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Jim Kirwan
"Money, Money, Money" is that ticker-tape in the mind that seems to run through the waking lives of a great majority of the population, especially now, as the value of the dollar shrinks with every passing day.
'The American Dream' was supposedly founded upon the ideal of personal freedom from the government and the opportunity for 'most' to improve their lives. Simultaneously however; this nation was also created upon the bloody slaughter of those that had inhabited this land for thousands of years before the colonists arrived to claim it for their own. Americans have chosen never to "look back" upon this horrific crime; preferring instead to treat the Genocide as just part of the status quo of that by-gone era; where raw-power ruled, over any and all other considerations. This is the same formula that the occupying fascist powers who now own America, are seeking to apply to the Crimes-Against-Humanity and the World, that were created during the previous eight-years of conquest and barbarity; that created both our current ethical Depression and our financial meltdown.
In the formative years of this 'nation' "opportunities" were frequently lawless and often bloody and one's freedom often depended directly on one's own ability to outgun as well as outspend whatever was standing in the way of "Manifest Destiny." The survivors and the inheritors of this legacy were proud of what had been "accomplished" and had no interest in the particulars of how any of these mega-feats of progress might have come to pass. As the 'nation' grew and the displaced were either silenced or killed; America embraced a fondness for the national and artificial myth that was created to 'explain' this marvel of Western Civilization. The whole thing was built on lies that were formulated to accommodate the same kind of greed and power that we still seek in so many places around the planet today.
Then as Now: most have preferred to keep this cover-up in-tact, to avoid any confrontation with the reality that is the true history of the creation of the United States of America, from the several hundred years before the current entity was created; all the way down to the farce it has become today.
That is the history we are living with. However since 911 a much more aggressive 'lifestyle' has taken total control over everything that was once part of the fabric of society's everywhere else. This new 'difference' consists of the ever-changing price-tags that have been literally attached to everything in our lives; prices that are subject to no-notice changes at the whim of the owners that are not subject to any checks or balances from any quarter.
Medicine and health-care care are considered parts of every life, except for ordinary Americans. "Healthcare" has become a vast income stream where the blood of its victims literally is being turned into massive amounts of illicit profit for the elites that own the system-with no choice whatever in sight for those that are not in the ruling-class. From drugs (both legal & illegal), to medical services, private insurance, hospitals, health-care itself and everything related to being able to live a normal healthy life-the control of all of that has become just another outrageous scam to make the rich richer, and to keep the poor in destitution and just outside death's ever-present door. Take insurance companies for instance:
"Attorney Ray Bourhis said insurance companies have too much latitude because of loopholes in the law.  He describes it as insurance companies being "given a license to steal." Bourhis discussed the issues in his book about the industry, "Insult to Injury."
"The federal government doesn't regulate insurance at all," said Bourhis.  "In terms of claims handling practices, fraudulent practices, malicious practices, abuse practices."
Bourhis said that means if you get disability insurance through your employer, as most people do, you'll have little recourse if you think your insurance company isn't playing fair."No matter how bad, what the company is doing, you can't go after them under federal law," Bourhis said. . .  .That's the contract that was purchased; it's like any other contract."
"And they know that!," Bourhis responded. "So what they do is, they have all the leverage, they have all the chips."" (1)
It's the same with everything now: Prices change overnight, no recourse, compulsory requirements on everything from gun ownership to vaccinations; health insurance to the rate of interest charged on your credit cards-the Corporatocracy is running this new Wild West of Lawlessness from the very top-and there is virtually no recourse for those most directly affected.
The cities are dying: States are going under and virtually everything about this society is undergoing a massive reshuffling in every area of the economy, the job markets, commercial real-estate, even the toxic home loans have yet to addressed-despite five trips by the FED and the Treasury to steal from the public; supposedly to make the buy-outs of those toxic investments ($11 Trillion so far): To remove these bogus stocks from the books of our totally corrupted banking system. Yet credit is still in the gutter and the prices of everything from gasoline to college tuition, all the way to energy and food is climbing daily-with no relief even remotely in sight. And all the while the budgets, both on-the record and of black-ops for the Wars and Israel, continue to climb astronomically.
It's just the same here as it is in the "new" Two-State Solution for Israel inside Palestine. The current proposal there envisions a state in which no two Palestinian villages have any connecting roads or services; and indeed where every cluster of Palestinians are walled off by 25 foot high walls from each other as well as from the rest of Palestine? That's exactly what "Israel" is offering the Palestinians as their part of the two state solution, and unless we begin to demand some changes; the same thing will soon happen to us. (2)
There can be no future when there is no difference at all between the Blood of the many and the Money of the few. The plight of the people of the US will very soon begin to be the same, as the plight of the Palestinians, who are still living under the boots of their Israeli occupiers, with no one coming to save them!
1) Disappearing Disability Insurance: Anna Werner CBS Investigates
Part Two: http://cbs5.com/investigates/disability.insurance.sue.2.996693.html 
2) History of Palestine - video
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