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Humanity Under Siege 
Jim Kirwan
The DNA of humanity is under siege by faceless sociopaths that see the human herds in the world today as nothing more than useless eaters that are preventing them from having the luxury of the total control they seek over the entire planet. Part of their plans include the extermination of 4.5 billion people; in order to be able to control the remaining 1.5 billion slaves that will be needed to support them. That is the Illuminati plan for you and me.
All life forms come with built-in threat and survival instincts, to protect us from those things that will do major harm, or could possibly result in death; if they are not acted upon. Just as everything that lives requires water and food along with a bit of shelter to survive and grow-humans need these things as well. But over the last four or five decades a massive threat to our existence has been allowed to grow, like a parasitic cancer, within the human race. This disease is blind and deaf as well dumb, when it comes to investigating anything that has to do with where we get the things we say we 'need' to live.  
For instance, beginning with the invasion of Palestine over sixty years ago, the developed world has been carrying out ever more deadly raids upon resources and peoples in any number of nations-worldwide. Those that directly 'profit' from what is stolen from these people and their lands have become numb to the true price that we are paying with this privatized slaughter of innocent people, just as we have remained blind to how much blood is intermixed with the oil we have extorted at the point of our weapons from those that live in the regions where profits are produced; or in the nations through which these pipelines continue to flow. 
So, as it recently has been from Gaza to Pakistan, from Iraq and Afghanistan, all the way to Iran, Lebanon and possibly Syria we are all involved through acquiescence in the carnage that's about to be: The latest form of which has just exploded in Niger, over the last nine days.
"We turn now to Nigeria, where the Nigerian military continues to carry out attacks by land, air and sea on the oil-rich Niger Delta. Reports indicate hundreds, possibly thousands, of Nigerian civilians may be dead. Entire villages have reportedly been burned to the ground.
The military offensive began eight days ago but has received little international attention. Aid groups and journalists have been blocked from entering the remote region, which is accessible only by boat.
On Wednesday, a coalition of environmental and human rights groups called on the International Criminal Court to launch an immediate investigation into the killings. The Nigerian military has claimed the attacks have only targeted militant camps as part of a peace-keeping effort.
DENZIL AMAGBE KENTEBE: Well, what has happened at this point is that there's a lot of criminal, unjustified and inconsiderate, callous action, which tends to be genocidal, by the Nigerian military on the people of the Niger Delta region. Women and children have been displaced. The military is saying they are restricting their actions only to the militant camps [and] that civilians do not live in the militant camps. And we have thousands and thousands and thousands of people being displaced, being killed, and no one is allowed to go into the war zone, because this is a war. And this is genocidal, as I have said earlier on.  
. . .the government doesn't really have any reason. They are claiming that the militants have been disrupting the oil flow.
And what the citizens of the Niger Delta region are claiming is that 80 percent of the oil, of the crude oil, that flows from the country comes from this region. But there is no development. There is no potable drinkable water. There is no infrastructure in place. And so, these people are demanding that, you know, you should do something in this area. That is a crime of the people that have been killed by the Nigerian military.
. . .people that have been killed, as of the last count yesterday, we have almost 500 people, civilians, men and women, children, dead. Yesterday, a woman and a little boy were shot dead in the city of Warri, which is far away from any of the militant camps. The burning and destruction is completely going on in Okerenkoko, Oporoza, Kunukunuama, Kurutie and many other places around the Niger Delta region, especially in the Delta State area.
. . .when this started about nine days ago, we foresaw what was a deliberate, calculated attempt to destroy the people of this region for their oil. And we immediately called on the United Nations and all international agencies to come to our aid. So far, no one has been in here, no one has called, and no one is even allowed in the area, even the local press. The military is saying they are not destroying, but they have no evidence to prove otherwise. We have gotten information from the citizens that have been displaced. Thousands and thousands of people are living in the forest, as we speak. Without access to any kind of food, water, clothing, they're living in the big forest, as we speak, children inclusive" (1)
This is only the latest murderous onslaught, bought and paid for by the oil companies in tandem with corrupt political regimes, that have connived to produce hundreds of billions in profit while they lay waste to the nations that have the resources, and everyone else turns a blind eye to the slaughter of those who live on the lands being destroyed for the maximized illegal profits that are stolen from the nations where the genocides occur. This is only one instance of how we have lost our once common ability to recognize the threat to all of us, if we allow these barbarous conditions to go unchallenged. 
Americans did not blink when we did this all directly in Iraq, in 1991, in Afghanistan in 2002, and in Iraq again in 2003. Nor have we done anything except protect the aggressors, in the numerous aggressions that Israel continues to initiate throughout the region with our weapons and our money backing their every move. (2)
But beyond these continuing crimes against humanity; believe it or not there is something far more dangerous afoot. What is actually beginning to become the actual fact now, is that our DNA is being quietly re-written to remove the basic human instincts and reactions to the threat mechanisms that we were all born with. If this is too incredible to accept; then you have not really been paying attention to how widespread this disease has become!
Western educational systems have been knawing away at critical thinking and compound thought for decades. In the 1970's the extreme left here began a war upon the idea of "discrimination" as that word was applied whenever it came to questions of race. However discrimination is a civilized concept that actually denotes 'the need to choose between viable options.' That word and its importance has consequently all but disappeared from the One World Dictionary; along with freedom from government interference in our lives and government mandates, whenever and wherever religion wants to forcibly insert itself into the daily lives of non-sectarian life in the USA.
All of this was plotted, to assist the owners with the destruction of the will to resist the government and all those privatized monsters that are stealing our lives and our freedoms each and every second of every day, 24-7 and 365 days every year. (3)
To date we have these age-old words to measure our tolerances by: "Wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice and politics without principle."
What needs to happen now is that an alternative means of self-education must begin to arise from within the population on several fronts; because unless people become aware of what they do not know, they will remain captive to this limbic mindset that has enabled the police state that has finally begun to lock-us-down in-place; here and now.   
There are primary facts of life among mammals and higher life forms; with the exception of most of the human race, among the lobotomized western countries; that thanks to this redesign of what humans must now artificially
continue to ignore; which of course does not include any real threats to anything in our pathetic lives, according to those that believe they own us all - outright.  
The entire animal kingdom knows how to respond to real threats: except for the supposedly higher forms of life that humans have claimed to be, since the imposition of the Judeo-Christian Ethic that made nature into the enemy and women into invisible chattel that could be abused and sold or killed at will. Until we confront this idiotic dictate from the paternalistic self-designated power-brokers (those that claim that 'special status' of absolute rule over everything they survey) - nothing will ever change! (4) 
We have come to this point because we have preferred to enjoy the profits from these very public thefts and the slaughters that have allowed us to complete our murderous thefts. We are kept where we are because we will not challenge the thoroughly corrupt congress or the criminal establishment that in conjunction with the Zionists has taken control of the White House and its puppets that are nothing but pretenders to power-rather than the real powers that we have allowed to remain safely in the darkness while international piracy continues to flaunt every law-on their way to unleashing chaos to insure their illicit profits. This is a fools contract after all, for short-term 'profits' only,  purchased at the price of our own humanity; that can never stand the test of viability ­ for any length of time. 
If we do  not try to resist-then we shall disappear into mists of time; and whatever our lives might have been will be lost not just to ourselves but to all of human history: Because the chaos we will generate will produce global rubble where many varied societies once flourished. 
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 2) Easter in the Holy Land
3) Endgame ­ Revisited
4) Again & Again and Ending the Threat
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