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Suspicions Confirmed
Jim Kirwan
When I wrote the first time about this potentially lethal problem between people and those that supposedly are protecting us, I was unaware that there
was a 'part two' to this story. The man featured in the first video which supposedly ended with his 'release' from the Border check-point well away from any national border when he was fine, and had apparently been allowed to claim his rights under the Constitution; and allowed to simply continue on his war. That partial story is here: (1)
Apparently there was a second video made by the same man a day or so later. After the first tape, the border-patrol guards produced a drug-sniffing dog which they said had detected something suspicious in his trunk; and they began demanding that he co-operate and open the trunk of his car. When he refused, the Arizona equivalent of the Highway Patrol arrived and made the same demand. The Pastor asked them to ask the Border Patrol to bring the dog back to confirm what he and the Highway Patrol had been told. The Border Patrol refused to do this. At this point the same border-patrol agents from tape one proceeded to break into his car, They Tasered him repeatedly until he was immobile and then forced his head into the broken glass from his car windows. The officers then dragged the screaming and helpless man from his vehicle, where they proceeded to force his head into the pavement where more broken glass was pressed into his forehead and face: This was accomplished by a Border Patrol officer who literally stood on the "suspect's head, while the other officers laughed mockingly. (2)
The message was clear-this is what citizens that demand their constitutional protections from illegal search or seizures, of their being or their property, can now expect to receive when dealing with official thugs hiding behind the golden badges of ICE and the Border Patrol; in these quasi-legal checkpoints that are only meant to terrorize and punish people for failing to jump to their every illegal order!
The Pastor ought to sue the State of Arizona for allowing this and the Federal government for its criminal belligerence in attempting to do bodily and potentially long term harm to an innocent civilian-who was demanding that his rights as an American be respected.
In the wider world, when someone knows what will happen to them: as these two tapes so clearly show: then those who are stopped in this fashion should expect not justice or fairness from these thugs but the worst possible treatment, for the slightest infractions, of any of the made-up restrictions on civil liberties which these thugs were hired to create and brutally enforce.
If the public's "cooperation" in these abusive invasions of our lives, is not allowed to have any other outlet but forced-compliance, at the scene of these check-points, then it may soon come down to following the officers from the check points and holding some unofficial conferences with them, when the circumstances and the non-options of that situation are reversed. These crimes against the pubic simply cannot be allowed to stand. When the Law fails the public so blatantly ­ then the members of the public, that are still free, will find their own ways to equalize this situation.
These openly aggressive acts, committed with ever increasing belligerence against the public must be ended, that's why there are laws that are intended to protect people from these kinds of criminal abuse. If there are no laws for the lawmakers and the thugs that carry out their illegal orders ­ then there can be no laws that restrict the general population from taking matters into their own hands: Because ultimately we are each responsible for ourselves. When your life is being threatened it is your responsibility to keep yourself alive. That is why we have the Second Amendment to the Constitution ­ and that is what this illegal government is trying to force people into publicly and violently reacting ­ so that they can declare Martial Law.
Consequently we must be smarter than that; and we must use what we know about what is needed for each and every one of us to live ­ including the thugs in uniform. There are ways of isolating individuals from their comfort zones of existence so that the message can be delivered to each of these barbarians one at a time, without the threadbare "cover" of that filthy shroud that used to be know as "The Law."
This is a war about who shall have the right to live and who shall die, not in some far distant place, but here inside America where so many have thought they, in particular, were immune from the kind of treatment we have always shown to anyone outside the USA whenever and wherever we have chosen to brutalize and murder or torture anyone else at will. The genie is out of the bottle now: and it is the ordinary American that is now the target in this phase of the owner's War-Upon-the-World.
Get to know the laws that supposedly protect you, but at the same time begin to think strategically about how to survive this new confirmation of your loss of liberty and the end of your country as you have known it. Use your head and channel your reactions, to deny these fascists what they want to achieve with obscene force, because they have tried everything else; and that's still not working for them! We're coming to the final phase of this attempted theft of what was ours and we need to get creative now. If we can do this as individuals, we will survive: But if we give-in to rage or knee-jerk reactions then it's over and we'll lose the chance to finally change this in the end.
'Half-truths kill the mind just as surely as do lies. We live by the shock of reality especially when those realities concern the submerged sections of our own minds.
Only when we know the worst about ourselves, others, and this world in which we live-only then can we begin to take hold of the facts. . .' paraphrased from The Mind Spider by Fritz Leiber © 1959
1) Abusive Border Patrol Agents with Nun Chucks at NM Checkpoint ­ video
2) Pastor Beaten in Retribution by Border Agents - video
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