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Freedom Under Fire
Jim Kirwan
Freedom as described under the US Constitution has been under intensive fire since the Reagan-Revolution turned our individual freedoms and our right to challenge the government, into outdated and powerless claims that have finally become meaningless in the real world of 'The Risen-Fall of Justice'.
This image became the new-standard of practice during the Reagan years, and has more recently become far more dangerous because the Freedoms of Americans have now have come under fire from two foreign groups that, if they have their way and are supported by congressional complicity: Will mean the end of the real freedoms that Americans always thought they had.
The first of the two groups is the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) that has taken control over the elective choices of congress and the government in general. This has allowed AIPAC to overwhelmingly determine and control national policies for the US, which are not in the best interests of the United States. The Chief of Staff for Obama is an Israeli-American; not an American-Israeli; this distinction is not about semantics-rather it indicates which nation shall hold sway over the individual that claims the legal privileges of dual-citizenship.
No person that is not American should be part of the decision-making cabinet level offices in the US government. This is not about discriminating against those people that are not Americans-it's about being certain that the American government represents American citizens first. Americans need all the help they can get now, so why is so much of our money going to the still unfinished state of Israel; and how much of these decisions depends upon AIPAC's illegal influence? Why are Obama's White House staff and Cabinet over-represented by these quasi-affiliates of a foreign government?
Is this why all American political candidates for all the major posts in government must publicly bow to AIPAC, if they expect to be elected to anything? Pelosi, Hilary Clinton, Obama, Cheney, and Bush ­ virtually all of them and many more, routinely appear before AIPAC's televised gatherings to renew the obscenity of their solemn pledge to "Israel-first!" How large a role has this publicly-held bias played in passing things like the USA Patriot Acts, the National ID Card, and Thought-Crime Legislation. (1)
All political organizations that represent foreign nations must register with the Department of State as representatives of a foreign power-except Israel. If AIPAC had to register as an agency of a foreign power, which it is, then their contributions to Senators, to congressional people, and to candidates for any national office would be just as illegal as it is for nations like China, or Russia, or any other foreign power that seeks to influence US political life-except for Israel.
The second threat to American Freedom comes from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which is itself a borderline racist organization; rather than a defender against such racial policies, as they seem to decry.
"The Anti-Defamation League Director for the Plains States Alan Potash, has just declared war against our First Amendment right to freedom of speech:
The bill, which was approved in the House last month, would equip local law enforcement officials with tools, training and resources to investigate and prosecute bias-motivated crimes.
Like acts of terrorism, hate crimes can hurt more than the individual victim. They can instill fear and insecurity within an entire community."
The Hate Crimes Prevention Act recently passed the Congress and is now on its way to the Senate, where it is likely to pass and signed by President Obama. The Anti-Defamation League has been at the forefront of promoting hate crime legislation, and openly advocates for their model anti-hate law. In 1988 the ADL gave out an award to law student Joseph Ribikoff for writing a proposed hate crime bill that would criminalize hate speech against gays and minorities.
On the ADL's website they state their mission is "to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all." That sounds fair enough but the organization has gone out of its way to vilify anyone who disagrees with their political agenda. On a number of occasions as I have pointed out they have opposed the right to freedom of speech. The ADL has smeared as anti-semites, Professor John Mearsheimer for his book critical of the Israeli Lobby and former President Jimmy Carter for his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid".
The ADL claims to be fighting the defamation of the Jewish people but they are doing a grave disservice to Jewish Americans who believe in liberty and freedom of speech by claiming to advocate on their behalf. The ADL has also tried to stifle dissent within the Jewish community such as in the cases of Tony Judt and Norman Finkelstein." (2)
ADL was created to stop people from legitimately investigating historical events that involve the plight of Jews before, during, and after WWII, among other things. One of their key interests now has been 'protecting' the validity of events and numbers involved, in what the Nazi's apparently did to the Jews, as well as to the other people they used and often killed, in a variety of ways during WWII.
