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Shadows, Reality And War
Jim Kirwan
There are three separate worlds in which we are trying to live today, that have each arisen from this revised image of the ancient concept in the Wheel of Fortune.
In this version of that 'wheel' there are those that climb toward the sun seeking treasure unlimited, only to descend back into the shadows of the moon when the klieg lights dim and turn to the others that have arrived--there are only millions of these individuals. The wider wheel contains billions of us as we trod that circle that surrounds this place that we call home. The exterior world cannot see the differences in those lives that are lived in either case; but the truth is there, inside each and every one of us. However there are some basics that apply that cannot be ignored. The first of these is that no one can be free without accepting responsibility for whatever they have done or failed to do in life. Just as the corpses of the dead live on within their killers, so the mutilated and the damned must live, with how they came to be within that altered state. If we are to be able to 'move-on' then as a people we must face what we have done to millions of others since this "New Millennium" began: Because as any teen-ager knows, when you've made a mistake, you must discover what happened to prevent this from ever happening again.
Our history is littered with the crimes-of-the-past; yet for the most part, those alive today were not directly part of that-but the criminal-intent that was born with the theft of the White House in 2000, was close enough to have played a part in all that we each have become since 12-12-2000 when the Supreme Court handed the White House to the loser of that election.
To deal with this we seem to have retreated into one of these three worlds, whether for protection from the facts, or by some preference for whatever each seemed to offer, by way of either solace or redemption, but neither "Shadows, Reality or War can offer everything that's needed to survive these three world's while they're in constant movement and collision. This stalemate is about a struggle by each of the separate worlds to dominate, while each attempts to suppress the other two-but that's not possible-because each one of these hypothetical worlds is just that, an incomplete construct that is too limited to sustain the power of a real future by itself.
To "live" is to exceed the basics of survival, which must include those ideas and dreams that connect individuals to some basic principles of their own choosing. If the only reason in life is to have more of everything, then there can be no point in that existence beyond self-gratification. If the lives of others have no standing in whatever world is chosen; then there can be no 'dream' worth dreaming. And where there are no dreams there can never be music or laughter because greed and fear leave no room for breathing.
The sound of a single human voice raised in song can be hauntingly memorable; whether it be sad or beautiful, or both simultaneously. The human voice has the power to persuade beyond the sound or the words. This power is in each of us, and it comes from the depths of those emotions and those purposes that our freedom and our lives depend upon. This very human part in us has capacities that can take us from the ordinary into the universe and beyond, to the stars and to that place where the human spirit lives in accord with the rest of life itself.
Whether we like it or not, people have to be more than just themselves; because to be human and alive, as a separate being in the world, one must have cares that go beyond the self. This is what lingers near the membranes that divide these separate worlds; but surprisingly those divisions between ideas are not that rigid. If we recognize what is missing in the world of our choice, then it may be possible to find a way to create a unified whole, that makes sense in the wider universe, to which we have currently been only 'strangers adrift in very strange lands.' If we care enough to try, perhaps we could make a new world that is viable, from these isolated points of view that will always spell conflict by themselves.
Part of what has kept Americans from stumbling upon the truth of what has happened to this nation, is that too many have learned to shun politics as a callous and cynical necessity that basically is an impediment to life, and nothing more. But politics is far more than parades and rallies, bunting and flags and the two-party system. Real politics is about the reality where flesh and blood meets the cold hard steel of bullets-in-the-night; or it's in the bombs we fashion from the corruption of the thoughts we use to justify those things that too many are always afraid to think about.
The key to the secret world of politics is to understand that politics is as necessary to all of life, as breathing is for the human body. Americans have mastered the black-art of compartmentalization, which they usually first became aware of either in business or in the military-to protect themselves from what they might fear to know too much about. This would include a consummate fear of the reality inherent in the everyday existence that passes for life in most of the outside world.
When this 'art-form' of compartmentalization has been mastered, it can be worn like the cloak it was meant to be-to hide from the self the true conditions of the world through which the individual must move, while they try to live out their chosen path in life. When pressured by external events the individual can sometimes expand that cloak to shut-out the myriads of everyday events that otherwise might undo this willful separation of the person from the unknowing, that he or she is seeking to maintain. Yet without knowledge of what is happening beyond this cloak, that can shield our private bubbles from the sights and sounds of life, we can be denied that precious knowledge that could keep us both free and alive in these revolutionary times.
Life is complex; and solutions to problems can often hide behind events that are not what they might seem. 'For instance in poker it is sometimes smarter to lose with a winning hand; so that you can later win with a losing one.' Such subtleties usually escape notice by the certifiable crazies and the mad-dog Zionists who seem to have only raw-fascist-power on-the-brain.
If a butterfly can flutter its wings in Hong Kong and thereby have an effect upon a hurricane in South Florida-half a world away-then why can't we as people use our thoughts and minds to find new ways to end this nightmare before it comes full-circle?
It's 2009; nine years into this Millennium and a whole new world is in need of all those people that want to keep it alive. The odds of success are at least even because we outnumber the owners by billions. What if more of us were conscious of what exactly has been happening in the world of late? What if that consciousness could move us to do what we do on purpose instead of just reacting, as most of us do, to the least vile option on the table at any given time? That way at least we could be part of something that is worth creating in the face of all this death and destruction that has become synonymous with what it means to be an American today!
Isn't this at least worth a try?
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