then read or watch the footnotes. . ..
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3) Warning: Your Town is Not Under Attack
4) George Galloway April 2009 - video
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