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Don't Give Pedophiles
Hate Bill Protection!

By Rev. Ted Pike
During the final minutes of House Judiciary hearings last week, pro-hate bill Democrats went too far. They refused to include language that would bar homosexual pedophiles from special protection under "anti-hate" bill, H.R. 1913. They affirmed that all forms of homosexual perversion, legal or not, should be included under the term "sexual orientation." (See, "<http://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/hatebillpassesjudic.htm>Hate Bill Passes Judiciary With Pedophiles Protected!" 4/23/09 at <http://www.truthtellers.org/>Truthtellers.org)
In so doing, pro-hate bill forces gave lovers of freedom a strategic advantage: almost everyone, liberal or conservative, Christian or not, viscerally reacts against sexual predators of small children. No decent person wants to give them special privileges and protection. Let's exploit this advantage as fast and far as we can!
The hate bill is headed for a floor vote perhaps as early as mid-week. Right now we must tarnish it as much as possible -- informing all of Congress that it is a pedophile-protecting bill. The Congressional record of last week's hearing will back us up: Judiciary Democrats adamantly refused to include a statement banning homosexual pedophiles from special protection.
Here's how we can do tremendous damage to the hate bill's chances:
Call your members of the House and Senate at 1-877-851-6437 or toll, 1-202-225-3121. Tell them:
"The House Judiciary has voted not to specifically exclude pedophiles from special protection under the hate crimes bill, H.R. 1913. Please support Rep. King's amendment to exclude pedophiles. Please don't vote for the hate crimes bill."
By making this request you are encouraging two powerful objectives:
· Publicizing throughout Congress that H.R. 1913 is a pedophile-protecting bill. Democrats who support it will be seen by their constituents as pedophile-protectors.
· Depriving this bill of its central objective: protection of all homosexuals as a class. If the category of "sexual orientation" becomes divided into "good" versus "bad" homosexuals, the bill has lost its central unity of purpose. It is gutted.
Can you imagine the damage that would have been done to the Civil Rights Act of 1965 if Congress had given special protection and privileges to most blacks -- but not all? The power and authority of that act, as well as H.R. 1913, depends on guarantee of protection for all of the class it attempts to elevate and protect.
We must immediately create discussion and doubt among Democrats as to whether they want to go on record supporting a bill which does not specifically exclude homosexual pedophiles.
We must begin this discussion everywhere in Congress now! Every constituent must demand a clear yes or no answer from their Senators and Representatives.
I believe many who now support the hate bill will doubt they can continue. Even a few Democrat doubters could mean hate bill defeat, especially in the Senate.
NPN's recent strategy to demand hate bill hearings, when Rep. Conyers was determined to avoid them, was spectacularly successful-But only because YOU sent in what both Republican and Democrat offices said was "a ton of calls."
This strategy will also work if YOU begin extensive calling early Monday morning. Lovers of freedom on the West Coast should begin calling at 6 am. Call your two Senators and House members. Then come to <http://www.truthtellers.org/>www.truthtellers.org where all members of the House and Senate are listed. Call as many as possible, again and again, all week until the floor vote is taken. Don't worry if an occasional office tells you that it is improper to call outside your state's representatives. What is really out of line is for members of Congress from other states to take away your freedom without being open to your opinion.
Rep. Barney Frank predicted the hate bill will be passed by the end of this month. We must make Congress abuzz with controversy starting Monday morning. We should let every member of Congress know, in no uncertain terms, that their vote for a hate bill that protects pedophiles will go very, very badly for them next election!
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