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Death Threats For
AIG Executives

Jim Kirwan

In testimony before Congress the current head of AIG, Edward Liddy, testified today that several death threats have been made against some of those individuals that received the obscene bonus payments by way of yet another bailout of the criminals that caused this mess in the first place.
Mr. Liddy read aloud one of the death threats that the people receiving the money had already received, and implied that this was not the only one.
"All the executives and their families should be executed with piano wire around their necks!"
Liddy was asked by Rep. Barney Frank to release the names of those individuals that received the money. The CEO of AIG refused to give the names of the individuals unless he could be assured that their names would be kept "confidential." This was an astounding claim to make; since AIG, the Federal Reserve and the government have been arguing all along how brilliant and indispensable these individuals are, not to mention "how absolutely critical their services are to resolving this crisis, going forward" If that were true why would those "brilliant and indispensible people" not want the whole world to know exactly who they are? (1)
If they're so brilliant why then does a growing segment of the population want to execute them and their families with piano wire, like common gangsters!
Readers and thoughtful people everywhere have been wondering "what will happen" or some variation of, "Why is there no public reaction to all this openly blatant criminality within the US government"? Well it's beginning to look as though there really is, and has been, a growing outrage that has finally begun to surface in Washington. It also came out today that the Federal Reserve has been aware of this nightmare now for months-yet they chose to say absolutely nothing!
While you watch the very short video, in the footnotes, picture a huge hangman's noose suspended above the head of Edward Liddy ­ and the whole thing begins to take on the air of what really happened in congress today: And know that this is just the beginning-because this scandal is just too big to remain a secret!
Listen to the tone of the words of the congressman that remains unidentified when he says: "Pay the $165 million back!" This is just one of the obscenities facing the public now, and today Obama says that we should blame him, as "I am the president now-so blame me." But he'll be very difficult to pin down on this or any other topic because he has reverted yet again to 'the campaign- trail mode' of non-responses mixed with cheerleading, that he has always preferred to the nuts and bolts of real political leadership.
Throughout this sordid-side-show millions of Americans have had their contracts shattered into million of pieces, at the convenience of either the government, the bankers, or the corporations: leaving them and their families to face homelessness, hunger and privation without so much as a "Sorry about that." Yet when it comes to 'insiders' and their needs, it appears that the same government that has always turned a deaf ear and blind eye to what happens to ordinary people-are willing to move heaven and earth to save their filthy collaborators in this, the most-massive heist of the twenty-first century.
Trillions have gone missing in the sewers of the wars they have waged in our names, and all of that has also been charged to us as well. There have been no investigations of any of these other massive income redistribution projects that have drained this nation of its wealth and destroyed our global reputation in the process. This is very similar to what Mussolini did when he was in charge of Italy's fascist dictatorship during WWII, and his body ended up being dragged through the streets behind one of his Mercedes, before that war even ended.
There is a huge difference between a Dictator and the leader of a Republic that is actually responsible for the orderly growth and prosperity of a nation. The Dictator (in this image) internalizes power and it tears him and the society apart from within; while the nation falls in ruins around him. The elected leader on the other hand is supposed to be responsible for holding the nation together and for insuring that life and prosperity are not threatened either by lawlessness at home, or banditry abroad: In brief a US president swears "To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic." While the Dictator (in Obama's case) makes 'decisions' on an ad hoc basis to try and fit his answers into each complex circumstance, without regard for the Constitution, but in a belated attempt to pacify the growing anger and contempt of the continuously ignored general population.
Congress did what they did today because they know that Americans have had enough and unless they act now; then Congress will be next!
1) AIG told to Return Bonuses ­ CBS news-video
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