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Fed Up With Feds
Copyright 2009 by Mary Sparrowdancer
On June 11, 2009, federal judge George Wu sentenced California resident, Charlie Lynch, to one year and one day in federal prison after a federal jury of deliberately uninformed Americans found Mr. Lynch guilty of federal charges for running a California medical marijuana dispensary that was completely legal under California laws.
The federal case against Charles C. Lynch might actually be seen as another test case in which the "federal government" was yet again testing the response and reactions of Americans to federal government tyranny, while once again trampling people's rights and liberties.
The jury deliberated two weeks before finding Charlie Lynch guilty of all federal charges, while apparently never being allowed to hear all of the facts pertaining to the case. In a brief statement, one jury member claimed that while Charlie seemed to be a "nice man with good intentions," he didn't "stay within the parameters of the federal law." What she and the other jurors did not know was that Charlie was operating in full compliance with state and local laws, that he had a business license to be dispensing medical marijuana, that he had the blessings of the local mayor and had been invited to join the Chamber of Commerce. His was a legitimate business serving a legitimate and compassionate medical purpose, not an illegal drug cartel.
According to numerous reports, none of this information was permitted to be heard in the federal court, however, giving further evidence that it is today perhaps impossible to receive anything resembling a "fair trial." No trial can be fair when only one side ­ the prosecution ­ is permitted to present damning charges, while the defense cannot present even simple facts for the jury to hear and consider.
Included in the federal charges against Mr. Lynch were charges that he was selling marijuana to minors, a charge that on the surface certainly painted a demonic picture of Mr. Lynch. The truth, however, is that state and local laws had given Mr. Lynch legal permission to dispense medical marijuana to people 18 years of age and older with medical prescriptions. The marijuana could be dispensed to younger patients if they were accompanied by a parent, as was the case with a 17-year-old cancer victim who lost a leg to bone cancer. The teen's physician had suggested that the family consider obtaining medical marijuana to help relieve the young man's intractable phantom pain caused by his amputation, as well as his severe nausea and vomiting caused by his chemotherapy. The boy's father took the boy to the dispensary and the medical marijuana proved to be a godsend for the suffering teen. It was the only substance that worked effectively, thus allowing the boy to finally keep down the food he badly needed.
Devoid of any compassion, however, the federal agents were blind to anything but the federal law that, unlike California law, defines "minor" as anyone under the age of 21. None of the circumstances were explained to the jurors. "They used that law against me to make it sound like I was down on the streets in front of the school yards, selling marijuana to minors," Mr. Lynch said in an interview with Al Roker.
At the sentencing, the judge claimed that his hands were tied and he had to sentence Mr. Lynch to at least a minimum prison sentence, despite the fact that US Attorney General Eric Holder had announced earlier this year that in keeping with Mr. Obama's new policy of allowing medical marijuana in states with laws permitting it, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was ending its raids on state-approved medical marijuana dispensaries. These announcements came a little late for Charlie Lynch. Over a dozen DEA agents threatened to break Mr. Lynch's home door down if he did not open it to them, he states, and when he opened it they stormed into his home, threw him to the ground and held a gun to the unarmed man's head.
No judge's hands should ever be "tied." All facts and circumstances should be considered when justice is being served, and judges should be allowed to consider all facts on an individual basis. Any reasonable person can see that Mr. Lynch is clearly not a criminal and should never have been ill-treated by federal thugs or handed a "mandatory" federal prison sentence based upon a guideline that did not consider the facts of the specific case.
The US "justice system" is completely broken now and it has been for some time, but we do not hear about most of its victims who are forced to serve time in federal prisons. At this time, the "Department of Justice" (DOJ) is a misnomer, and the DOJ's DEA thugs are hardly more than government sponsored, armed terrorists who have no Constitutional right to be holding guns to the heads of the citizens they are supposed to be serving.
The case of Charlie Lynch appears to offer an ideal opportunity for Mr. Obama to bring about even more badly needed "changes." Allowing medical marijuana was a good start, but much more needs to be done at this time: Set Mr. Lynch free, and compensate him for the damage done to him by the federal government. Compensate him for his destroyed business, destroyed life, humiliation, shame, fear, loss of his home, privacy and property and for the nine months he suffered under house arrest wearing an ankle bracelet while awaiting trial.
Eliminate the archaic and utterly ridiculous "marijuana" laws completely. Marijuana should have never been banned. It is not a pharmaceutical chemical, but a naturally occurring herb that was once widely grown for its many economical, industrial uses in this country. Its use as a medicinal herb has also been recognized predating recorded history, but its usefulness is something else that receives very little publicity. It has been used as a natural cancer-fighting remedy, an antiemetic, and a powerful natural pain reliever and immune booster. The reason it is so effective is that the human body was created with natural cannabinoid receptors throughout it, including in the brain where marijuana has been shown to effectively fight the most difficult types of brain cancers.
Our bodies were created with natural cannabinoid receptors throughout them in order to give us an opportunity to achieve optimal health with the help of a natural plant that was also given to us in great abundance by Nature. The "federal government" has no right to ban something we are meant to have access to, especially since many people working in the federal government represent large pharmaceutical manufacturers. Manufacturers can neither profit from natural cannabis, nor can they create anything from chemicals that is as effective as natural cannabis in treating disease or symptoms. If people want to use this herb ­ or if they want to put marjoram rather than oregano into their spaghetti sauce ­ there should be no "federal law" barring them from doing so.
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Mary Sparrowdancer is the author of a bestselling internationally published book, and an investigative journalist. www.sparrowdancer.com She is currently working on another federal injustice case that can be seen by running a Google search on:
CNN Johnson & Johnson
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