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How Traditional Ways Of
Raising Children Are The
Biggest Source Of Illuminati Power

By Stefan Fobes
Those who are aware of the activities and final agenda of the group of entities that operate the secretive pyramid structure of control over planet Earth often ask what can be done to stop it. The truth is, the solution is simpler than most people would allow themselves to believe. It is not what needs to be done to take down the pyramid, it is the blocks (humanity) that need to each nonviolently take the action step of ceasing to be a collective pyramid in the first place.
Here is the chief reason why this Illuminati group is still in power, and will absolutely continue to be if this persists.
A great many people reading this right now have children, or plan to bring some into the world soon. In the conspiracy research field, the "great" American family unit is extolled as being one of the great bulwarks that stopped the current industrial assembly line style system of control put in place after World War II and is being faced today. Yet it is exactly the thing which enabled and enables the agenda to roll forward.
When a baby is born, they are nursed and nurtured for at least some time and in some way by their mother and father. They are fed, clothed, bathed, wiped up after, told where and how to sit, and cuddled. Which itself in those first couple of years of life is a good thing because there are serious psychological problems that result from a baby being given no attention and love. But when baby turns into toddler, this still, in some form or another continues on into adulthood, where they are supposed to suddenly go the path of rugged individualism.
It's already solidly established that the first five years of life are the most crucial to learning and whatever behaviors and perspectives are taken in then generally tend to be the chief influences on the direction a child's life goes and how it copes with itself and other people. During this time period the child is told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and where to do it. Give them water, clean up after them, tell them what to study, what they will be when they grow up, what to worship, whom to marry.
In America, where publicly people have more freedom of expression than any other country on Earth, this stoppage of the flow of what the child, then teenager, then adult wants to do itself in life slowly fills them up with subconscious resentment which builds up over the years and ultimately manifests during the teenage years as "rebellion". The pressure has built up and it usually explodes in these ways: Doing drugs, subscribing to the emo, goth, vampire lifestyle, joining cults, gangs, violence against their peers and at times even against their parents, and doing anything their parents say not to.
It is tough for older people to read, but always infinitely tougher for young people to experience.
Rewind again.
The child is taught gently and patiently how to clean up after themselves and do some simple chores, with more complex ones added as intelligence and physical strength allows, money's value and how to use it and save it, given a savings account as early as possible for this to sink in, and one of those toy cars that they can get in and drive for short distances. Objects burned in a fire wisely and gentle speech shows what happens to their bodies when they stick their hands or fingers in there, as well as what could happen to the home if playing with matches goes overboard. Gun lessons early can teach the value of self-defense and what can happen to themselves and others if a firearm is misused for any reason. All countries who do this have the lowest gun related deaths in the world - see Switzerland where everyone is required by law to own one. Regular trips to the library, where they are not ordered to read or study along rigid guidelines, but the conveyed told that they should read whatever they feel like. A child blooms when they are given real responsibilities, feeling like a real grownup. It is plain to see.
The forbidden fruit of drugs and sex are the largest urges out there for youth. Privately teaching them how they came to be and holding nothing back will remove the mystery of it, the sweetness of the fruit, and ensure that they wisely choose sexual partners. Drugs are another succulent mystery, and telling them point blank exactly what they do, as well as <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIA_drug_trafficking>who really ships it in, and then allowing them to make their own decision on the matter regardless of consequences will be met with eternal respect and love. If we want to have children become adults physically and mentally we have to raise them as adults. Aerosmith's Stephen Tyler was asked on 60 Minutes some years ago if he forbade his son to take drugs. He said, basically, no, I never tell my son not to take drugs, and I tell him if he wants to take some, just come and tell me. I would never so much as touch that sewage because I know where it comes from and who really stands to gain by more and more people getting hooked on them, and if you clicked the link, now so do you.
Instead of pressuring the child, their true nature is nurtured and their true life path comes into view where they enjoy what they do for a living when they grow to adulthood, which might not always bring in great amounts of dollars, but which is better than a 9-5 vampire on them which leaves them exhausted, bored, unappreciated, and given disproportionate amounts of money to the energy they put out in many cases. More psychological effects are adults who are also pressured, apathetic, slothlike, deadened, and thus easy prey for the television and mainstream news programming sessions with all the lies and propaganda that come with them. This is what lets the black magic of the school system do its work. They cannot be blamed for anything because the parents are the ones that provide the initial programming base for them to work with. The spell cast over children in the "schools" only can work with what is already there. People laugh and make fun of and do violence to the homeless and say, "Get a job, and take responsibility for yourselves!" While at the same time not wanting to take responsibility for something as important as their own children, the adults of tomorrow. There are no excuses at all for this and indeed if this is read and discarded by you the reader, then obviously (and not feeling one whiff of emotional resonance with the Illuminati themselves), a camp is in order for you because now you now hold the knowledge of what their main power source is.
This is what causes so many people to flock to the militaries and intelligence agencies throughout the world. They are still children inside and if you analyze the way they act, they do go off through their missions like they are in the beginning stages of childhood. Following every order without question, not even knowing who benefits from what they do, and never daring to check up on that or refuse to follow orders for fear of a "spanking".
One day, I saw one mother yelling at her child, just telling him point blank, "You have to do what I say!" Doesn't anyone see? The praised tradition of paddling only traumatizes children. Yes, it will stop one undesired behavior but it will create a dozen others in its place, not all of them obvious. And nothing stimulates open reptilian brain attitudes like trauma. Reptilian attitudes resonate to the reptilian Illuminati and thus keep humanity and them clasped together by way of resonance. The fear of being spanked by the parent is just transferred to fear of recieving some form of negative stimulus from the government if they do not submit to governmental intimidation tactics. This is why so many haven't mustered up the inner strength to assert their rights. They've been programmed not to by their parents! There are so many kinder ways to convey to children, if they have done something that wasn't the best choice in the world, the message that they can do better in the future.
I have seen an example this myself on occasion. I've even heard one spy who was following me say to his handler, "Just tell me where to go, boss, I'll go wherever you say." These types are all locked in to the "Tell me what to do!" mentality which has been burnt into them for as long as they can remember. If you want there to be no agents working to betray your home country, then you can prevent the manpower from being generated in your own home.
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