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LaRouche - We Are In A Depression
An Explosive Hyperinflationary Breakdown

(LPAC) -- "You're having a vast bailout planet-wide," Lyndon LaRouche stated today, summarily dismissing all the diversionary press chatter about bank stress tests, nationalization, profits, stock prices, lending, and so forth. "You're having an acceleration by every means possible of nominal liquidity in various forms. You're having, at the same time, a collapse of employment and production, which means that you're in a depression which has the underlying characteristic of an explosive, hyperinflationary breakdown."
LaRouche was clear: "Don't get sucked into reacting to what's reported in the press. What's reported in the press is less and less significant. Unless you can convict somebody on that, and send them to prison, don't mention it."
Speaking of his plan for the bankruptcy reorganization of the world financial system, LaRouche said: "If what I'm pushing does not occur--that's what the issue is. The fate of civilization depends on the outcome of that issue."

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