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The Great Power
Of Conditioning

By Ted Twietmeyer
There are countless stories of fear instilled in people using incredible tools and technology. Countless stories of war, disease and pestilence. Countless homeless people everywhere with their numbers growing every day. We are told more war is needed, more pointless battles to fight imaginary enemies. And wars to fight tiny enemies whose real size has been blown completely out of proportion. Apparently tiny enemies can multiply like rabbits, even in caves with no women around. These mighty phantoms of smoke stand ready to take on the most powerful nations in the world. We must believe that terrorists apparently don't have bills, families, jobs, the need to eat , crap or have any day to day concerns. They must be super-human.
I said back in 2001 that time would prove the lie that terrorism doesn't really exist. I also said that nothing more would happen. The only acts of terrorism after September 2001 until April 2009 involved the stock market and anthrax. Both of these were government created. Even Dr. Thomas Barnett, political scientist and consultant to the pentagon, stated more than five years ago in a very public speech televised from the pentagon that these are "Horizontal events that can be built upon." He had a large wall screen multimedia display which showed this graphically, too.
Many great countries in the world have attacked themselves in one form or another to manipulate their people. When done correctly it works every time. The citizens will clamor looking to their government for help, not realizing they are embracing the enemy.
Today, there is fear around every corner. Members of armed forces stand guard at airports with machine guns, seemingly ready to spray lead at the slightest provocation. Taking pictures of tall buildings is forbidden in some cities, as though there is some kind of advantage for an imagined terrorist to have such photos. Yet these photos are available on-line and have been for years. So what if someone takes a picture? But it isn't about preventing an attack. This is really about creating fear, and it works.
People today barely notice the clever editing performed in many old movies and past television shows. These often surface after having not been in video rental stores or for sale since release. Editing and computer technology have provided an easy means to put the word "terrorist" into old TV shows and movies. Usually this word is heard by a lead character who utters it off-camera. Yet few notice these patterns unless they are looking for it.
Most people know the story about Pavlov's dogs. He found that if he electrically shocked a dog it would foam at the mouth. When he rang a bell at the same time he shocked the dog, eventually the dog would have an association of the bell and electric shock so engrained that it would foam at the mouth by only hearing the bell ring.
Similar conditioning techniques work on human beings, too. That's what boot camps are all about. But there's more to it.
War veterans, who have been subjected to enemy mortar fire in battles, become trained and conditioned to hit the ground immediately when a mortar shell comes down. The idea is to do this quickly enough before the shell lands and explodes to avoid the deadly flying shrapnel. When these men come home, for some of this is so engrained that a back-firing vehicle will make them hit the ground. Known as shell-shock, this is rarely seen anymore. Modern electronic ignition systems have eliminated back-firing in vehicles.
People in debt can be sickened by the ring of a doorbell. The visitor could be a bill collector or process server handing them a summons for a debt they cannot possibly pay. They only need to have this happen once or twice to condition them. Even a ringing phone can be a source of great stress since it is a bill collector's favorite tool. These people use an answering machine or caller ID to screen their calls.
Even a television is a conditioning tool as it trains the mind to think a certain way. A sixty second commercial production company (they make those commercials with a blue screen at the end) told me something interesting years ago. They stated that statistically a viewer needs to see a commercial about six times or more, before it clicks in a viewer's head. Then they will pick up a phone to place an order. Now you know why that green lizard is on television everywhere. That one is way past six thousand times.
Yet few consider the tremendous cost of advertising ­ and that the insurance subscriber is heavily subsidizing it. Even fewer know the ease that an insurance company can now raise rates on policy holders, even on a monthly basis in some cases. You start out cheap, and end paying more than you did before you switched to them. Some things that appear to be a deal are not. The grass is always greener on the other side
Whether it's a terrorist around every corner or a seemingly harmless green lizard, the average person is assaulted many times every day by a barrage of mind-controlling BS. It comes in waves through all forms of the media, even on the web.
What about a deep hole and several cubic yards of concrete to be isolated from it? Imagine a man who stands in such a hole and pays off a driver to flip the lever on the cement truck to bury him in concrete. Soon the weight of it is so great that he cannot move his arms and legs. Then his cell phone rings and it's a company selling windows for a home he doesn't even own.
The answer here isn't avoidance, but awareness. It's about making family members and children truly know they are heavily, and I do mean HEAVILY manipulated. There are armies of psychologists hired by big corporations and they know precisely how to push most anyone's button. But like psychological warfare, all this mind control only works on the unsuspecting and the un-informed.
It brings tears to my eyes and others to see the staggering amount of suffering in the world. Who cannot see it and not be moved? A food ministry television commercial asking for contributions shows a long line of people waiting at a semi for food ­ and they are all Americans standing in an American parking lot.
What has America been reduced to? Many have said for years and still continue to say, "Things are going to get bad." Clearly they don't realize that everything has already gone bad, but reached a new low of badness. Watching things "get bad" is equivalent to watching the hour hand on a clock. Its movement is barely perceptible, unless you have a long time to stare at it. But it happens slowly and surely.
It doesn't matter if the goal is to make people live in fear and terror, want a world government, go buy temporarily cheap insurance or buy a chamois cloth that soaks up gallons of grape juice.
It's all about conditioning the mind to be receptive to the message and not about truth. Always has been, always will be.
In fact, if one examines the ways people are manipulated and controlled from organized religions to government controlled events, you'll quickly see the pattern.
Only then can you wake up from the bad dream.

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