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Show Us the Money!
Then Give It Back With Interest

Jim Kirwan
For years now there have been rumors on alternative media, about the State government's theft of billions of public dollars-money that could now be used to close critical budget deficits. California has a $40 plus billion dollar gap; yet The State of California actually has over $59 billion now that is simply sitting in a semi-secret CAFR account that was part of this stealthfully created fund, which had its beginnings back in the 1940's.(1)
Thanks to a groundbreaking article by Walter J. Burien, excerpted below; Perhaps some of our impending financial catastrophes might be avoidable.
"Many people have asked for a simple explanation as to the intent behind the CAFR and what happened over the decades?
Well, in a nut shell here is the foundation block that allowed government to take it all over by investment. It started in the mid 40's and grew into what we have in government now seventy years latter come 2009.
Government started out as a "pay as you go" structure. By transforming into a corporate liability company over the decades, this gave them the ability to use "advance projections" to strip annual operating funds and create advance forward liability accounts whereby in doing so they were able to by stealth build numerous "wealth bases" of equity in many designated fund balances separate from the budget reports that were exclusively presented for public viewing.
When looking at the "whole picture" through the CAFR and sub investment fund reports noted per gross income, only 1/3rd is tax income whereas when you look at a budget report for the year it gives
the impression per gross income that nearly 100% is tax income: Very deceptive when only one side of the coin is presented.
Budget reports are presented giving the false impression that it "is" the true financial picture and it is far from it. What is shown is primarily tax income for a "selective grouping" of accounts where tax income is collected and expended. Review a few CAFR surplus reviews ­ http://cafr1.com/ShowMeTheMoney.html
The takeover by government was primarily orchestrated by attorneys, both private and acting from within the Judiciary on the city, county, and state level. Many private associations were created since the 40's to push government along into becoming an administrative clearing house for revenue collection and control with many of these private associations calling the shots and firmly entrenched in the ever expanding cash flow from the trough. Laws were "created" as each and every push was moved forward to consolidate and expand the takeover by government as the public was masterfully entertained with distraction, misdirection, and misinformation due to the money involved.
Where has all this brought us today? I strongly recommend that all look at their local "County" CAFR. I have noticed a disturbing trend being forcefully implemented by the attorney complex in control today. (65% of Governors, Senators, and Congressmen are now attorneys) The place to look in your County CAFR is the Statistical Section at the end of the report. Currently most counties will give a ten year or a six year showing of the growth. Many County CAFRs that I have looked at from the eastern side of the country show that over the last six to ten years:
1. There was a 100% increase in property taxes collected.
2. There was a 100% to 135% increase in the money pouring into the judiciary.
3. There was a 100% to 115% increase in the money pouring in to the prisons run by the county.
One thing I found particularly interesting was that even though there was over a 100% increase in cash flowing into the prisons, the prison average daily population had decreased in many a cases. Also I took note that the personnel working for the prisons, was the largest employee base working for the county."
In California the privatized State Prison System is the largest industry in the state of California, and the fastest growing; yet it yields virtually nothing positive back to the citizens that are forced to pay for it. Prison guards make nearly triple what teachers do, in California. How much of this problem is directly attributable to these 'secret' CAFR funds has to my knowledge not been seriously investigated-yet.
The end of this article by Walter J. Burien Jr., is worth quoting here:
"We all are the end target of our government's intent. Where they apply the money and the showing of their own growth establishes their intent.
Look and comprehend. It is your asses that are on the line in the end. Either by paying the bill or as a forced beneficiary of the structure created, or in some cases both.
When the people realize the true end result of allowing attorneys to takeover and run the show and when the people take true action to stop it, then maybe the tide will change. Until then, the stench of death will grow nearer and in most probability ever present in the air as the ever-expanding made "legal" plunder and theft out of opportunity continues unabated...
TREASON: "Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612
Walter J. Burien, Jr."
People need use the links included in the articles cited here, to dig out this information in their own areas of this country and demand that these funds (our money) be used to block whichever financial disaster is threatening their lives, right now. Then we need to prosecute these thieves and especially the lawyers that did all this under cover of secrecy; while the rest of us were left to bleed to death because of this illegal scheme!
1) California's CAFR Account
2) 1940's Secret "Corporate" Tactic By Which Government Took All!
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