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Do What You Are Told!
Jim Kirwan
Whenever any American puppet-leader goes on camera and begins to wag his finger in the public's face; he is invoking this ancient fallacy that attempts to hide any need to answer for the policies he is attempting enforce, without any explanations for his choices. This is especially true of Obama now.
This paternalistic attitude is present everywhere from the confines of home-life to the most intimate of business communications and it has permeated every aspect of American life since before the colonies became a Republic.
This is an iron-clad deferment, for the need to think for ourselves, on virtually every topic under the sun: and this has almost certainly been at the heart of keeping most Americans imprisoned while the world is falling all round us, each and every day.
What this hostile and imperious statement actually invokes, in far too many is an outright fear to challenge anything, regardless of the often obviously ridiculous nature of what we are being ordered to do: regardless of the consequences that will most certainly flow from just 'Doing what we are told to do.'
Every being is born with a multiplicity of widely diverse talents-talents that need the oxygen-of-choice, to grow and develop. Yet there have been very few times in all of human history when any population has been able, or willing, to escape this primitive and belligerent construct which has so thoroughly destroyed so much of the natural potential within the human race.
This edict, relies for its power on the bully-pulpit of dominance and the Judeo-Christian ethic that eliminates reason, disqualifies women at all levels, and demands absolute obedience to all its demands, regardless of the apparent outcomes that 'compliance' on a grand scale, will probably produce. This has been the reason behind the virtual elimination of every category of occupation except for 'Math & Science' that has resulted in our ignorance of culture and the arts that are derived from the other side of the same coin, which would normally have been balanced by emotions and the mind, as well as by the ultra practicality of science and math.
By doing this for centuries, the human race has succeeded in creating only more prisons for our people, where before there would have been only much greater challenges and a much improved way of life for all people.We cannot have it both ways: Either we are the masters of our own thoughts and decisions, or we chose to follow blindly, and in lockstep, the dictates of these sub-human mini-dictators be they the heads of households, or of businesses, or especially those in politics. These faults that we have failed to fix, are what is keeping most of us from that mythical 'change' that so many say they seek; because ultimately we have failed to trust ourselves, when it counts the most, especially when those choices are about what we shall do as a people, to all the others on this planet.
What has been eliminated from our range of choices now, are those millions of things that do not have to do with making money; but without which we become nothing more than extensions of that giant Spider, that is the Global FED, which is making its move now to kill any opposition to its global appetites.
They call this opposition "Terrorism" while in reality it is anything or anyone that dares to think, and especially to act, for him or herself. What is at stake here and now is whether or not there will be a world in which to live and prosper for anyone who is not an insider in this massive web of the giant spiders, that have turned our globe into their pyramids of unchecked power.
Above are just two diagrams of what compartmentalism has done to the various components of our lives. The first structure has murdered choice, free will, and any chance that ordinary people might once have had to control anything worth doing with the totality of our own unique special gifts and talents. The second pyramid is just one of the hundreds of smaller pyramids inside the larger Pyramid... Both these illustrations come from David Icke's book: "The Children of the Matrix."
From the enormity of what these diagrams illustrate, it is easy to see just how destructive these restrictions have become, in this simple and all too common phrase:
"Do What You Are Told!"
Is it not time that we finally take off the blinders we have worn so religiously for all these centuries? Because by failing to confront this simple phrase, we have failed ourselves and the universe as well. The question is will we finally begin to listen to that interior voice that demands real answers instead of blindly obeying this paternalistic fascism that has come to kill us all?
It's our choice and always has been, but the world cannot tolerate the Spiders and their pyramids of secrecy and mass-manipulation any longer; so let us stand together against them, or we shall surely fail, one by one, in these pyramidic isolation chambers which they have designed for us, that will end any chance of freedom, ever again!
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