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How Much Longer
Will It Take?

Jim Kirwan

Tomorrow will mark the Summer Solstice, the halfway point in yet another year in which we have continued to fail to act. It has been nearly nine long years since we sold our reputation for a pile of worthless promises and a Texas-sized heap of lies so huge that no sane person could believe the scale of that deception.

It began with the theft of the nation and rapidly moved on to the attack upon the US and the world that began with 911. To date there is not one shred of evidence anywhere that supports the lies which that the administration told the world, from that day forward, and yet this administration still tries to 'sell' this farce to justify the unjustifiable. But then, such is the paltry nature of the government's unproven allegations that concern the events before, during, and after 911. Now government at all levels has no choice but to continue to attempt to defend the indefensible; because if their colossal fairy-tale about 911 and the alleged perpetrators falls apart-then all their careers, along with many other bit-players, will come to a very ugly ending.
What happened to this nation on that day had roots that were imbedded in our way of life, decades before September eleventh 2001. So when the unthinkable finally happened this nation went straight into shock, and stayed there, not as a people wounded, but as a nation terrified. Within forty-five minutes of the first plane hitting the first of the two towers, CIA and Pentagon agents in civilian clothing were spinning the story for the cameras and naming names; yet no one thought to question the speed with which this mystery was solved; much less question who these then unknown people might have been, with such crucial knowledge right from the very start-and they just happened to be the people that were interviewed about the nature of what had happened while the buildings in New York were still burning.
What then began to happen was that 'FEAR' was in-charge of the whole affair. And 'after' the enormity sank in, the public embraced the anger and wrapped it all in the flag as they demanded revenge for a crime which was not an act of war; but was instead a political act of mass-murder that will live in infamy: Right beside Pearl Harbor, which was just as false, as were the attacks on 911. Since the public accepted the slaughter as a military attack; no evidence was collected that could easily indicate otherwise. But over the intervening years the forensic evidence has been mounting and now rivals the size of the debris that was so hastily shipped off to China by the mob.
When our bombs began the massacre of the Afghans and they began to die by the thousands there was an American silence that overshadowed any possible compassion or common sense; in order to concentrate on "getting Osama bin Laden."
That person is no longer on the FBI's most wanted list, and most serious people believe that he died shortly after the war on Afghanistan began-the government's self-serving tapes of bin Laden's supposedly continued existence not-withstanding. We ended the war upon Afghanistan when the pipeline deal with Unocal was signed. However the point of that pipeline was frustrated by Pakistan's refusal to allow it to pass through their territory to the Arabian Sea, which might explain why we are now bombing Pakistan?
In between bombing Afghanistan and Pakistan we unleashed Shock & Awe on Iraq for still unexplained reasons; totally destroying the infrastructure, the country and their culture: as a by-product of obtaining land for more US bases in the region along with obtaining the rights to their oil fields and their natural resources: to justify the massive amounts of money that we spent on private no-bid contracts and an army of lavishly-paid mercenaries that is far larger that the force of US troops that are there now. As wars go; the Iraq war was begun in 1991 and was never stopped-which makes the Iraq War one the longest military adventures, in US history-with no end in sight.
This cost the American people 73,846 US troops dead; 1,620,906 permanently disabled, and a total of 1.6 million disabled overall as of September 26, 2007. Compare that number of dead and wounded with the Vietnam War which only killed 55,000 plus, even though Vietnam lasted almost as long as Iraq. There are no real figures for the monetary costs of Iraq as Trillions have disappeared over the course of this "war."(1)
The real questions that are never asked are: Why did we unilaterally and illegally attack Iraq, under Cheney, Rummy and Junior Bush? What was the reason? The government claimed that it was all about Weapons of Mass Destruction and "the threat" of a nuclear attack upon the United States-but all of that was totally disproven and yet the war continues to this day. Obama ran on a platform of 'bringing the troops home" until he was selected: then the story changed and the war was expanded into Pakistan, again with no-end in sight. Iraq is now the unfinished war that won't go away; and Pakistan is the new unwinnable war where again the US is trying to use bullets and bombs instead of diplomacy to crush yet another population all the way back to the stone-age: without even a meager attempt to find a real diplomatic solution-why? The longer these massacres of civilian populations continue the more hatred we engender. The longer we attempt to hide what we have actually done to tens of thousands of innocent prisoners; the greater is the chance that both these wars will end in the same way Vietnam did-in having to flee the country as a beaten force, with nothing to show for all the blood and gore we both created and suffered from, at the hands of politicians and bloody-minded generals.
