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Mythbusters Misrepresenting
Destructive Power Of Thermite

By Anthony Lawson
Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Mythbusters, hosted by the Discovery Channel, were directed to lay down some sand to try and dilute the effect on the public that recent revelations about thermite might have had? Revelations which indicated that thermite and thermate may have been used in the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC7?
The episode in question has only just reached my cable operator, but a section of it is available on YouTube, and, by the time I watched it so had 45,262 others, which is also a bit odd. Why? Because many other Mythbusters episodes, posted by private individuals (this was posted by "Crashdance22") have been removed, due to copyright infringements, so why has this episode remained unscathed since November 16th, 2008; nearly eight months ago? Check it out.
Mythbusters Toast 1/2 Ton Of Thermite
Here's another interesting thing to ponder. When using dangerous substances, the Mythbusters usually employ ex-FBI explosives expert, Frank Doyle, to make sure that everything is done properly, mostly from a safety perspective. But he is conspicuous by his absence from this episode. Even though thermite is not an explosive, Jamie Heinemann points out that care should be taken when mixing its ingredients, otherwise it could auto ignite.
Some interesting material about Frank Doyle can be found here: 
and also here: http://www.forensicsrus.com/page2.html
Including this paragraph:
January, 2007, Frank traveled to Israel to conduct research through the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response. For several weeks, he made contact with top level members of the Israel Police, Hebrew University and military prosecutors of the Israel Defense Force studying their counter terrorism methods. Specific areas include post blast investigation techniques, suicide and bus bombings, and mass casualty responses for Hadassa and Brazilai Medical Centers, Magen David Adom medical transport, ZAKA, Natâ¤l Center of Forensic Medicine and Israel Police K-9 training center. Meetings were also held with laboratory and bomb technician personnel to study incidents and their procedures. The Gaza crossing, Kassam and Katusha rocket attack sites were visited. This liaison and contact with these resources continues. Do you watch the Discovery Channel on TV? Well, Frank serves as the explosives consultant to the "MythBusters" TV show. He has been involved in producing 26 episodes which air frequently.
Could it be that Frank Doyle was kept out of this episode, to avoid any suggestion of bias? Here is my reason for thinking that this is quite likely: Frank Doyle, of all people, would know that the way the venerable Mythbusters carried out this particular bit of myth busting was absurd, and proved nothing about the destructive capabilities of this substance, when used correctly.
-- Anthony Lawson lawson911@gmail.com
"Only fools believe what they are told, when it is clear that much else is being hidden."
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