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Purim - Cursing The Goyim

UNLEASHING THE HATE DEMONS - Ultra-Orthodox Jews of the Vishnitz Hasidic sect in B'nei B'rak near Tel Aviv dance on the Rabbi's table amid boisterous celebration of the festival of Purim.
Generally, Jews are a remarkably sober people. How else could they have succeeded over the centuries in pursuing their ancient dream of riches and power over the Gentiles? With cool, calculating minds, they have advanced steadily toward fulfillment of their messianic ambitions, while the minds of the goyim have remained besotted and beclouded by alcohol, drugs, entertainment, and an alien belief system?
But there are times when the self-Chosen Ones do "let their hair down." One such occasion is the festival of Purim, commemorating the wanton slaughter of 75,000 Persians 2,500 years ago, when Jews give vent to their inveterate hatred of the goyim with curses and drunken celebration.*
Such Purim revelry was once commonplace in the ghettoes and shtetls of central and eastern Europe before the Second World War, when it was abruptly canceled by Adolf Hitler. To restore such lovely celebrations and the power they represent, the allied forces of Darkness decided to intervene on behalf of Jewry.
And so today, the curse remains and the tradition of hate continues - in modern-day Israel, in its America satellite, in Europe, and wherever Gentiles are presently under the Jewish yoke.
As a gift to humanity, it is our task to exorcise the demons and to remove, once and for all, this terrible curse under which we are now living.
*According to the Talmud [Jewish commentary on the Torah]: "The Jew is to say on Purim Day: ... cursed be all non-Jews, blessed be all Jews." Bavli, Orach Chaim, 660, 16.
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