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Mex City Hospital Email -
Flu WORSE Than Said
San Diego County - 'Stay Home If You Feel Sick'

From Edgar J. Steele
Ok, folks - Now this is beginning to get serious.  The death level in Mexico has ratcheted to over 80, per two-day-old news, and I've just received a report of an outbreak in New York (not in the article below, which is noteworthy for discussing the various alert levels). This would be a good time to go to the store and stock up for a self-quarantine in your home of up to a month or so.
If this blossoms beyond what already has occurred in California, Texas and, now, New York, I'm pulling up my own drawbridge for the duration.
If I lived in California or any state bordering Mexico (or metro NY, from which there now is an unsubstantiated outbreak report), I already would be back from the store with my supplies and would have closed the front door for the duration.
For what it's worth: An hour ago, I received an email purporting to be from a doctor at a Mexico City hospital, who claimed that things there are much worse than being reported, with thousands already infected.
Maybe this will blow over by early next week or maybe we will see it mushroom. 
Whether this is the pandemic I have forecast for many years (read my book) or not, rest assured that it is coming. If not now, then later this year or next year. Mark my words well. I have been wrong about very little in what I have forecast for America in recent years, a forecast made before the good times peaked, even. What should concern you, though, is not about what I have been right so far, but what I have forecast for the coming months and years.
The timing is right for an engineered disease pandemic just like what Dick Cheney repeatedly promised for us, not to mention a world war. Mexico is on the verge of collapsing into a 5-drug-cartel ruling junta "government" and the American dollar is on its very last legs. There is an anti-government movement spreading across America (witness today's "Audit the Fed" demonstrations).
Precious metals, especially silver stocks (especially CDE, which I recently recommended at about .60 and which now is over double that), surged dramatically on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow night's overseas markets should foreshadow what will happen on Wall Street Monday morning and that likely will tell us all we need to know about just how serious this might become. 
You may feel that ignoring market dynamics is ok because you have no investments, but remember that economics and general society are just two sides of the same coin, with economics being the far easier read.
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