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By Jim Kirwan
Far too many people have forgotten that Suspicion is a two-way street...
"Since taking office, Obama, wittingly or otherwise, has headed the largest criminal enterprise in history - the mass looting of national wealth to enrich his Wall Street benefactors. He assembled a rogue economic team of Clinton/Robert Rubin retreads - to fix the current crisis they engineered.
In a March 13 article, (author and former Republican strategist) Kevin Phillips called them "recycled senior (Clinton administration) Democrats (responsible for the) tech mania, deregulation binge and (1997 - 2000) stock market bubble and crash. (Obama) extend(ed) the (disastrous) mismanagement and pro-Wall Street bias of the 2008 Bush regime bailout."
He called Geithner and Bernanke "hapless," the result of their ruinous misjudgments (and, along with Alan Greenspan, complicit) with finance-sector malfeasance."
He said Summers will be "remembered for helping to block federal regulation of financial derivatives and orchestrat(ing) the 1999" Glass-Steagall repeal, among his other "achievements." He went down the list of key economic officials and trashed them all as the very types to be avoided, not appointed.
He noted that Bernanke was chairman of George Bush's Council of Economic Advisers and added: "Imagine if FDR had retained Herbert Hoover's chief economic advisor and loyal Republican Fed Chairman in 1933....To think that the pussycat Fed (would become) a saber-toothed tiger is a deception." Worse still, ruinous economic policies "could prove fatal" if White House policies favor "Wall Street but not the national economy or American people" - the very direction they've now taken.
In a follow-up April 7 article, Phillips highlighted "The Disaster Stage of US Financialization....a much grander-scale disaster than anything that happened in 1929 - 1933. Worse, it dwarfs the abuses of debt, finance and Financialization that brought down previous leading world economic powers like Britain and Holland."
Today's crisis represents "the bursting of the huge 25-year, almost $50 trillion debt bubble that helped underwrite the hijacking of the US economy by a rabid financial sector...." Its realigning global power with America losing its economic leadership won in WW II.
"The ignominy deserved by Wall Street after 1929-1933 is peanuts compared with the opprobrium the US financial sector and its political and regulatory allies deserve this time." Financialized America radically transformed the country, now "doubly staggering because of the crushing burden of its collapse."
Yet major media pundits and reporters barely noticed and now claim relief is just a few quarters away - ignoring a metastasizing cancer, a national disaster, while policy makers heap fuel on a raging blaze now consuming us, yet too little public rage confronts them." (1)
To reinforce this official criminality being committed on all levels by this administration, government has now ordered 'check points' to be placed a hundred miles from US Borders, in order to intimidate the public without probable cause, solely to amplify their necessary levels of fear throughout the general population. The public must lawfully-resist these random checks that have no place under the Constitution. The Supreme Court has allowed the public to be stopped at these check points; but anything beyond that must be accompanied by a search-warrant, issued specifically and only with "probable cause." (2)
If people knew the law and stood firmly on their rights when these creatures attempt to interfere with any citizen without probable cause, then these check-points would have to close down. The man doing the taping, in the above video is correct - and the people that stopped him are WRONG in every aspect of their illegal action [after he stopped as instructed]. If the government was as concerned about people other than Americans entering the US, at the borders, then there would be no need for these "check-points" which are monuments to the failure of Homesland Security to protect US citizens, in any way!
The point of this entire exercise is to instill unquestioning FEAR (within the driving public) that will produce an automatic response to do whatever anyone is told to do, by anything in a uniform.
Speaking of which, the "officer" mentions that he has technically been employed by the man he stopped - implying that we have some control over how he does his job [of stopping suspicious people] - The man missed an opportunity to mention that if it were up to him, he would make certain that this checkpoint was rated on their failure to explain their actions to the people they obviously wanted to intimidate, by stopping their cars as if these guards that work for the Homeland Security Gestapo have every right to do so, and the public being stopped has no rights at all.
Suppose some members of the public found the behavior of the officers at that check point to be suspicious. Maybe, since these "officers" are behaving as immigration officers, they're probably part of the drug & gun running that is going on, on both sides of the International Border. Could this be enough of a probable cause to follow these 'officers' home and investigate each one of them: This makes as much sense as this traffic stop that these 'officers' insist is "legal."
In fact, the fact that there are potentially questionable people are in uniform makes it far more likely that what they're doing is probably illegal, given the record of uniformed officers that kill or maim people in this country without cause - probable or not. Then of course there is the suspicion that because these officers are operating so near the border, with virtual immunity from the actual laws of the US: Is this alone enough to give the citizen investigator more than enough reason to begin to follow and investigate every move that these so-called-officers make, down to and including their bank accounts, their friends and associates, virtually everything in their sorry lives, because they have taken a bottom-of-the-barrel-job that makes them suspicious of being on the take, at the very least: and of criminal behavior as a norm, given who it is that they say they work for.
In brief; citizens need to turn this piece of invasive bullshit on its head and begin to track the trackers, at home and at work, 24-7 - maybe then some of this farce might just collapse if (the public) begins to raise the price of having these kinds of jobs in the first place. Hey - if what these uniformed voices do is "legal" then it cannot be illegal to subject them to the same kinds of suspicion as they routinely apply to strangers each and every day ­ can it?
For instance how do we know that the people in uniform are who they say they are, where is their proof that ought to be furnished before they even begin to question anyone. And since they have access to our driver's licenses [with our home address], then we have the right to know where they live and who they really are - so that what could happen to us can also happen [at home] to them. So the next time these self-appointed fascists asks to see your I.D ­demand the same thing from him or her-and if they refuse; ask them "what they have to hide?"
After all remember THEY WORK FOR YOU & you pay them; Only YOU DO NOT CONTROL THEM! This should be challenged, each and every time it occurs. Listen to the tape; no profanity is being used, no offense is being given to the 'officers' yet they continue to violate this man's right to travel freely. Our rights can only be ours when we stand firmly upon our rights!
1) Barack Obama: Crime Boss
2) Abusive Border Patrol Agents with Nun Chucks at NM Checkpoint ­ video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFS7oZtE8Ks&feature=player_embedded
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