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Halloween In February
Jim Kirwan
The totally-distorted state of American affairs is crying out for some creative 'new beginnings' toward placing blame and removing problems-if we are ever going to take back this broken nation. This suggestion goes out to those that have experienced Burning Man, and Carnival, in the same way as anyone does who chooses to celebrate LIFE.
I think some artists ought to get together and collect a whole series of smallish manikins; then create oversized and extremely lifelike heads for them. These revised dummies could have the oversize faces of those that have brought us into this Matrix of Monsters: This could include the current & previous Head of the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, the SEC, the entire upper-echelon of the White House Staff, and the leadership in Congress, as well as the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, etc. And just for added measure most of the real bastards from the Cheney-Bush-Cabal ought to also be included.
These characters could then be arranged in settings befitting their treachery, clothed only in the various flags that represent their true interests: Israel, Mossad, The House of Rothschild, the CIA, the Bank of England, The City of London, the Vatican, Homeland Security, The Bilderberger Group, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Illuminati - you get the idea.
Backdrops could also be easily created for key parts of the government, where these flags could also be used to show affiliations that are still not apparent to the country as a whole. The Congress ought to feature alternating Israeli flags (those really long ones Nazi-style as are used for formal occasions), hung between the columns as Obama did for his inauguration, but alternated with the Skull and crossbones that the Pirates of old made so very famous. The puppets could be shown inside the vaults where they've been gathering to raid and plunder our treasury and our future-without a backward glance-because they must never be forced to look at what they've already done to everything they've touched. In special cases perhaps a mock Guillotine could symbolically be used to lop off a few heads, just to vary the activities a bit.
Center-pieces for the tables and or decorative columns that might be needed to lend formality should include clever arrangements of razor wire and broken glass, instead of flowers, with the occasional detached hand or foot caught in this deadly embrace might be appropriate for this occasion. And there should be money, money everywhere: Heaps and mounds of money and guns and drugs: Of course the words Freedom & Democracy MUST be everywhere, wrapped as this one is in razor-wire. You know all their favorite things; when you begin to get creative then the real fun starts!
Each of these characters needs to be slowly burned in effigy; and all of it should be captured on videotape, for release on U-tube. This way demonstrations could appear on the White House Lawn, without needing to be there in person: A good thing too, because it's all been sealed off from the people that own that lawn as well as the White House itself. With or without dialogue; but giving the public some credit for making connections might be too great a stretch, still with thoughtful planning and a concise dialogue, perhaps the public might begin to understand just who our friends are; and who they are not?
In any event this celebration of Halloween in mid February just might lend an added boost to the spirits of so many millions of frustrated and outraged Americans, as the hours tick away before everything implodes into the dust of history.
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