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Pondering Gay-On-Gay
'Hate Crimes'

By Judith Reisman
World Net Daily
In their frank but empathetic book, "Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them," (1991) David Island, a homosexual domestic violence victim and psychologist, and Patrick Letellier, his homosexual counselor colleague, report that hate crimes are a homosexual and lesbian domestic way of life.
These authors document "three major health hazards" for homosexual men and lesbians. After AIDS and chemical abuse, same-sex battery is the third major health hazard for homosexual men. Lesbians' first health hazard is cancer, followed closely by chemical abuse and, yes, same-sex battery.
S. 909, the "hate crime" bill, is called the Matthew Shepard Act. In 1997, just before Matthew Shepard was murdered, the homosexual Washington Blade reported 1,566 cases of same-sex domestic violence and 1,490 cases of "bias" incidents in six cities in 1995.
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In 2004, 818 bias-motivated crimes of persons against "gays" were reported, while an earlier study recorded 5,046 homosexual domestic violence reports in just nine cities. Remember, bias "incidents" can be graffiti, theft, mean remarks, etc., even absent evidence. The FBI "Uniform Crime Reports, Offense Type by Bias Motivation," Table 4, cited one alleged "anti-homosexual murder" in 2004 and none since.
However, equality under law means that a homosexual who kills or curses another homosexual (say, calls him a "bi--h" or other such term) will be liable for a bias, or "hate" crime charge, just as a "straight" citizen would be.
Violence is part of any transient, chemically abusing, lust-based culture, and it is only natural that the homosexual movement strives to hide the truth. However, data from the mainstream homosexual weekly the Advocate, confirms the findings of Charles B Johnson and myself in "Partner Solicitation Characteristics as an Expression of Male Sexual Orientation." That is, once sexually violated by men, boys often grow up to retaliate against men, even if they "sleep with the enemy."
The Advocate reports 21 percent of its upscale, largely white, male respondents were sex abuse victims by age 15. Since a large number of boys are victimized between age 15 and 18, this brings the angry boy victim population into the millions. In fact, with roughly a 17 percent boy sex abuse population, the estimates of boy victims are between 6 and 8 million, some might say, walking time bombs.
Like girls, boy sex victims often become promiscuous, even taking up prostitution as a reaction to childhood violations.
While few girl sex victims roam the streets to hunt down and murder the sex that commonly harmed them, the record shows that some boy sex victims do just that.
We are obliged to find out which alleged homosexual "hate crimes" (from curses to bar fights and such) are flashbacks to such early victimization.
The homosexual press commonly reports that the killers of "gay men" are often young male prostitutes who murder their "tricks." Andrew Cunanan, a homosexual prostitute, and Jeffrey Dahmer, a homosexual necrophiliac, were both early child sex-abuse victims. Were they and scores of other vengeful homosexual murderers guilty of bias or gay "hate crimes"?
How many "hate crimes" involve men and boys who, like women and girls, react to males who solicit them? Do men and boys not have the same rights as women and girls to curse, slap or punch those who sexually harass them?
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The homosexual lobby insists that every "gay man" who is cursed or assaulted is victim of a "hate crime." Yet the data suggest that aggression is often a defense mechanism triggered by recall (often unconscious) of early sexual violation. In "Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them," the authors estimate "at least 500,000 gay men are abused by their lovers each year in the United States."
They argue that as more men pick fights than do women, with "two men in a relationship" the probability is "violence occurs more frequently in the gay male community than in straightAmerica."
Important to the vote on "hate crimes," these two "gay" authors say that it is certain that sexual violence "is acknowledged, talked about, and dealt with more in straight relationships than in gay male relationships.
Both experts agree that homosexuals hide from the truth about battery. Relevant to the current effort to arrest "straights," "The gay community needs to recognize that wealthy, white, educated, 'politically correct' gay men batter their lovers."
There always are isolated incidents of bullies who just like to clobber people. However, men commonly fight with other men in public. "Gay" men regularly batter other "gay" men; and men and boys regularly respond with aggression (or "bias") to sexual harassment.
Considering the reality of early sexual abuse of boys and girls by men and increasingly by women, promoting homosexuality in schools, the media and in our courtrooms is hardly justified.
Moreover, this well-documented, aggressive lifestyle should give pause to "gay" marriage and child adoption privileges.
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