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Using The Discarded
Silver Bullets
Part Two

Jim Kirwan
Part Two: In this follow-up to the previous article it would seem more detail might be required, to flesh-out the real possibilities presented by resorting to paying the public, instead of the political-manipulators and traitors that currently are at the helms of state in far too many countries today.
If this plan were used; a true sea change around the world could easily get started, as country after country would need to go to some form of this bailout of the grassroots, in societies around the world. This is already beginning to happen with Germany and France at the G-20 farce in Europe. If we don't fix this now, then this image of "The American Way" will become permanent.
This might sound preposterous to some, but think about what such an investment in the salt-of-the-earth members of this planet could accomplish. Transportation would again begin to move goods and small businesses could thrive again without being terrified of being able to meet their exploding-expenses every day. By investing in the people themselves, that will spend this money almost immediately, while endeavoring to save the necessary bulk of it for that future that has been so much in doubt now, at least for the last eight years: Government will finally have made the one choice that will actually get this job done! What gets accomplished is that banks are no longer major players in whether or not to buy a car, or any other major investment and people will once again have real choices to pick among, when doing anything, and that alone is reason enough to review this now.
The rich will say that the poor are marginalized and will waste it all, but that's just an out-of-date slam that is no longer true-given all these years that paychecks have been shrinking since 1973, when the Tri-lateral Commission mandated this; because "Too many people have too much time on their hands to think about too many things that will be dangerous to our position as the leaders of the global economy."
Just having enough money to live would make everything worth while, for everyone here, and by extension potentially this same dreams could and should come true for the whole planet, at roughly the same time. Someone ought to introduce the idea at the G20 meeting, while they're trying to figure out how not to get killed at their next conference? These power-brokers have had things all their own way now in particular since 1973 when the population's take-home and benefits began going backwards since that Tri-lateral meeting took place. Its way past due that the world began to look for a real "new plan" to fix this horrific disaster now, before it becomes permanent and drags the whole world down into hell with them.
This could be virtually immediate instead of taking the three years plus that Obamanation is telling us that such things will take: Hell no one knows if there will even be a world to morn in three years time-and besides we need that money now!
The American public must reject this pie-in-the-sky approach that the criminal Bankers and insurance Fraudsters have cooked up to finish us all off; one by one. There are so many barriers to keep people apart and at-each-others-throats right now, that it's a wonder that anyone can even agree upon what day it is; never mind the more complex problems that were all created by these servants of the dark-side.
We need a brand new start, with the money in place to do what must be done to fix this system, from the bottom-up instead of from the top-down. Since the 1980's these criminally deceptive schemes have been sprouting up like weeds by the hundreds of millions, in the close-knit fabric of what used to be our individual societies. With the money invested in the very people that have always 'made things work' instead of in the Grifters and con-artists that skim the cream and starve the very people needed to keep the engines of society at their peak. Teachers could teach without the Pit-Bulls of our corrupt Department of Education threatening to withhold funds for every comma overlooked. Artists and musicians could create and there would be an audience out there that could buy-in to whatever is being done; because there would be enough money to go around. Censorship of media would collapse, since new stations and new publications could begin to flourish once more, once the stranglehold over these endeavors is broken by the simple act of the public having enough money to create choices in everything we do.
Money has been the lifeblood of everything that America has lost to this beast of One World Everything; but we can kill it by ensuring that there is a public with the wherewithal to block these black-hearted-bastards of the privatized corporate roundtables. Moreover the public could take back those public agencies that were burned our to create the privatized world of public services that has destroyed so much of what the public used to own. Money is choice, as well as freedom; and the pubic needs to have their money returned to them, as they slash their way through the corruptions that these corporate-monsters have made from what used to be cohesive and functioning society's.
The same is true of all that false-flag garbage we call 'national security; that currently crawls around inside Homeland Security.
Once the public begins to get some real answers to 911, then that whole hoax shall be exposed for what it was; a criminal act of mass-murder committed by insiders for the unimaginable profits which they have already amassed in the trillions that are stashed around the planet. Putting these people on trial for their lives will not be difficult, when people can again have a moment, now and then, to think about what we've done and what they did throughout the last ten years.
If you need a reason to March on Washington, maybe this is it? That money belongs to us, because we've earned it and we should not have to go through a twenty-year wait (like the victims of the Valdez oil spill in Alaska) only to see our award reduced to nothing, by yet another crooked judge, in yet another court decision that has been denied to us all, for the last 36 years.
Think what this would mean to millions of retirees cheated out their retirement, or those dependent, at the moment, on a Social Security System that is broken and is destined to fail some time very soon. This would lift that 10,000 pound I-beam from the backs of all these people-not to mention how many households might begin to live again if they could afford not only to pay the rent but to feed everyone in their battered families as well? That would mean far less sick people and far more opportunities to have the life that many dreamed of, but could never afford before. That money would be spent and the economy would rebound: the downside is that the get-rich-quick folks might not like the look of their precious markets, after the bandits have been purged.