While History tends to be written by the victors, it is not the sole property of any one people or nation; as the record of events in all cases has a direct effect upon how the people of today can come to realistic understandings' of the past that should improve life for everyone, both now and in the future.
For far too long the Zionists in Israel have tried to dictate what others can think or write about, when it comes to events in the past, which belong to everyone alive today: not just to those that were persecuted. The same is true of the Zionist's attempt to claim special status because they experienced a "Holocaust." Many, many other peoples have occasionally experienced something comparable with what happened to the Jews and to others during the Second World War. Yet to this day none of those others have successfully prohibited scholars, archeologists and researchers from investigating the events of years and decades past-to determine what actually took place-except for the Zionists in Israel.
The various tribes of the Americas come to mind; and their near annihilation at the hands of their European conquerors. Their numbers of dead and dislocated, not to mention the efforts that were made to erase them from all of history were part of a four-hundred year record that is still being collected-and those that disagree with what is scientifically found, along with those that conduct these investigation; are not branded as criminals for looking into the events that shaped the history of so many people in not just the Northern and Southern hemisphere's of North America, but of the world.
What needs to be ended is the hate-speech being preached by the ADL and its supporters because in the end the reality of events will come out anyhow: Because in the end the truth always does, as those trying to stop the torture photos from being released, are about to learn the hard way.
The final chapter in this note about FREEDOM under FIRE belongs to the end of the right of the American people, to Freely Assemble.
"Although you may not know it, this is an historic day in history. Your rights under the First Amendment to free speech, redress and assembly in the U.S. is finally dead. It has joined the many annulments to your constitutional rights in recent years like warrant-less access to your private information, the enactment of the soon and upcoming police states, socialism, and the growing list of other achievements under the--and to the delight of--the New World Order elites.
To my knowledge, I am one of the only people in the U.S. that has been organizing true first amendment assemblies over the past 20 years. Ninety-nine percent of the population, including activists really don't know what that is. In brief it means, citizens assembling in an all-free, non-commercial fashion, peaceably to redress political issues on public or private property by free will. Unknown to many, all that was required was to notify the municipality in which it was to take place. If the municipality chose to impose police detail or costs, fees, bonding, and the many things they come up with, it could be challenged in court. There have been many rulings on this issue in the U.S. Supreme Court favoring the citizen. For the average U.S. citizen exercising this right for this process is grueling, which I have done many times successfully." (3)
The irony here is that the Constitution was written to protect the rights of the citizens to confront their government, especially when that government no longer represents them as citizens. Meanwhile all kinds of petty ordinances and laws were allegedly tacked onto local and state documents to regulate 'protests' so that the city, county, or state could recoup the costs which such gatherings might incur. Except-the agency controlling these rallies is often part of the government that is being protested against-and when the costs of the licenses and fees results in prohibiting the free-exercise of the rallies; then this has to fly in the face of the US Constitution, (which ought to trump all petty civic ordinances to the contrary)?
One of the reasons we pay taxes is so that government will provide the services needed to insure that citizens can confront a corrupt government, and finally be heard. The first line of this 'right' was suppose to be through the congress-but they represent Israel now and not the USA-so working people must spontaneously take their complaints into the streets, just to be heard. The entire process of "permitting" and/or "licensing" such protests totally destroys the capacity of people to complain in this way; of a system of government that has systematically closed all other avenues-to those that the 'government' supposedly represents. If government makes civil demonstrations impossible then they shall be insuring the natural anger that will be the result: Thereby creating the one thing they claim to be trying to avoid which can only lead to more anger, and possibly to public chaos.
One must wonder just how courageous people really are, when they allow a simple piece of paper to prohibit them from confronting a government which they believe is and has been committing major crimes against them and their loved ones for nearly five decades. . . Someone suggested that 'this new legislation would not prevent people from finding out about their right to hold free and public assemblies ­ because such knowledge was still available in library books,' but knowing about something is far different than participating in them, for the world to hear and see.
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Our CRIMINAL-Justice System
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3) End of Live Free or Die Rally end of free assembly for America?
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