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Caught In The Crossfire
Jim Kirwan
Which 'Crossfire,' one might ask and yet the fact that so many don't even see one; never mind several-this speaks volumes in itself.
Very recently much of our ancient history has started 'appearing,' or reappearing depending on how much any particular observer might already know about these ancient crimes and their creators that are attempting to escape the ever-tightening noose that waits for every one of them. As these various cloaks of secrecy begin to finally disappear, the stark reality of just how much too many still don't know, about the essentials of life, is what defines not just our real problems: But more importantly any potential solution to those 'problems' as well.
Benjamin Fulford was interviewed recently on Rense about all this, in a four part audio segment in which Ben lays out much of what he believes is about to happen: (1)
His basic premise in Parts 1&2, flows from the original hoards of gold that were gathered in various places throughout the world over many centuries; coupled with the various secret societies that then grew up around acquiring and using parts of those treasures to create things like the hidden-hand group which controls the Federal Reserve and eleven other central banks in the global scheme of things. In their zeal to enrich themselves these various, and often competing groups entered into some very lucrative but potentially life-ending contracts-which some of these groups very recently decided to default on. Throughout the centuries there have always been battles over paper currency and gold. These ins-and outs of this 'global-struggle' run the whole gambit from treason to high drama, enhanced by murder in a whole series of power-grabs, sometimes confounded yet often successful. The latest form which these high-stakes power-grabs involve are what is underpinning the survival of the Federal-Reserve System, at this moment.
It is rumored that we owe China $5 Trillion for our previous failures to pay our debts. One of the things that Ben points out is that when Trade Center Building 7 went down; the records of that debt were one of the things destroyed in that still unexplained crime. Since 911 there have been other attempts to get the US to repay the money-lenders; and throughout the waning days of the Clinton-Bush Crime Families the US continued its deceptive polices of broken-promises rather than repayment.
Yesterday there was a meeting between Chinese leaders and Geithner, the Secretary of the Treasury, which, while secret was definitely held in the spirit of Geithner being summoned to China, rather than deciding to go on his or Obama's own initiative. The sums of money involved and or the payments or defaults are far above my pay-grade to have any real information about: but Fulford discusses some of what he knows about it. Ben Fulford was the economic editor for Forbes magazine for a number of years, prior to his relocation to Japan. The above is what the first two tapes discuss in some detail.
I agreed with much of what Fulford believes is about to come crashing through the frosted glass of our national bubble-but I disagree with his optimism about how the solution to our problems will bring about a total change to this planet and to those that survive the coming overthrow of the Money-Changers.(2)
The final two segments of the interview contain some of what Fulford sees as the potential golden lining in the coming realignment between the current power-brokers and their money-lenders that are apparently being targeted by a very dissatisfied planet-in a world that increasingly wants these pirates gone-in order that the remaining population can use the money thus liberated, to rebalance the planet, and to correct much of the massive destruction we have contributed to the problem for most of the last several hundred years. This (Segments 3 & 4) is where I see things very differently from Benjamin Fulford.
Imagine if you can, that every man woman and child in this country were to magically come into a million dollars; and that the bastards that have held the world hostile for the last few thousand years had been suddenly and permanently been totally removed. How then would the world and its surviving population change? Fulford seems to believe that we would begin to use all those patents that have been suppressed by the War Department and the puppeteers of privatization to remake the world and to begin to turn it back into the garden that it once was. He goes on to envision how much good could come from the blood drenched act of the targeted elimination of say 5,000 criminals, in order that billions could not only live but prosper.
Rainbows and bluebirds everywhere-but this idea flies directly in the face of the kinds of people that too many have become-over all these strife-torn intervening decades.
The people themselves would have to dramatically change in order for any of this to happen: Because we are not the same people we were before we allowed ourselves to be conquered by the global fascist state.
Beginning with the Regan Revolution the children of the poor found themselves living in street wars of poverty, drugs and death, on a daily basis; with virtually no end in sight! In the meanwhile, in courtrooms throughout the land, pompous and biased judges lectured the poor about the need for them to pay for their 'crimes against society' before these "criminals" could rejoin society. However, the reign of the 'special people' had begun, which meant that the connected members of the same society would not ever be charged with any of their multi-billion dollar crimes or with the slaughter of millions of people that were committed in the name of unlimited greed & power. This dual and
unequal system of 'CRMINAL Justice' began to grow as the numbers of the disenfranchised and the poor fell ever-deeper into the shadow-worlds of the drugs and bullets that helped shape the nightmare of so many lives.