Think of what this would mean for Israel that has been hijacking the money that we needed to live on for last 60 years. Without US backing, that place would shrink back to the nothingness, they deserve, so that the Zionists would have to answer to the world, for what they've tried to do to the Palestinians-ever since the Zionists claimed their illicit state-and decreed that "there are no longer any Palestinians." Israel would have to talk or die to those they have been routinely murdering now, with our weapons and our unquestioning support. Let Israel make its own way in this world or fail, like every other nation must-and let's keep that money here or better yet pay-it-out to the survivors of those blood baths that the US and Israel so freely launched around the world in so many places, just to keep the hate alive! (1)
This planet has been captured by 'zero-tolerance and total suspicion and we must free ourselves from this paranoia and fear or there will be nowhere for anyone to actually live outside the prying, spying eyes of that FEAR that has begun to rule over virtually everything we try to do.
This is either our world or theirs, we cannot compromise with these traitors and criminals anymore: A New Start is required if we are to save the world from this cancer that has eaten even our most secret dreams while it continues to threaten our every ordinary act, in everyday living. The wars, just like 911, are all constructs based on total lies, and we must begin to call them all exactly what they are, or surrender our souls to that perverse god of Money which has been fashioned for all to worship and obey.
True Costs: The cost of trying to do this was and still is prohibitive, because it will double the National Debt. However the unspoken part of this equation is that the government plans to do just that; with the money going to those same criminals that have engineered this nightmare, but with the provision that a healthy slice of all this illicit bailout money is going back to the government as a stakeholder in every venture they bail out. Of course they will not tell us this, "it" will just evolve until it happens and they will of course be very reluctant to do it-but they will be "forced" to do it to "save the county."
We need to end this here and now-with any money paid out going directly to the people of this country, not to the corporations, not to any private enterprise; but only to the people that are the life's blood of this nation.
The key to it all is to 'murder the Spider' which has been the Federal Reserve System here that has been beneath everything we've tried to do to keep this from happening since 1776.
"What creeps in unseen, stealthily, on a lethal mission to SUCK BLOOD? Vampires are fiction so don't answer that! It is the SPIDER of course! And what on our planet is JUST LIKE A SPIDER? THE FEDERAL RESERVE --- a massive, toxic predator that targeted many nations in the last thousand years, perhaps since banks were invented in the 9th century and perfected in the l0th century so this was an old, practiced, cagy spider when it targeted America, -- when we were young, full of blood, spit and possibilities --- back in 1776.
HOW could the BRIT BANKSTERS get into a colony they'd just kicked the FEATHERS OUT OF? Or should we say, had their feathers kicked out BY? The door was opened and left ajar by Alexander Hamilton, a longtime CASHIER CLERK for the British trader banks in the CARIBBEAN, with their slave trade. ALEX must have been the only guy around to know numbers because he became America's First Secretary of the Treasury. Through him, the spider wrapped its death silk around AMERICA's twisting, fighting body until we couldn't move.
THOMAS JEFFERSON went wild fighting him. He was the third president in the REVOLUTION/ HAMILTON PERIOD. Tom warned G. Washington and J. Adams that these BRITS would suck us dry, back when the first tentacles of the English bankers reached toward the 13 Colonies. Jefferson didn't want them but Alexander Hamilton knew how to talk numbers and convinced Congress to hand over the job of running OUR finances to HIS ex-BOSSES the BRIT BANKERS.
We really should erect statues to AARON BURR. Hamilton was kind of like the First Paulson, the first Geithner, (also both pawns of the Fed.) JEFFERSON WAS RIGHT to fear the debt spider bankers which squeeze a country for its land, resources, manufacturing and tax it ten ways from Tuesday and only move on when the corpse starts to smell. These Venetian and Jewish Bankers had wrecked many countries before they came to the USA and that fact was known. Here, they found and adopted a few American billionaires from among the American Robber Barons, people like the Rocks and the Harrimans, a few NYC Jewish bankers and the group began a 200 year VAMPIRE SUCK on the American neck." (2)
An unspoken part of this conflict is that there are twelve versions of the Federal Reserve: Eleven of these are in the other countries that are having this same kind of problem, as the US has had with our own 'System.' When the world adopts this plan and the economies begin to revive themselves using the money paid directly to the people of each nation ­ then the chains of our individualized Debt-slavery can begin to be broken everywhere, and not just here. Because, as the recoveries begin to take root, the economies will all begin to come back on their own ­ once we are all liberated from this draconian paternalism of the so-called "New World Order."
We can either do nothing but what they tell us, or we can demand that something along the lines of this idea be enacted. Either way we will be charged for the debt that the various government's will no doubt incur-the question is do you want to get the money directly or are you willing to let the criminal enterprise of privatized corporatism decide who should get what? Either way this idea appears to obviously be too expensive: but this way at least we'll have a fighting chance to shape what happens to us, despite all that they've done since 1776 to keep us in cages!
Demand the use of the now forgotten Silver Bullets, and let's get on with our lives instead of fearing everything we might see, or think or do; in this doom-filled existence, that we have already allowed to swallow virtually all our tomorrows.
1) Israel's Craziest Crazies
George Galloway - video
2) America, Poor, Dumb Fly captured by the DEBT SPIDER!
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