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The Silver Bullets Were Ignored
Part One

Jim Kirwan
Obama has repeatedly said that 'There are no Silver bullets,' but as in almost everything he's done since he took the throne: He's wrong again!
This is about Power and the struggle between having Power or remaining impotent in the face of ruin. 'Money' in this context has only been used as a symbol for what has been done and for what could've been true. But money is also a very real means to very real ends and the public needed to have their own shot at how their money could have been used, far more wisely, than have the rich and decadent who've been in-charge for far too long. Governments have been bailing out all the wrong people; each and every time, for decades now. The problem with doing things the same way over and over again and expecting a different result is that the practice itself is insane, and by definition, this 'solution' is unworkable.
Those who have real power can and do 'Let-go' while those who are afraid and who are truly impotent, will always clutch and cling to every last cent.
In this case Obama is wrong because he still represents that ancient maxim, which parrots the idea that a wealth-transfer to the poor, would only come directly back to the rich, within six months. "That's the wisdom" that brought us trickle-down economics along with their latest invention: 'Steal it all from the poor and give it all to the rich and devious.' We need to end this farce that proclaims; 'none but the rich shall ever have any real power at all.'
Barack asked the public for any 'better ideas' that they might believe could work, toward ending this financial nightmare; but he outlawed the idea that there could ever be "a silver bullet." This entire problem could have been reversed within thirty days, if those that created Obama weren't stuck in the primeval-economics that got us into this impossible situation in the first place. Of course the price for this would have doubled the national debt: but it would also have permanently changed the power equation once and for all; and this would have killed the unchecked greed that motivates the most obscene abuses of raw-unregulated Capitalism.
Capitalism's way of thinking has recently resulted in the loss of $11.5 Trillion, and that's just the beginning, if we allow them to get what they say we need: Because in reality that stolen money is what "they need" for openers, along with total control, over everything else in our lives. This will not work, and that will become apparent as soon as "we" hit bankruptcy (again), or the dollar crashes-whichever comes first.
What can we do about this situation? Not much so long as Capitalism is allowed to roam free without the necessary chains that ought to restrict it wherever it raises its ugly head. There are some drastic and revolutionary ideas that must accompany any of the peoples' money, wherever government interference in commerce comes into play, yet the opposite is true. The more money they create in our names, they less open they are with those of us who are expected to assume that debt. If this were a requirement of the government, whenever it chooses to intervene; the only people that would scream bloody-murder would be those same people that are currently stealing from every public orifice in the body-politic and laughing about what is happening to all the rest of us-every minute of every hour since this whole solution-thing was seriously begun just six months ago.
First, price controls should have been applied to everything, as a means to slow the rise of prices and slow down the panic. There should also have been a prioritized list drawn up of exclusion's from the list of those that are to get any money; beginning of course with those people who are already millionaires and all of those who are currently above them. Everyone else should have been given the money, not in tax credits or some other waste of time, but in cash; just as it was given to the Thieves. The public is owed this cash infusion, by the government; because the government has attempted to steal everything including our dreams and our lives, through various Ponzi schemes that are now in full bloom-and they've been doing this for most of the years in the life of this nation.
Conglomerates should be outlawed and forced to downsize into just being one business at a time, their other interests would need to be dissolved. Any institutions that took the original bailout money would be required to close and their remaining assets should be sold at public auctions. This would be especially true for the criminal-banks and usurious-insurance companies along with all their subsidiary drone-corporations that kept this massive-criminality afloat. Lobbyists would be barred from participating because they have already stolen all they need to survive: and the profession of "lobbying" itself would need to be entirely rethought. 'Oversight' would become a permanent division of the federal government on an equal footing with Congress, the Courts & the Executive. Their investigators would be chosen by the public, not by congress, the courts or the executive; and maybe that way the public's long silent voice could again be heard from-directly!
The Department of Justice would have to be headed by an elected official who could easily be recalled for non-performance, and he or she would have to report on his or her tasks to the public, in prime time, every six months. Obviously a great many things will need to be changed during this quiet revolution. This 'outline' is just meant to bring up this topic as a viable idea that has never before been seriously considered. It would be impossible here to list the changes needed, but the list ought to be short and concise, and should be something created from a number of different points of view, based on all the crimes of the past that have not been pursued, and 911 in particular! The Illuminati and the New World Order are against it of course, in both principle and fact, which ought to be enough of a reason for the public to begin to think about this idea seriously.
On the plus side; had such a radical transfer of wealth-from the rich to the rest of society ever happened; then the current poverty would not have happened, and 'hunger' here, would have become a matter of choice and not necessity: With that much money in the hands of the formerly poor and most of the middle class, all kinds of current problems would simply disappear: To potentially be replaced by opportunities that might be able to change these same situations in other nations (food, water and health) as we might finally begin to address those situations here for ourselves, once we kick this monkey of criminal-corporatism off our collective backs! All of this we could do IF corporate-personhood can also eliminated.
Just Imagine: Young people would not be forced into the supposedly volunteer armed services, to fight in our criminal wars against the rest of the planet. In fact choices would expand tremendously, across the board; which might actually take us back to having choices in the way we choose to live our lives again. Naturally the rich are not in favor of anything that offers real choices to whole classes of people which they have spent the last nine decades trying to turn into humanoid wage-slaves with no choices and no future except what the owners decide to give them.
