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Who Owns You?
Jim Kirwan

When I talk to people I get the feeling that they believe their lives belong to them and only to them; in part because as Americans they believe they are actually free people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from this idea, that so many have no idea at all of what this country or their actual status in this place really is: People ought to know who is in charge of whether they live or die-shouldn't they?

Back in the stone-age when Americans were extremely naive there was a phrase that went something like this: 'America has a government of laws, not of men, where no man is above the law.' That, given the entirety of the twenty-first century, is something that is definitely no longer 'in vogue'.

America is a nation that unlike most other nations has chosen not to teach its people the real history of this country; because the true story is not a fit topic for polite discussion. For those interested, this video outlines the on-the-ground realities inside "Manifest Destiny" which set the tone for American Imperialism in this hemisphere; that has become the core for American international aggression around the world. (1)

Who we once were or might have been is behind us now. What we are now is what matters today; not just to us, but to the whole world that has been suffering beneath the colonial military-might of our Empirical aggressions, as never before. This has been directly due to the complicit actions of the totally corrupt Supreme Court and the cowardly Congress that have both colluded with the now criminal administrative branch to steal this nation from the people; the same people, that were supposedly the only reason for their existence as government officials in the first place.

Personal 'Risk' is a permanent part of every life; but what the New World Order is trying to do is to 'rig' the entire process of government at all levels; in order to eliminate any chance that anyone could ever again challenge whatever might pleasure the privatized world of the elites. This construct will never be able to stand for very long, we must end this now, along with the careers of all the key traitors at the top of this administration. Nature will not tolerate an out-of-balance world for long, and we're already living on borrowed time.


The Congress of the United States surrendered early on to the takeover, when they gave-away their constitutional obligation to the idea of the 'Commander-in-Chief' as dictator over every aspect of the American government, instead of simply being what the office of Commander-in-Chief really is, which is strictly limited to absolute control over the US military. ?Bush apparently decided that the title meant that he was 'Commander-in-Chief over all branches of this government, and possibly he even thought he might well be the 'Commander-in-Chief of the World' which would account for his total disregard for any international laws or borders on the planet.

So in 2002, when the Congress chose to abdicate its constitutional duties to 'Advise and Consent' on presidential appointments; they became fully fledged partners in crime together with the dictator who created "signing statements" as a permanent way to get around new laws that he chose to ignore (a practice that Obama has chosen to continue with-despite its illegality). What these acts have led to are what has created the runaway corruption of the government, on all levels. One of the by-products of these crimes will be the death of this nation that fails to conform to the dictates of the US Constitution upon which the Republic was supposedly-founded.

Today, the Supreme Court re-confirmed that it is firmly inside the coup that seeks to end Constitutional protections under the 14th Amendment that promised equal protection for all Americans, under the Constitution of the United States: The Supreme Court is nothing more now than a rubber stamp for the totalitarian policies of the fascist police state that owns this country.

"Supreme Court Denies Post-Conviction DNA Testing: Prisoners attempting to challenge their convictions have been dealt a major setback by the Supreme Court. In a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled Thursday that criminals do not have a constitutional right to DNA testing after their conviction. In the majority opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts said it is up to the states and Congress to decide who has a right to testing that might prove innocence long after conviction. In the dissenting opinion, John Paul Stevens wrote, "There is no reason to deny access to the evidence and there are many reasons to provide it, not least of which is a fundamental concern in ensuring that justice has been done." The Innocence Project says DNA testing has exonerated 240 people nationwide, at least seventeen of whom had been sentenced to die."

Since 911, the public has begun to finally see that the crimes of that day are the product of the inside-job that it was; a massive-crime that was created to furnish cover for the takedown of this Republic. This act was designed and planned from the inside, in the name of 'fighting a false terrorism' that was initiated by Al Qaeda; a CIA created branch of the federal government in good standing on September 10, 2001, that was magically transformed on September 11, 2001, into 'this nation's worst nightmare.' Nine-Eleven was a criminal act against the people of the United States; carried out by traitors within this government in collaboration with Israel and Britain.

This false-flag mass-murder was supposedly the reason for our presence, in Afghanistan (where we went to chase down Osama bin Laden): But the real reason we bombed Afghanistan back to the Stone Age was because of a Unocal pipeline that needed to pass through Afghanistan which was hostile to that effort. The attacks upon Afghanistan were planned and prepared for over a year before 911, which simply provided the excuse for our initial attacks on that country. The current president of that country, Ahmid Karzi, is a former official of Unocal, and everything that's happened since flows directly from the needs of the oil companies and their pipeline plans in the Middle-East. In the end this has not worked for us, especially for those that are cursed with having to pay for all of these crimes that have no-end-in-sight. (2)

What do we say to those who have lost loved ones on 911, or in the six years of these phony wars that continue to destroy so many lives; while our military machine-without-conscience, continues to slaughter millions of innocent people simply because the privatized global powers of the multi-national bankers and the munitions makers along with the oil companies are seeking ever greater record profits?

The administrations answer was to label everyone and anyone that actually could be seen to be doing anything real as "heroes," when the truth is and was that in America today there is no longer any standard of behavior for ordinary, much less for exemplary behavior. What happened to honor, to self-responsibility and to living the thoughts and words we use to describe the world we are forced to live in today?



The US, with Israel as its mouthpiece, is a rogue nation; a lawless but very public collection of criminals, that have become the greatest threat to peace in the world today. The fascinating thing is that this is truer now than it was under the treasons of Cheney-Bush; and still the public is not moved to question or resist this takeover of their lives and dreams, by this charade of creatures that have come to kill all of us that have rejected them!



We have reached the point in history where 'ideas' are no longer the stuff of knowledge or parts of the pathway that can lead humanity out of this dark-night-of-the-soul that we are racing to construct where once there was a country. No - we have allowed the Zionists and their New World Order to classify our thoughts and words into thought-crimes and possible prison-terms for any that maintain their right to think and speak freely in that marketplace of ideas that America once so proudly proclaimed, as an integral part of the heritage of the new nation. In Cheney-Bush-Obama's world it will soon become a crime to be a human being.

It matters very much "Who Owns Us" but if this farce continues unchecked; then we shall be thoroughly and completely reduced to the nothingness that we are embracing by our failure to commit to ending this nightmare, before it is too late.


1) Nicaragua ­ A Nations Right to

2) The American Empire is Bankrupt

Bankster Bailouts of 2008/09 Exceed Over 200 Years of Major Government Spending

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