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More Apollo 11 Tapes
Found By NASA

From Ted Twietmeyer
NASA claims they found the Apollo 11 lost tape. But what did they find ­ and just what is it? The evidence I've accumulated on Apollo footage since December 2007 appears to show otherwise. In my 2007 essay http://www.rense.com/general79/rehar.htm there are men in military uniforms were helping NASA during a rehearsal. But as we shall see, the recent release of a lost videotape by NASA proves this exact same rehearsal footage is being claimed as real by NASA.
To make matters worse, NASA's claim is further shot down by the tapes found at a closed McDonalds at Moffet air field.
I covered the Moffet Field discovery almost a year ago in another essay at http://www.data4science.net/essays.php?EssayID=848
Fig. 1 ­ Closed McDonalds at Moffet Air Field with cache of Apollo videotapes
About 48,000 lbs of tapes were found in the abandoned McDonalds. No one seems to know how they got there, in what seems like a page torn from an X-Files script.
Fig. 2 ­ Close-up of a videotape can apparently still sealed from 1969. Height of tape appears correct for wide professional videotape commonly used in 1969.
But what you see above is not the lost tapes NASA claims to have found in June 2009. And it gets worse.
Fig. 3 ­ Freeze frame of the first step on the Moon from the recently discovered videotape.
So what's wrong with this picture?
1. Yellow circle at top appears to shows a downwash from at least one light source, perhaps used as a fill light.
2. Green arrow shows edge of stage
3. Red arrow indicates what appears to be a shadow from the raised stage. (This may not be visible after image was converted to JPEG for posting in the article.)
4. Blue circle shows a length of regular ladder attached to the Lunar Lander leg. This was not part of the Lunar Lander design.
5. Yellow arrow highlights a shadow going off in a very different direction that the other shadows seen in the image.
Fig. 4 ­ Freeze frame taken from recently discovered videotape. On reasonably flat, level ground like that shown here all shadows should be parallel to one another ­ since our Sun would be the only light source 93 million miles away.
Fig. 5 ­ Vector lines show the location of at least one artificial light source off-camera. In theatrical parlance, this is known as "Stage-right" from the actor's perspective. It is also known as "House-left" from an audience seat in a theater.
Compare the shadows in this image with shadows in Fig. 4. Ray tracing using vectors shows that the light source must be just off-camera to produce these shadow angles. Of particular interest here are the shadows produced by both astronauts, which show different angles relative to the Lunar Lander shadows.
At the top of the image we see what appears to be a wash of light coming down from another overhead light source. The top of the Lunar Lander itself in this image is washed out for unknown reasons, even though it is painted white. This might be caused by a light source close to the stage floor.
Fig. 6 ­ Is mission control unknowingly watching a rehearsal when the first steps on the Moon were taken?
Note in Fig. 6 above, it appears there is a light source directly overhead at the landing site. Yet we can see horizontal shadows in the image.
Fig. 7 ­Rehearsal video freeze frame clip (from my previous essay) compared to LIVE FROM SPACE video clip.
The left image shows a man in the lower left corner ducking into the scene after the astronaut botched the "One small step for man" speech (blue arrow.) However, the LIVE FROM SPACE insert shown here on the right shows a DIFFERENT ladder. Orange arrow shows length of extension ladder. White arrow in the "Live from space" insert shows the edge of the elevated stage. White arrow in left image indicates horizontal blanking bar, which can occur when a still or video camera is used to obtain images from a television monitor.
Fig. 8 ­ Complete video clip used in Fig. 7 from an old NASA
videotape of the first steps on the Moon.
There are so many errors in all these images it's difficult to believe that all these photos were taken on the Moon.
To clarify, I know for a fact what happened on the day Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. I have detailed this in another article. We did go to the Moon that day, but the world was not permitted to see what happened because of disk objects buzzing the landing site. This was witnessed by a close friend who was actually at mission control in a support role.
The bottom line here is that the ladder in the rehearsal videotape and the ladder in the recently released Apollo 11 video tape are the same. Yet the ladder in Fig. 8 is quite different, and does not show the added extension ladder like section.
Ted Twietmeyer
News article source on recently discovered NASA Apollo 11 video tape:
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