So why are we fighting in so many places around the world from Somalia, and Iran to Lebanon, and Georgia-sometimes using surrogates, but often with massive black-ops operations that seek to overthrow so many different governments. Then there's that other renegade bunch of global outlaws-the Zionist regime in Israel and their hair-trigger insanity that has nearly obliterated Palestine, and has threatened nations both far and near with war for disagreeing with them on any topic of concern to the self-professed racist state of Zionist-Israel? We have given that still unfinished place tens of trillions of our dollars, to continue whatever they do-at a very deep and vicious expense to those in America that need everything from food and shelter to decent healthcare and a real job. But the money for Israel is as untouchable as it is certain to be delivered, with no strings whatever on how it is used, or who it might be responsible for slaughtering. But again-no one can tell the Americans why we are doing this for an outlaw-state that hates our guts!
Several have written, claiming that the USA is not, and has never been an Empire. Here's something that was recently published which will clarify not only our past stance on "Manifest Destiny" but it will also bring us up to date on just how we treat those that were already here for thousands of years before the Colonist-adventurer's arrived on North American shores. We are still Destroying Our Indigenous Populations.
"The Fort Laramie Treaty once guaranteed the Sioux Nation the right to a large area of their original land, which spanned several states and included their sacred Black Hills, where they were to have "the absolute and undisturbed use and occupation" of the land.
However, when gold was discovered in the Black Hills, President Ulysses S. Grant told the army to look the other way in order to allow gold miners to enter the territory. After repeated violations of the exclusive rights to the land by gold prospectors and by migrant workers crossing the reservation borders, the US government seized the Black Hills land in 1877.
"We call gold the metal which makes men crazy," White Face told Truthout while in New York to attend the annual Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at the United Nations in late May. "Knowing they could not conquer us like they wanted to ... because when you are fighting for your life, or the life of your family, you will do anything you can ... or fighting for someplace sacred like the Black Hills you will do whatever you can ... so they had to put us in prisoner of war camps. I come from POW camp 344, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We want our treaties upheld, we want our land back."" (2)
Here's something else that happened last night in Tehran. (3)
The events depicted in this video are what should have happened here when the US Supreme Court, rubber-stamped the theft of the White House by the Bush Campaign on December 12, 2000. Americans have been very vocal about how disgusted 'we' supposedly are by the god-less savages in Iraq and Iran, as well as in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria; whenever the people in those places resist the forces of tyranny especially when we come to take away their countries and their lives.
But in all of these places we've attacked, the people knew enough, to protest the theft of their nations, right from the start: While the herd over here just shut-up and took everything that happened to us, by lying down and by turning away from the blatant THEFT of this nation by a bunch of hap-hazard criminals that had been angling to accomplish this act of treachery (inside the United States) since the 1970's.
What this government did on 12-12,-2000 was to commit treason against the people of this country - and no one said or did anything about it, certainly nothing as dramatic as the Iranians are now doing. At the end of the day - it is the AMERICANS that are the real cowards, and it is the Arabs together with the Palestinians that have proven to be the real people, who will fight for what is theirs, until they can take back their nations!
Finally there is this video that has been so popular that Obama called the man that made this personally. He said that he was very disturbed with the video and invited him to the White House.
Watch it now. This may be the best six minutes you ever invested in your future! http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=jeYscnFpEyA
Ask yourself if we are going to wait another nine years before we finally begin to take back what was ours in the last century ­ this is something that is clearly up to us to do, and the sooner the better!
1) US Department of Veterans: 73,846 US troops dead, 1,620,906 disabled
2) Destroying Indigenous Populations
3) Tehran "Woman's prayer for Iran" - video
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