What if ordinary people had real choices so that the companies that survive will have to compete for the customer's business? What a concept! Oh, and the entire field of "Insurance" which is currently little more than government sanctioned extortion, hiding behind government regulations that let the bogus insurance companies drop any account holder, as soon as they need to use the services that policy-holder's had pre-paid just to protect themselves. That entire area of business needs to be radically altered if not abolished.
In fact the public could develop a series of questions that companies would need to answer; before they could be allowed to be in business at all-the more money they make the greater the need for their books to be open to public review. But before they can be issued a business license they must undergo the kind of draconian credit and background checks which ordinary people must endure just to obtain the simplest thing in this life. And just as they have treated their customers now for decades, the slightest infraction of these rules; ought to result in the denial of a license or a corporate charter to every one of these hypothetical businesses that seek to become legal. And of course all business ought to be routinely visited by "Oversight" to insure that what is promised is what is actually delivered, without having to sue anyone. This used to be called 'Truth in advertising.' The "Lawyers" must revise their own profession if they want to have a practice; and those revisions must pass the public's litmus test or we should go back to Shakespeare's view and 'just kill the lawyers first'.
None of this money will be given to those people that are not legally here. This Silver-Bullet is reserved for all those that have been screwed by Reagan's Armies of Illegal's that he and his cronies brought in to kill our jobs and crush our fields of opportunities ­ and those people should be sent home to wait on the list for legal entry, if they're serious, and deported if they're not.
Imagine what would happen if the Corporatocracy could not rule every citizen with an iron fist, because any ordinary person could manage their own money well enough, without government interference, to need to follow what these arch-criminals have been saying for thousands of years?
Individuals would have enough money to start and maintain their own small businesses, and even have time left over to chase their dreams and to think about all those things which The Rat-Race' prevented them from doing, in the name of getting ahead of the other guy at all costs! Of course the money could also be used to travel or to study something of the student's choice: that is to say not something dictated by the Owners who have never exhibited a single shred of imagination or humanity. If we eliminate the corrupted education departments all the way up through universities (currently the fraud-based financial support that is withheld unless all departments toe the corporate curriculum-line), then we could return to teaching things like critical thought instead of just how to 'bow down to the leaders'.
Imagine if you can ­ this would have been a chance to turn the whole nightmare upside down and in that process to place real chains on all the corporations and their illicit plans for all of us. And while we were at it we could have dissolved whatever paperwork there is that justifies the Federal Reserve, and eliminated all the income taxes on ordinary labor: the only taxes paid should be paid proportionally on the amounts charged for the use-of-other-peoples money. Usury should be punished as severely as murders are, because to practice usury is to commit the financial murder of an individual or a company, with arrogance and impunity.
If we cripple the Corporatocracy, then our troops have to be withdrawn, and the secret no-bid contracts ended, because these illegal contracts are bankrupting us to the fifth generation. This would go a long way toward defusing the global meltdown and the beginning of WWIII which seems all but a fact at this very moment.
And if we leave Israel to her own problems and withdraw from the Middle East, we would still have to pay reparations for the millions that we have slaughtered, and the Bush Administration would need to face the international court for genocide and war-crimes against several different populations ­ but overall-the US and the world could actually survive as we reset this vile course upon which this nation has become so fixated, ever since we allowed Bush Junior to steal the presidency the first time. Forcing our Colonial American Foreign Legions to withdraw, would vastly improve the global situation, especially if we charge and imprison Brzezinski and the war criminal ­ Henry Kissinger.
If we, the working public, no longer have to do the bidding of the private New World Order just to pay the rent; then all kinds of real possibilities could easily arise, across the entire spectrum of human endeavors-and this time the world would be the better for this "Real Change that you can believe in."
Hey they've tried it their way time after time and it has always failed. Now it is not only not working, but they've lit the fuse to blow the whole thing sky-high once they finish suckering all the remaining bucks from whatever's left in the 401-k's. Look at London if you want to watch a preview, and by the end of the G20, there'll be lots more evidence that this "taking over the world thing" is going to be fought, and fought hard in many places.
If we had done this, it would have forced the US to change policies, and we just might be able to inject a note of real optimism back into the global reflecting-pool; precisely because the public would have begun the process of taking back our lives and our dreams from the bastards that we have allowed to steal them, bit-by-bit, over so many decades-and always in the name of Empire and Global-Deceptions run amuck!
Think about this the next time you hear about how much more money has either disappeared or been suspiciously allocated: All of that money is money that you and I are expected to pay for, and it is being stolen or is secretly being given to the same people that set-up this bullshit crisis worldwide, in the first place. How dumb are we ­ really? When is enough; enough?
In light of what we're facing now, should we not at least explore using these Silver Bullets that are lying around unused-everywhere? Does this really sound as far-fetched as these protected Pirates would like you to believe. In fact this is the only thing that no one in authority wants you to even consider, because this would undo all that criminal planning and the murder of millions around the world just to secure their hold over the people of the entire planet, and this tiny idea could shatter that whole concept IF enough ordinary people demand that this "BE" the solution.
Think about this in detail; Of course that too will be discouraged, because you might just get really angry once you realize just how many mini-prisons you are already living in-not to mention that all the money used to build all these restrictions and their various prisons came directly from you, by way of what you were not paid, and the services that you never had at any price: because this game is rigged-and you and I are not anything they think needs to be kept alive. So why not change this if you can!
Cut those checks Obama, "Show Us the Money" and let us decide what's best for us! At the very least you ought to call one of your useless summits; except that once the public gets motivated; then the public will most likely be holding their own discussions, which ought not to include you, except possibly as a defendant.
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