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The Fire & The Sword
An Addendum To Caught In The Crossfire

By Jim Kirwan
I received a response to the article 'Caught in the Crossfire', that was entitled The Fire & The Sword, which formed the basis for this answer in the form of an article.
"We set the pattern in fire and phosphorus when we began the battles of Shock & Awe that have been understood the whole world over for what they truly are: our imperial declaration of total war against any and all that might oppose us anywhere on the planet: and that goal is simply not attainable; But apparently we shall reap the violence and rubble all the same".
JAK: It matters not what you or I believe, it is what they believe, because if they believe it, and they have the power to put their beliefs into an objective reality construct (and currently they do), then you and I will be affected by it, it is that simple.
k: Yes it is 'that simple' however what is not simple is the physical, emotional, and mental state of most Americans that will be directly affected by this "objective reality construct" of the New World Order and most of their tentacles. This nation is a place that has for the most part existed outside of the carnage that most other nations have come to know first hand.
'We' have set ourselves up as perpetrators of armed aggression and occupation; while denigrating all other people to the subjective role of victims and or participants in the rebellions we have fomented against our war-crimes against humanity on so many fronts - that have been going on since before we became a nation. All of this began with our homegrown genocide, the American Holocaust against the native populations, which lasted over 400 years and exceeds all other holocausts in the modern world by an incalculable number. This is and was the greatly under-reported part, at the core of the taboo, of discussing the truth about "American history."
JAK: If you were a member of the Illuminati and your actual, ultimate goal (concealed from all except the "elect" of the "inner sanctum") was eternal life and ultimate, total power over all of creation- all that ever has been, all that was and all that ever will be, then what would you do? This is exactly what they have done and are doing. It is real easy to follow the trail, it is harder to go ahead of it. If you know the past, you know the future. This has all happened before, long ago and is happening again now.
k: 'Wants and desires' in the real world have to be balanced against their costs and their viability to survive the carnage that simply "taking" these things by force will no doubt create. Here is where Americans have no appreciation for anything like the true costs of either unchecked capitalism or contemporary colonialism - much less the price of greed in pursuit of artificial 'powers' that are only acquired under the overwhelming threat of slavery, mutilation, displacement or death. With these real costs in mind; there can be no credible reason for humanity to allow these crimes against the world to continue: In fact there is every reason to conclude that those advocating these twisted dreams of empire; must be found and held to answer for all they have done to the world in pursuit of this criminal goal of theirs.
JAK: This is the real core truth. This is what these "people" want and lust after, it explains why they will sacrifice any number of human lives and all the wealth of the entire planet to achieve it. They have tried it before and are again now.
"As above, so below".
k: Thanks JAK, for your expansion on what has always been beneath and behind the current use of this latest chapter in the contemporary version of the fire and the sword. I wrote about this only because the 'public' I see trying to come to grips with these things is not equipped for anything that is not part of the paper-world to which they have become accustomed. The world of flesh & blood as well as the various real-world challenges that begin now well before the age of ten-years - has never been factored into the equations of the fascist government that is interested only in government-protected secret-contracts and huge amounts of illicit money from whatever source.
Americans are addicted to buying things, to making deals and to screwing everyone that might stand in the way of their personal profits: They are not familiar with the needs of anyone other than themselves; and ironically this seems to include the needs of even their own children - whenever and wherever "money" is involved. The illustration in the story above came from something I did in 1979) - when the public was just beginning to scent the beginnings of a real problem - a problem that has only grown exponentially larger each and every year for the last thirty years.
My point was that any population with these inclinations can never be prepared for any world where the 'paper-realities' to which people have become obscenely accustomed are instantly torched - because in the vacuum thus created an entirely new criteria for survival must replace all the garbage that has been the entire sum-and substance of the bubble in which far too many people have had to try and live. The consequent result
is that this population cannot survive even the first week of the physical chaos, or the tangible rearrangement of their entire universe - as that which will occur once the bubble has either imploded or has been destroyed from outside. The survivors will survive, and the individual members of the official herd (the taxpayers) will die by the millions.
Any population that has been so poorly prepared to deal with reality on any front, could never be expected to survive - and that was part of the point behind why this particular softening-up of the public was undertaken in the first place by Rockefeller with his long range plans for public education coupled with the enhancement of greed-at-any-price, the destruction of the family as a unit of society, and the elimination of anything like a sustainable income that could support anyone without being forced to use credit to 'maintain' the illusion of well-being. We are being sheared now and prepared for the slaughter that is just around the corner - and it is not likely that those who have sworn an oath of allegiance only to themselves, shall ever find the courage to stand up and fight at this late date - unfortunately that's how I see it.
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