Among the older generations of youth the legacy of lawlessness became imbedded in-between the parties and the good times of the diploma mills that were once called colleges and universities. Graduation from those 'schools' saw new recruits by the millions to the fast and easy life of the quick buck where 'Greed is Good' and it all came with an obligatory wink and sneer, on the way to ever-greater profits at the working-public's expense.
As time passed under the closed eyes of corrupt judges, crooked lawyers and ever more thug-like cops everything in this society began to show their price-tags to the world; where ethics and basic-humanity used to be. The politicians were there to soak it all in and to pounce upon the wounded and the dying on their own way to ever greater pay-days from the corpse of pubic­service that had become the trough of never-ending greed, in which "no good deed ever goes unpunished"!
That was the template that underpins the tyranny of our colonial wars that have ripped the soul out of our way of life and branded us for the barbarians that we've become on our way to an 'Empire' that we have convinced ourselves, and that we somehow deserve everything-because among all the people of the world-we're "so very special."
Given these last three decades of debauchery and the relentless murder of all that dare oppose us, how could such a people suddenly become human-friendly, where before we cared only for ourselves and even the futures of our own children were of virtually no importance, as we have burdened them with paying for all of this down to the tenth generation. For this society 'money' trumps every other consideration, and has for years.
Fulford sees a 'new-public' that shuns war and conquest for peace and prosperity; but there is so much military hardware everywhere now: There is no way that some will not choose to use it once again to take what they are not willing to work for-that's a basic reality in the world of the streets that we've been teaching with every violation of every law we've chosen to break over the last hundred years. No-even if the evil of the five-thousand could disappear overnight-new faces would appear almost immediately to take their places. Look at the drug-lords and remember how quickly they are replaced whenever one of them falls, why should the life of the planet suddenly shift to honesty and good works; when such a vacuum would exist among the entire upper-echelon on the criminal-board-of-directors, worldwide? The simple answer it will not suddenly reverse course because the bulk of 'people' have become jaded in the extreme toward criminality and will not go back to working for a living, when there is so much to be gleaned from ever-greater amounts of theft and murder.
For those who were awake during the Dot-Com bubble, or the Housing- Bubble, or the coming Credit-Bubble; not to mention the impending collapse of everything from industry, to real jobs; from a real education, or actual health care: What has gone before is more than just a preamble-it's a new and vicious straight-jacket made of steel and razor-wire, from which there is very little that can be done by way of any real escape. The rot is far too deep, the laziness and the total disregard of far too many to give even a slight fraction of a second's notice to anyone else in need-anywhere in the world-would seem to make a total farce of Mr. Fulford's grand idea for the rebirth of the planet. At the end of the day the people themselves would have to change to an impossible degree from what they have become, and that simply cannot happen; given what we have become under the Jolly-Roger that was our national flag so very long ago.
Perhaps most of all we have failed to educate ourselves in the ways of how to survive in a complex world especially when we refuse to get our hands dirty or to even remotely understand what it might be like to live in the circumstances of another person's life.
We have failed the planet, we have failed society and we have failed ourselves, as well as our children to whom we owe everything we do-whether that is good or bad. We're going down hard and much sooner than anyone has planned for, primarily because we have lost the ability to change ourselves when those very real changes are required to insure survival. We have placed ourselves in the Crosshairs of the Crossfire that soon will begin to end all that so many people have worked so hard to create for Millennia.
We set the pattern in fire and phosphorus when we began the battles of Shock & Awe that have been understood the whole world over for what they truly are: our imperial declaration of total war against any and all that might oppose us anywhere on the planet: and that goal is simply not attainable;
But apparently we shall reap the violence and rubble all the same.
1) Fulford on Rense Segment 1
Fulford on Rense Segment 2
2) Fulford on Rense Segment 3
Fulford on Rense Segment 4
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